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How to Use Mirrored Walls in Your Home

Mirrored walls are all the rave right now, have you considered installing one in your home?


In this guide I’m going to explain all you need to know regarding mirrored walls and how you can use them to great effect in your home.




Mirrors can essentially be supplied and installed in any location in your home. You’ve got the most popular places like your bathroom, your en suites, your toilets, but now people are starting to include full wall instillation in the living areas of their home with great effect.




The good thing about mirrors is they can reflect whatever’s in front of them. If you’ve got a nice statue or a nice outlook, a nice view this can be reflected in the mirror and bring that view within the home. You can also increase a depth of field within the room and make it look longer, you can make it look wider.


Mirrors are great at reflecting light into any room and this is a great addition if you’ve got a darkened room that needs brightening up.


There are two different edge finishes to consider when ordering your next mirror. A polished edge is the simple and most popular edge finish to any mirror. We simply grind the edges flat and this ensures that no light is reflected through the edge of the glass causing a sparkle after it’s been fitted.




A beveled edge refers to a slanted grind across the front face of the mirror and this can cause a picture frame effect.


This is definitely more popular within older homes, or where you’re trying to make that mirror stand out and give it a little bit more depth off the wall.




Another option with your mirrors is choosing between a tinted glass or a silver glass. Our stock mirrors come in gray tinted, bronze tinted, or silver.


Now as I’m sure you can understand silver is the most popular option. Grey mirrors are also starting to become popular among large wall installation. This creates a softer reflection that tends to blend in well with a lot of other interior furnishings.


If you’d like more information feel free to download our free guide on all things frameless glass.

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Installing Your Custom Bathroom Mirrors Stress-Free


When it comes to the flawless aesthetic and design longevity you want from your beautifully made custom bathroom mirrors, every detail matters.


From having your home ready to professional installation, there are a lot of aspects to the process of getting your mirror glass up on the bathroom wall that will impact the overall success, and appearance, of the project.


These are the things you won’t read about in a sales brochure for bathroom mirrors or learn as you browse through interior design magazines or industry websites.


These are the nuts and bolts of getting the results you want with your custom-made mirror, including original custom frameless bathroom mirrors. Find out the nuances that can make or break your bathroom mirror expectations.


Your Bathroom Access Dictates Your Mirror Size


A lot of homeowners look to the size of the free space on their bathroom wall when determining the size they want for their custom mirror. When it comes to actual practice, however, it isn’t wall size but bathroom access size that will dictate mirror size.


If you have a narrow doorway to your bathroom, you may not be able to get a large, one-piece mirror that will cover your wall space. What can happen, however, is smaller mirrors can be joined together. This way, you can still get the look you want for your custom bathroom mirror, even if your room access is limited.

custom-bathroom-mirrors-western-suburbs-melbourneWhen you work with an experienced glass company to have your custom mirror made, they will come to your home to measure and assess your space. By measuring the wall as well as the access way, they will know how your mirror glass needs to be cut and joined to achieve the dimensions you want.


How Straight Your Wall Is Matters


For joining together smaller mirrors, your bathroom wall has to be perfectly straight. Especially in older homes, over time either the timber or concrete in the foundation can begin to slide, or in some cases the foundation was never perfectly put in. It’s important for someone to check your walls when determining the dimensions of the mirror you want to put up in your bathroom.


It’s also essential for your glazier to have precise measurements. This is why you’ll notice with experienced glass professionals, they’ll come to your property to get the true dimensions and to ensure the wall is straight using a laser and level.


A Special Glue Will Preserve the Pristine Appearance of the Mirror Glass


This is one mistake do-it-yourselfers and inexperienced builders often make – using the wrong glue. It’s important to use the right glue to install a mirror on the wall. Not only does it need to be powerful enough to permanently hold up heavy glass, but it also needs to be made from ingredients that work well with the chemical composition of the glass.


Using the wrong glue can yield a fatal flaw in your elegant frameless custom bathroom mirror. Some glues will damage the silvering on the mirror. Eventually, this damage will appear on the front of the glass, leading to unsightly blemishes.


There’s More Than One Way to Mount a Mirror


Using glue to attach a bathroom mirror to the wall is only one option. In fact, depending on the aesthetic you are going for, it may be a better idea to use an alternative method so the mirror doesn’t sit flat against the wall.


You can mount the mirror using a stand-off bracket, creating an intriguing shadow line behind the mirror. This is an excellent design technique when you want to use a backlight behind the mirror glass. It creates a negative detail with a shadow line, which is perfect in a modern or industrial-chic styled bathroom. The other advantage of using bracket installation is that you’ll be able to remove the mirror and reposition it later on if you want to. This isn’t possible with an adhesive installation.


Handle Your Mirror with Extreme Care


Your custom mirror glass may be strong but that doesn’t mean it won’t crack if not properly cared for. You should always veer on the side of caution so as not to risk damaging the glass. Probably the biggest travesty in the world of luxury home builds is watching a stunning custom frameless glass bathroom mirror crack before it even makes it up onto its mounting position.

  • Firstly, make sure the glass is never set down on tiles or any other hard substrate material.
  • When the mirror is transferred from the shop to the property and mounted, it should be packed with rubber packers and then glued.
  • Then, the packers can be removed once the glue has dried, and the mirror can be corked.


Taking special care of the mirror will ensure it doesn’t crack before it is even installed. It will also encourage the longevity of the glass. You don’t want it to be close to cracking during the installation process, as this would make it more vulnerable to normal wear and tear over the years of use.


Relish the Originality


Custom bathroom mirrors offer property owners an attractive mirror that is made to complement and enhance a specific interior. This is even more relevant with frameless glass mirrors, where you can achieve a unique size, shape and edging; the design possibilities are truly endless.


Make sure you know your options with putting up a custom mirror in the bathroom and what needs to be done, both before and during the process, so no problems arise. Then, you can appreciate your original architectural glass for years, making the planning, envisioning – and the somewhat tedious nuances of the installation process – well worth it.


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Custom Door Mirror Glass Tips and Ideas


Mounting a custom door mirror on the door of your wardrobe, bathroom, bedroom, home office or any other doors in your home can have a transformative effect on your living space.


Often, using the full size of your hinged or sliding doors, the large dimensions of door mirrors create the perception of increased depth, opening up the space of a room in a dramatic way.


This also has the effect of enhancing the amount of light in the room and lets you manipulate light in such a way to help bring out other design elements like artwork, indoor plants and architectural features you may have in your home.


Take a look at all the different design possibilities of glass door mirrors. When you work with an experienced glass company, you can achieve the aesthetic results you desire, whilst respecting and complimenting the structural and architectural characteristics of your home.


Frameless Door Mirror Ideas


When putting up mirror glass on a door, frameless glass can be used to create a sleek, timeless look. It’s possible to have the glass measured and cut to cover the entire surface area of the door or multiple doors. This can create a cloaking effect, making it look as if the door isn’t there.


Frameless glass can also be customised to create unique design results. Alternate panels of frameless mirror glass with natural wood or other types of glass, such as a frosted or coloured glass. For more ornate interior design styles like art deco or Victorian, install a frameless mirror with eye-catching faceted edges.


Some professional glaziers will even be able to create customised finishes for your door mirror, whether you want a smooth, polished edge or intricate bevelled edges.    


Where to Install a Door Mirror


You can mount a full door mirror almost anywhere you want. Traditionally, homeowners favour wardrobe door mirror glass as the reflective surface has a functional purpose as well as being attractive. A popular choice is to have a mirror covering the wardrobe doors within the bedroom.


Custom mirror glass can also be used in walk-in closet spaces or separate dressing areas, covering doors as well as other spaces such as drawers and alcoves to create a mesmerising, fluid-like effect.


For the same functional reasons, door mirrors are appealing on bathroom doors, either the entrance door or a bathroom closet door. Not only does it provide a surface for checking one’s appearance, it will also increase the perceived space of a smaller bathroom.


You’re not limited to bathrooms and wardrobes, however. Anywhere you want to increase light and dimension, or that you have a door you’d like to highlight with the beauty of architectural glass, you can mount a door sized mirror including:

  • Study or home office doors;
  • Behind the front door or behind your bedroom door;
  • On sliding glass doors leading outside; and
  • Double doors leading to a living or dining room space.


Types of Doors That Work with Mirror Glass


Mirror glass can be mounted on hinge doors, within any room of the house. Using custom cut pieces of frameless glass, you can cover the entire door surface or part of it, depending on what will look ideal in your home.


You can also adorn sliding glass doors with mirror glass. This can create an interesting visual effect as the glass moves when the doors slide open or shut. With frameless glass, it’s also possible to make the wardrobe doors appear as if they are a wall of glass, rather than a set of doors.

Achieving Great Results with Your Glass


With a custom door mirror, it’s important to be careful in choosing the size of the glass to ensure the finished results look fantastic. This last thing you want to do is invest in a beautiful door sized mirror that doesn’t look quite right once it’s mounted on the door.


It’s also important to be aware of the weight of the glass in relation to the surface it will be mounted on. Hollow doors, for example, aren’t strong enough to hold up a full size mirror with traditional mounting screws. Heavy mirrors may not be appropriate for different types of doors – by using an over-the door hanging device for example, the weight of the glass can cause the door to sag on its hinges.


It’s important to have precise dimensions taken and to have your space evaluated to determine what dimensions and weight your custom door glass should be. When Economy Glass professionals work on a custom glass project, we always visit the site to take laser measurements.


That way we know we have accurate, to the millimetre measurements of the door, as well as the size of the access space and relevant dimensions of the room.


Once the custom door mirror is cut to its exact size, we visit the site again to complete the installation. The advantage of relying on professional glaziers to take measurements and to mount the glass is that you don’t have to worry about any issues such as improper installation or using a glass that will, over time, put too much pressure on your doors. You’ll also be able to get a perfect fit, with your mirror glass mounted correctly over your door.


Another consideration is glass quality. As with glass shower screens and doors, door mirrors should be of a premium quality. This is because door mirrors are subject to more wear and tear than most wall mirrors. They’re going to be moved around and more vulnerable to impact. So they’ve got to be strong.


A custom door mirror, when cut, finished and installed properly, is always a welcome addition to the home. Glass adds space and depth, as well as tremendous beauty to a space. In the case of door mirrors, you can also enjoy the functionality of having a large enough mirror to check your appearance, positioned in such a way to become an aesthetic high-point of your home.


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3 Custom Mirror Colours for Your Home

mirror-colours-hoppers-crossingWhen you open the door to custom mirror colours, your design possibilities take on a whole new dimension of brilliance and character.


Whilst the traditional silver mirror glass offers lucid clarity, reflecting light back as it is seen through the human eye, with coloured mirror glass, you get a unique perspective, channelled through the colour you choose, from mysterious grey to warming bronze.


To create bronze or smoky grey mirrors, the tint is added to the glass before the silvering process is applied to the back of the mirror. This silvering is what creates the desired reflective surface.


As a result, you get the intrigue and softer ambience of the coloured glass, as well as the liquid-crystal quality of a traditional mirror surface, just with a gorgeous tint. The advantage of using colours is that your mirror becomes an eye-catching architectural feature to compliment, contrast or enhance the rest of your interior design.


Here’s a guide to the different mirror colours you can use and all the various ways you can customise them to transform your home’s ambience.


1. Silver Mirrors



Silver is pure, unadulterated mirror glass. That’s why you’ll find silver mirrors in most bathrooms and vanity mirrors where clarity is paramount. As it can flawlessly reflect back light, it always offers a clear, unfiltered impression of your interior space.


Silver mirrors are perfect in any room where you want your mirror glass to add dimension and the feel of more space, without taking control of your room’s aesthetic. With frameless silver mirror glass, in particular, you can create this effect.


2. Bronze Coloured Mirrors


Bronze mirrors have an orange-copper hue. They can be used when you want to add warmth to a space. Any light that reflects in a bronze-coloured mirror glass tends to create a fire-glow lighting effect, adding a soft warmth in a subtle way.


For spaces where you have a lot of light, a bronze tinted mirror works well. Instead of having the bright brilliance of a silver mirror, the amber-golden bronze hues are working to reflect back the light in the room in a gentler way.


Bronze mirrors also look fantastic with metallic elements like copper fixtures and gold coloured furniture. Contrast with plenty of greenery and plush furniture for a warming, luxurious atmosphere.


Bronze mirror glass also works well as a compliment to cooler interior design palettes like greys and purples. Look how the bronze glass and frosted bronze glass of these mirrored doors create a sepia reflection of the plum, cream and grey colours in the room.


3. Grey Custom Mirror Glass


Grey tinted mirrors are popular in modern luxury homes. They add depth and sophistication, whilst also serving to define a space. For example, a grey mirror on the ceiling or wall of a room creates a sense of grounding and stillness – perfect for a modern home office setting – in an otherwise bright, spacious room.


This way you get the uplifting natural light and the freedom of clean space, but still have an environment that’s easy to focus in, with the dark grey furniture and architectural glass giving depth.


Grey mirrors are popular in kitchen spaces and home wet bars. This is because they pair well with stainless steel appliances.


The Transformative Effect of Colour


Tinted glass doesn’t change the quality of the glass, nor do you lose the added dimension of light. Using custom mirror colours, you can express the character of a space in a way that’s unique to your home’s style.


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What You Need to Know About Mirror Wall Panels

mirror-wall-panels-hoppers-crossingMirror wall panels, no matter where they are placed in the home, encourage a refined, spacious aesthetic.


Consisting of large pieces of high-quality glass, they can add light and dimension to a room in truly remarkable ways.


Because of the versatility of glass architecture, and the endless possibilities of size, shape, colour and finish that you can get with custom wall mirrors, this is one feature that you can use to make a bold design statement, without overpowering a space.


Even more appealing, and what many property owners in Hoppers Crossing, Werribee, Point Cook and the surrounding areas of Melbourne don’t realise until they experience it for themselves, are all the practical properties mirrored panels have.


Durable, easy-to-maintain and complementary to any interior design style, there’s good reason more Australians today are opting for mirrored walls.


Where Are Mirror Wall Panels Used?


As with other architectural glass features, the ‘where’ can be anywhere you want to create the effect of more space, reflect light or draw the attention of the eye. Mirrored panels can be used:

  • On closet doors to open up the feel of an enclosed closet and to offer a functional reflective surface for checking one’s reflection;
  • Along hallways to make a narrow space feel wider;
  • In entrance ways to create an ambience of drama and intrigue, whilst also reflecting any natural or artificial light;
  • On alcove walls for an attractive architectural element and to highlight statement pieces;
  • Along stairways, adding movement and light in a unique way;
  • Along the wall of indoor pools or home athletic studios;
  • Behind large pieces of furniture, such as a bed, office desk or surrounding a fireplace to add another dimension to a room; and
  • Anywhere you’d like to draw out more space, light, colour or energy into a room, large or small.


Practical Advantages of Mirrored Panels


Mirrored wall panels aren’t just timelessly attractive, they are also easy to take care of and offer excellent longevity. Unlike other materials, such as timber and drywall, you don’t have to worry about moisture build-up damaging your glass paneling over time or leading to mould growth. 


This makes glass a smart option anywhere near water or moisture, such as in or nearby bathrooms, kitchens or any indoor pool or spa area, the same way that glass splash backs, frameless glass showers and other glass features are becoming a popular choice in both new builds and home renovations.


Glass is also extremely easy to keep clean. A simple glass cleaner is all that is necessary to maintain a like-new shine on your mirrored walls. High-quality glass isn’t going to lose its lustre and beauty over the years if you don’t spend a lot of money and time maintaining, refinishing or updating it, like you have to do with other materials.


With today’s advancements in glassmaking, architectural glass is also incredibly strong. This isn’t a material that will break or scratch easily. In fact, as long as you work with an experienced glass company, your mirror wall panels will have to undergo a lot of impact in order to foster any marks or cracks.


Aesthetic Advantages of Mirrored Panels


From an aesthetic standpoint, large expanses of crystal clear, custom-made glass are always striking. Particularly with a frameless wall mirror, your glass will define your space with clean architectural lines. 


This is an appealing feature in modern, contemporary and industrial homes, but it also serves the more intricate interior design styles such as art deco, vintage or bohemian by balancing complex interplays of colour, shape and texture.


The other advantage is a greater sense of space. Where a single mirror can increase the apparent dimensions of a room and reflect back desired features, such as indoor greenery, natural or ambient lighting, or colourful pieces, mirrored walls will amplify this effect.


This can create an almost surreal environment, where it feels as if one could walk into the illusion of space.


Customisation Options for Mirror Glass Panels


With mirrored walls for the home, it’s possible to customise the glass so that it perfectly suits the character and dimension of a particular space, as well as your unique design vision. Glass can be cut to exact measurements to fit whatever space you’d like to cover with mirrored panels.


When your glass is installed, the dimensions are determined by how large the access to the room is, rather than the size of the wall. Then, multiple smaller mirrors are brought in and joined together before they can be mounted. 


This means you don’t have to worry about your mirror being too large or cumbersome – the glass is often joined together. It does mean, however, that your wall needs to be perfectly straight. A glass professional should take accurate dimensions and ensure the wall is straight before starting your project.


Experienced glaziers will also be able to cut your glass out of larger squares, giving you the exact shape you need. This can allow for interesting designs. 


For example:

Instead of using larger squares of glass, you could use pieces with a defined shape that are mounted together, such as a honeycomb, diamond or circular shape.


With frameless wall mirror glass, you can choose how the edges are done, from straight, polished edges to elegant beveled borders. Your glass can be finished with a bright, clear polish or sandblasted for a more fascinating appeal.


More property owners are opting for coloured glass today, such as smoky or black glass, or mirror glass with gold, rose or copper tones.


Why Mirrored Walls Are Always Beautiful


Some people envision the more traditional approach when they think of mirrored wall panels for their home – large panels of frameless glass that cover an entire wall. Whilst this is a timeless choice, there are so many options for mirror wall panels.


From dramatic entrance ways and faceted beveled edges to the mystery and intrigue of a full panel of coloured glass, this is a design material that can be tailored to enhance your space – anywhere in your home – with striking, yet subtle beauty.


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3 Tricks to Ordering Mirror Cut to Size

mirror-cut-to-size-western-suburbs-melbourneHaving a custom mirror installed in your home can totally transform your space – as long as you have your mirror cut to size.


In the western suburbs of Melbourne custom mirror glass is often used as a unique architectural element, designed to fit within, compliment or reflect other dimensions in your home, from either the space itself or other pieces, such as countertops, cabinets, a fireplace, a dining table or windows.


Being a few millimetres off can change how the mirror looks when it is installed. In some cases, it can also make the installation itself a challenge – or even impossible unless the glass is recut.


The fantastic thing about mirror glass, especially frameless glass, is that it can create remarkable aesthetic effects, depending on where and how it is positioned and how it interacts with other aspects of a space.


For example;

In this bathroom, the mirror fits seamlessly with the countertop, acting as a virtual extension of it.


In this living room, the wall-sized glass mirrors create a dramatic effect in an otherwise calm space, with soft, warm colours and plenty of rounded décor pieces. They are sized perfectly, giving the beautiful crown moulding and ceiling design enough room to be seen, yet they are large enough to double the space of this otherwise tight room.


When your mirror is cut exactly to size, it can offer so much more to your home than just an attractive reflective surface. With a design element as powerful as mirror glass, the precise measurements, placement and shape are what are used to tell the story of the space.


Instead of worrying that your made-to-measure mirror isn’t cut the way you – and your design constraints – need it to be, use these tricks to ensure your mirror glass is cut flawlessly.


1. Laser Measure Your Space


If your mirror needs to be installed by a professional – which is generally the case with custom mirrors as you want your glass to be mounted and set in place correctly to avoid problems like poor positioning and improper glue usage – your best bet is to invite them to your home to take the measurements for you.


Any experienced glazier will take laser measurements, which are more accurate than tape measure dimensions. And, they’ll know exactly how to assess your space based on the characteristics of your architecture (for example, how curves, crown moulding and other details of your architecture may impact how your mirror should be sized).


They can do this because they’ll have had plenty of experience with different made-to-measure scenarios.


2. Hire a Glass Professional for a Professional Cut


When a licensed glazier is tasked with cutting your mirror glass, they will also laser measure and cut to size your mirror. This way, you’re guaranteed your glass will be cut to the exact size and shape, down to the nearest millimetre.


When you have a glass professional do this instead of, for example, ordering a certain size or shape online, from a factory warehouse or from a store, you are passing on any liability to the glass professional who has done both the measuring and the cutting.


If your custom cut mirror glass doesn’t properly fit the space when it is installed, then they’ll remedy your glass for you at no cost. If you took the measurements and asked for dimensions that aren’t quite right, you may be stuck with the costs of having the glass recut.


3. Work with Glaziers that Have Glass and Mirror Cutting Experience


With custom cut mirror glass, you can get virtually any dimensions you want. It’s possible to create the perfect size, or even cut a shape from a square of glass.


If a glass company tells you your cut isn’t possible or your expectations are too high, it may be because they don’t have the skill and experience to create the customised shape you want.


Keep in mind with glaziers who have been working with architectural glass for years, what can be done is only limited by your imagination. Shape, size, finishes, even different coloured glass – your mirror can be cut to size and tailored to seamlessly suit your vision.


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Advantages of Custom Made Mirrors

custom-mirrors-western-suburbs-melbourneWhether you want a unique statement piece in your West Melbourne home or want your mirror to help you achieve your design vision, only custom mirrors can yield the results you’re after.


Picking out a beautiful mirror will always enhance your interior design, but customising your mirror has the power to transform it.


Glass is an incredibly flexible and versatile material to work with as there are just so many things you can do to a piece of high quality glass, especially with all the possibilities that modern technology offers.


Cut, bevel, colour and finish to suit your space and make your creative ideas come to life. Here are some of the ways you can have your glass customised.


Achieve Bespoke Dimensions with Custom Cut Mirrors



Today’s laser technology has revolutionised what professional glaziers can achieve with mirrors. Glass can be cut to exact measurements with a laser, leaving you with a precise set of dimensions that are perfect for your space. Instead of settling for cookie-cutter shapes and sizes and forcing a mirror to work within your interior, you can have one custom measured to elegantly fit next to your living room wall art, to brighten up your hallway, to complement your bathroom decor or to meet any of your other design goals.


Knowing that you can achieve any size you want when the glass is cut to precise dimensions, it’s possible to get really creative with your mirrors, placing them in areas of the home you might not have previously considered, and securing truly flawless design. Custom made mirror glass on doors, stairways, in alcoves or measured to highlight other features of your home – the possibilities are endless.


Create Unique Mirror Shapes


Using lasers, mirrors can be custom cut from a sheet of glass to a desired shape. This means conventional mirror shapes and sizes do not confine you. Whether you want your mirror to work within a particular frame, or if you are using frameless glass, aim to think beyond the standard square, rectangle, circle and oval to hexagons, diamonds, domed tops and customised curves and edges.


You can have your mirror custom cut to complement your existing tile designs, artwork, furniture and more. Even subtle differences in shape can make profound style statements, adding to the uniqueness and character of your luxury home.


When using reclaimed materials for unique architectural designs, custom mirrors are a huge advantage as you can have your glass shaped and sized to suit another material that you want to include in your home, such as this gorgeous copper wall.


Use Different Mounting Options


With custom mirrors, you also can take advantage of various mounting options. Traditionally, mirrors are mounted on a wall with a mounting device or adhesives, depending on how heavy the glass is. When you work with custom glass professionals, you can do so much more.


Open up a narrow passageway or basement with ceiling mirrors. If your home has an architecturally sophisticated ceiling, customised mirrors are fantastic for bringing your unique design elements to life, adding movement, light and dimension to your property’s original design.


Create an enchanting look in your bathroom, using features that will interact with the light and allow light to pass through. Think frameless glass shower screens, bevelled window glass and vanity mirrors. This luxury bathroom becomes more than a washroom, but an experience. With the mirrored ceiling and brilliant sunlight coming in behind the shower, walking into this bathroom is like stepping into a mesmerising dimension of glass, marble, porcelain and light.


Who said all mirrors have to be mounted on the wall? Your custom mirror can be installed to fit within other structures in your space. This can create the illusion that your mirror is floating in space or it can serve as a reflective room divider.


Here’s an example of how mirrors can be mounted so that they appear to flow seamlessly out of the window glass. This brings out the natural beauty surrounding the indoor space in a fantastic way, creating the feel of being outdoors, whilst within the sanctuary of this zen-like interior.


Finish Your Mirror with Custom Edges



The faceted sides of bevelled glass create an appealing prismatic effect. Light bounces off in different directions, dancing upon the varied surfaces. Use a simple or more elaborate bevelled finish, depending on the style of your interior design.


Polished edges will give your mirror a more sophisticated aesthetic, making them a popular choice in luxury homes. With professional glazier edging techniques, you can achieve anything from subtle elegance to edgy statement pieces such as this brick-styled mirror glass splashback.


Add Vibrancy with a Coloured Glass Mirror


Another way you can use custom glass to make your vision come alive is by using coloured materials. From the bold look of blacks and greys to the intense beauty of rich copper, rose and gold hues, a custom mirror with coloured glass always adds to the ambience of your interior.


This gold glass splashback reflects back a warm, alluring colour, contrasting with the stark black and white colour scheme of the kitchen.


In this bedroom, the antique glass wall creates an intriguing ambience, transforming this guest bedroom into a breathtaking retreat of luxury and ornate style. The antique grey of the glass pulls together the myriad purples, textures and patterns of the rest of the space, delivering a more complete and satisfying whole.


The Difference that Customised Mirrors Make


Glass is the most versatile architectural material. Change its shape, use faceted edges, a smooth finish, subtle colouring, bold design; it’s up to you. When you combine well-made, quality glass with professional craftsmanship, you can use your creativity to achieve a bespoke glass mirror that doesn’t just fit within your space, but elevates it.


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8 Smoked Glass Mirror & Antique Mirror Glass Uses


A smoked glass mirror differs from the standard silver mirror in that it offers a subdued reflection, and at the same time makes a strong style statement. This tinted reflection is ideal in many design environments, creating a mellow, smoother appeal, as opposed to the sometimes bright, overbearing feel of traditional mirror glass.


What Is Smoked Mirror Glass?


Also known as a grey mirror, a smoked mirror is normal mirror glass with colour added to it. It may be a dark bronze hue with a graduated look or a luxurious black tint. To create the smoky appearance, a mix of metal oxides is added to the glass when it is in its hot, molten state.


A lot of Melbourne’s homeowners are not sure what the difference is between a smoked mirror and a black glass mirror. They are actually the same thing. Both refer to the captivating elegance of a grey mirror.


Take a look at all the different ways this unique type of mirror can be used. Whether as a stunning statement piece or functional décor, a smoked colour always adds a special richness to a space.


Smoky Kitchen Glass Splashback



If you have a lot of metallic in your kitchen already or are using a black, grey and white colour scheme, using black mirrored glass for your splashback can be a fantastic style choice. The darker glass is perfect for this high usage area of the home as you can quickly and easily wipe away any splashes and splatters whilst cooking. It also adds a touch of refinement in an otherwise utilitarian kitchenscape.


Antiquated Grey Mirror


Grey glass can instantly add intrigue to your interior space when you use an antiquated finish for your mirror.


Antique mirror glass framed with an ornately styled, aged bronze frame, this mirror becomes a gorgeous piece of wall art whilst also adding light and depth to the room. The darker colour of the glass perfectly balances the bright whites and clear glass used in the rest of the space.


Antique Mirror Bedroom Backdrop


In this contemporary bedroom, the antiqued glass mirror behind the bed both creates the illusion of space and adds dynamism to an otherwise streamlined colour palette. It makes the room feel warmer and richer.


This mirror has a grey tint and a smoky finish, which turns it into a point of interest, but still lets it stay in the background in a pleasant way.


Smoked Mirror Closet Doors


Black mirror glass is a popular choice with closet doors. Frameless glass is fitted over the entire surface, making this space feel large and open, but with the softer reflection of grey glass.


The smoky colour helps to quell the glare that can occur when you cover such a large space with a reflective surface. It also provides a nice dark contrast to the bright, white walls.


Cosy Bathroom Mirror


smoked-glass-mirror-western-suburbs-melbourneA smoky mirror in the bathroom compliments a dark, elegant colour palette. It brings out the richness and modern appeal of sleek, smooth surfaces.


The addition of a silver mirror with white framing and wall mounted lamps provides an eye-catching feature and softens the large, dark surface.


It also provides a simple contrast to the busy wallpaper on the adjoining wall, the stone benchtop and the earthy timber flooring. For bathrooms that are more suited to soft lamp light than bright whites, the darker glass helps to complete an already cosy ambiance.


Backlit Mirrors



Here’s another example of a smoky mirror in the bathroom. What’s fantastic about this design idea is the contrast of the illuminated frame and the darker mirror glass.


Only with a black tinted glass can you get such a dramatic contrast. Paired with a marble bench top and earthy coloured wall tiles, this creates a soft, ambient space.


Home Wet Bar


Antiquated grey glass keeps the tone of this home wet bar smooth and sophisticated. Here’s an example where the bright clarity of traditional silver mirror glass could detract from the urbane style created by the richness of the dark wood cabinetry and brass fixtures.




Here’s another place that the softer radiance of antiquated grey glass enhances a space without distracting from the rest of the décor. It adds depth to the entranceway area. With this mirror, the diamond-shaped marks subtly reflect the black and white chequered floor, creating a totally original look and an eye-catching art work in itself.


Customising Your Home with Smoky Glass


A black glass mirror is just as versatile as a traditional mirror. It can be used to bring out the luxury and depth of any space, from the kitchen to the hallway. But, unlike a standard silver mirror, smoky glass adds mystery, intrigue and drama in such a powerful way.


Inspired? Find out more about how you can enhance your home with the right glass.


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How to Choose the Right Glass & Mirror Shop

glass-mirror-shop-hoppers-crossingAppealing mirror glass has the power to transform a room from having a standard design to stunning.


This is why it’s essential you work with the right mirror & glass shop to ensure your glass is capable of achieving the look you have envisioned.


In fact, experienced glaziers who specialise in sourcing, cutting, finishing and setting luxury glass will likely exceed your expectations, providing you with a quality, customised mirror that adds an exquisite new dimension to your interior design.


When searching for the right shop, one with the experience and industry-leading tools, as well as dedication to the craft, there are several traits you should look for. Find a mirror & glass shop that possesses all of these characteristics and you are in for a treat.


You’ll experience just how much brilliance superior craftsmanship can bring to your home.


A mirror shop you can trust will:


Use Lasers to Measure the Glass


With today’s advancements in technology, there’s only one true way to measure glass. Lasers are capable of millimetre accuracy, giving you the confidence that your mirror will be cut to the exact specifications.


Yet, in practice, not all shops use lasers all the time, or even some of the time. Measuring with lasers at your home when taking dimensions for your mirror, and in the shop when custom-cutting the glass, is the only way to guarantee precision.


Even with a mirror that will be framed, it should be cut to the perfect size and shape to fit with the frame supplied by a professional joiner or picture framer.


Come to Your Home to Take Dimensions


If you can call up a glass & mirror shop, order a particular size and have it brought over to be installed, hang up the phone. Glaziers with experience will want to come to your property to take their own measurements for the space you’d like to use.


Especially for mirror glass that will go into tiling, an alcove, or any other situation where it won’t go into a frame, it is necessary for them to come out to get accurate dimensions.


At Economy Glass, we want every project to appear flawless, which is why we prefer to come out to your property to get the measurements whenever we are supplying or installing the glass.


Are Equipped to Finish the Edges of Your Mirror Glass In-House


A lot of glass shops won’t actually finish the edges in-house. They don’t have the right machines so they have the glass manufacturer do it or outsource to another business that has the capabilities.


This means you have no control over who is finishing the mirror. If it is performed at a large manufacturer’s warehouse, rather than a professional craftsman shop, you may have to lower your expectations as to the quality of the work.


You want to use a provider that not only finishes the glass in-house with the proper machinery, but that also offers you different edging options. An expert glazier will be able to create more intricate finishes, which can result in beautiful effects when light bounces off the surface.


Talk to your glazier to find out what techniques and artistry they can offer you.


Will Provide Mounting Options


There is no one best way to mount mirror glass. The appropriate mounting option depends on the weight and dimensions, the area the glass will be mounted on and your personal preferences. Make sure the company you hire offers, and consults with you about, different mounting options.


For example, using glue fixed to the wall allows the glass to lie flat. A standoff bracket, on the other hand, creates a shadow line behind the mirror. If you want to use backlighting, this shadow line can offer an attractive contrasting detail.


A professional glazier will be able to talk to you about how the way your mirror is mounted will impact the aesthetic of your room.


Offer Different Glass Colours


You also want to be able to choose between different colours for your mirror glass. High quality glass will offer a gorgeous reflection in any colour. Depending on the décor in your West Melbourne home, your interior design may be better served with a luminous white, a soft glimmering champagne hue, or a cool grey, green or blue.


Whilst crystal clear transparent glass is often a perfect choice, you can also use colour to add a truly unique look to your home. Consider the colours, textures, and ambience you already have and use that to inspire what you want out of your mirror glass.


Ensure You Are Part of the Process


The possibilities are endless when you find the right mirror & glass shop. The classic sign of expert glaziers is that they will invite you into the process. They’ll value your vision, and then will work their magic to make it come to life.


When you do your job, looking for a professional shop that has the right machinery, advanced processes, skill and passion, your glaziers will do their part, providing you with a custom-made luxury mirror that you will adore.


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6 Ways Mirror Glass Is Used in the Home


Both versatile and elegant, mirror glass is one of the best design mediums for enhancing an interior with a attractive aesthetic.


Whether you are working with modern contemporary or an ornately styled home, bespoke mirrors can be made to seamlessly complement your design vision.


With the flawless clarity of high quality glass, it is possible to cut, finish and shape glass any way you’d like to give your interior an enchanting focal point. By reflecting light, your mirror will increase the light in your home, create the perception of greater space, and you can have your glass customised to create unique optical effects.


Mirrors aren’t just for appearance. They have the power to subtly transform your home’s ambience. Here are some inspiring ideas to show you how far-reaching the limits of reflective glass are for luxury homes.


1. Bathroom Mirror Design Ideas


Mirrors are an essential part of bathroom design. Whilst the traditional framed rectangular shaped glass looks fitting in any interior, it is a tailored glass design that can elevate a bathroom. Often thought of as the sanctuary of the home, the bathroom space works well with a range of mirror styles.


For the modern home, frameless glass is a popular choice. Frameless glass manufactured with the most advanced manufacturing techniques yields a remarkable clarity. Depending on the rest of your bathroom’s design, you may want to think outside of the classic rectangular mirror.


For a softer feel, circular frameless glass is incredibly appealing. Lights can also be installed behind the round shape for an elegantly luminous look.


In this sunlit bathroom, the frameless glass mirrors are designed to fit over the windows, creating a point of architectural interest, whilst also being highly functional. There is enough space behind the mirrors to open or close the window shades, allowing the perfect amount of light in. 


2. Wardrobe and Room Border Glass Ideas


Mirror glass installed on hinge doors always looks exquisite whilst also providing a reflective surface for dressing. Clear, frameless glass serves as a beautiful cover piece for an otherwise unadorned wooden wardrobe or closet door surface. Combine glass cloaked hinged doors with transparent glass for a distinctive wardrobe design.


Mirrors can also be used for fabricating luxurious sliding doors. Glass doors can be used for wardrobes, to separate closet space or to create an enchanting border between other areas of your home.


The result is a timeless look that is easy to design around, and easy to clean. You can opt for customised glass doors for an original style. Frosted glass makes a stunning border between two spaces. Combine with a reflective mirrored surface for even more intrigue.


3. Use Glass to Redirect Light


Light has the power to facilitate just the right ambience. You can use custom designed mirrors to reflect different types of light to create a warm, rich illumination. Traditionally, a large mirror is placed on a living room wall opposite window glass to redirect the natural light that enters the space.


However, a well-crafted mirror can do so much more, using interior lighting, sunlight and even the radiant glow from a living room fireplace.


You can also use mirror glass to redirect colour. Bold, vibrant interiors can make a space feel less open. With reflective glass, however, you can use your crimson, magenta and emerald hues and use glass to open up your space. For even greater visual interest, you can even use colour on parts of the glass.


4. Mirrored Splashbacks


More and more luxury homeowners are turning to glass splashbacks for their tasteful appeal as well as their functionality. Glass is easy to clean, mould resistant and more durable than other materials. With mirrored splashbacks and back panels, you can do almost anything.


In the kitchen, a mirrored splashback will increase light and depth while also serving as an easy-to-clean surface. No more worrying about grease and tomato sauce stains working their way into your tiled backsplash. For an even greater luxury appeal, install feature lights directly above the mirrored glass.


5. Luxury Glass Wall Panels


Want to add a sense of drama to your West melbourne home?


Consider glass wall panels.


The fantastic thing about mirrored walls is that you can do almost anything to create a design that perfectly aligns with your interior space.


For example, combine a high polish finish with opaque sandblasted glass for a dynamic look.


Textured glass can create the impact you want, whether you want a rough texture to stand up to the rich colours and sharp lines of your interior, or a more flowing look for a softer, delicately designed space.


An experienced glazier can create different designs into your glass, turning your mirrored wall panels into original works of art.


Glass wall panels are excellent in living room and great room spaces, but they can also be used to make smaller spaces, such as entrance ways, hallways and bathrooms, appear much larger.


6. Reflective Home Office Space


Open up your home office with a sheet of customised frameless glass. The reflective surface will help to bring in more light and open up the space, creating a more peaceful, inviting environment.


Stick with a traditional cut or opt for a more interesting optical effect with bevelled edges. Cover part of the space or go for a floor to ceiling mirror.


Glass is luxurious, whilst also being practical. It opens up any space, illuminates, creates drama and adds warmth. It is also completely customisable, whether you want a coloured or sandblasted design for an original piece of art in your home or if you want unconventional cuts and finishes.


When you work with glaziers who are passionate about the art and function of mirror glass, you can make your vision a reality, enhancing your home with timeless, original beauty.


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