Glass Services for Real Estate Companies

Here at Economy Glass, our watchwords are safety and efficiency.

Are you a real estate agent looking to fix up a house before your next showing? Do you have trouble keeping up with your sub trades, or a landlord with tenants moving in soon? We can help you out.

We offer quick and safe glass services, cater to emergencies, and are willing to work at your pace. Working with us means you get the best quality service at affordable rates.

Making an Inquiry

The inquiry process is the most crucial aspect of your role when organizing a glass replacement service for one of your properties. We need to ensure that you provide us with the correct information; the exact frame type, and if possible, photos.

Giving us accurate and detailed information ensures that if the inquiry is submitted by email, we can give you a quote almost instantly. The key elements of the inquiry process are photos, sizes, and a clear-cut description of what’s required. This typically includes the location of the glass replacement within the house so that we don’t end up fixing a window that you didn’t know that was broken.

It’s always best for this information to be accompanied by a clear work order outlining all of the information that we’ve just spoken about. This makes it extremely clear between both parties exactly what’s expected, and where the window or glass replacement service needs to take place.

What We Offer

Same Day Quotes

Most times, not having the right information delays the quote. So, if you provide us with the right information, we can provide a quote almost instantly. Same day quotes are a must if we’ve got the right details.

Emergency Services

Sometimes a window or glass door breaks unexpectedly, and you’re not ready to fix in a new one, that’s where we come in. We provide all emergency and make-safe works, so we can come in to board it up and make the area safe for you or your tenants.

Site Reporting

If you need a report for your insurance company, or to reassure your landlord, we’re more than happy to provide you with a detailed report and photos.
We have 14 – 30 day payment terms for all of our real estate agents, and more importantly, we do it all with a smile. We love helping you, and we love being a glass consultant to our local and current customers, and our real estate agents for any knowledge that you need on glass or glazing related repairs.
Speak to a member of our team to get an instant quote. We can’t wait to hear from you.