Economy Glass always strives toward the highest quality products workmanship, customer service, and care. Also, We achieve this by providing excellence in customer service, the highest quality workmanship, and an extensive and innovative range of products – all at a reasonable price for our customers.

Firstly, Utilizing the latest technological advancements we pro ice outstanding quality at competitive rates. Also, We offer a wide range of products and services individually selected to suit your space, style, and spending. Similarly, We aim to be the one-stop-glass shop like no other – Offering everything in glass for your home, workplace, or industry.


Our services include the installation, repair, and replacement of a wide range of glass products. Within the home or workplace including but not limited to:

Glass and mirror splashbacks are custom-made for your kitchen, bathroom, or business. Then, Custom-made Polished, beveled, and framed mirrors.Glass table tops, picture frames, signage, and other furniture glass. Frameless glass balustrades, showers, or fences. Fast glass replacements, repairs, and alterations.

Also, We can create and custom design glass to fit almost any shape or size for any project.


We are continually improving our range of products to ensure we only use the very best, most reliable, and most innovative products on the market, supplied at very competitive prices. As result, all of our products will last and be free of future problems.


Personalized, individual service ensures you will always have a point of contact, office phone, mobile phone, and email so you can always speak or contact a member of staff with any question. Above all, We are open 5 days a week and are always willing to assist in any way possible to ensure your experience is perfect every time.


Especially, Our fully qualified glazing team is proud of their trade skills and the job that they do. Our attention to detail, cleanliness, and overall professional attitude ensures a high number of recommendations and repeat custom. So, We are proud of this and always encourage feedback to ensure we are exceeding our client’s expectations.


Economy Glass has been operating successfully for over 30 years. And all of our staff have vast experience in all aspects of glass and glazing. Specifically,
Our staff is enthusiastic about identifying new products, processes, and innovations to improve their knowledge base and stay at the forefront of innovation in glazing.


Lastly, We have implemented a new apprenticeship program at Economy Glass. So, This ensures our younger glaziers are provided with the most professional training with hands-on experience. So, Our apprentices are mentored and work with the guidance and support of our fully qualified expert glaziers.