We supply and install custom mirrors of all shapes and sizes.

If you need something unique, special or a mirror to fit a particular space we take the precise details and make your mirror to these exact measurements. This allows for complete freedom of design and a wide range of finishes including polishing, edging, bevelling, and even sandblasted features. Economy Glass has a large amount of experience in a wide range of custom mirror applications, whether you have large commercial premises where you need large walls covered or you have a small mirrors for your bathroom at home.

Custom Mirrors create a sense of space and beauty in your home.

Consider having customized bathroom vanity mirrors if your objective is to have something unique for your home. These have a very distinctive look and will definitely make your bathroom very attractive.

Call us for a personal consultation. We will advise you and help design a mirror for any room or application. We mainly service Melbourne and the western suburbs, including Hopper’s Crossing, Point Cook and Werribee.

Custom-Made Mirrors

Economy Glass delivers a meticulously crafted set of custom mirrors in Melbourne. Our custom mirrors can be modified to suit whatever purpose you require of it. They work perfectly with your wardrobe, bathroom or dressing room.

Buying custom mirrors gives you greater control and flexibility over the final product. We determine the mirror’s size by inspecting your home and measuring room access. Once we’ve cut the mirror to the appropriate size, we will return to your home for installation. We also offer a range of different mounting options, colours, and edges.

Modern grey designer bathroom

Frameless Vanity Mirrors

We also supply a diverse range of frameless vanity mirrors across Melbourne and the western suburbs. They combine aesthetic appeal with functional design, offering you the perfect mirror for vanity purposes. They are highly customisable, complete with a range of different finishes and colours for you to choose from, including silver, bronze, black/smokey and less common variants such as blue. Tinted custom mirrors are also available.

Incredible master bathroom

Bevelled Mirrors

Economy glass provides bevelled mirrors for households across Melbourne’s western suburbs. Bevelled mirrors are a sharply designed mirror variant that lends a certain edge to your home.

Our bevelled mirrors come with a wide range of customization options so you can easily integrate them into your home. We cut them to size using laser technology and can be cut out of squares if necessary.

Custom mirrors

Mirror Edges

You have 3 options when deciding on how you would like the edge of your mirror finished. Each has a different effect and used in different situations. Below we have provided a description of each so you can make an informed decision.

Machine Flat Polished Edge – A flat polished edge used most commonly on frameless custom mirrors and mirror glass tops for a smooth and pristine finish. The glass put through an edging and polishing machine to provide the desired finish making sure the edge is no longer sharp.

Bevelled Edge – Found on mirrors hanging on walls with or without frames. Custom Mirrors with bevelled edges have cut at a certain angle to give the look of a mirror that has a framed edge around it. The edge gives these mirrors a more enhanced but subtle look than usual mirrors don’t have.

Seamed or Broken Edge – When the mirror edges are going to be covered such as when the mirror is going to be framed a seamed or “broken” edge is most normally used to save on further costs. Glass edging comes at a cost, therefore, if there is no reason to pay for the high-end polish then a seamed or broken edge makes a lot of sense.

frameless glass