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How BBQ Glass Splashbacks Create Modern Outdoor Kitchens



For builders targeting affluent home buyers in and around West Melbourne, creating a distinctive outdoor kitchen space is increasingly becoming a “must.”


There are several reasons for this growing trend, including:

  • Year-round good weather means homeowners have more opportunities to entertain outside.
  • Melbournians are becoming more adventurous with the foods they cook on the barbecue.
  • An overwhelming majority of Victorians own a gas-fired barbecue.


So figuring out how to make this appliance stand out gives home builders in the Hoppers Crossing and surrounding areas a market advantage.


As a result, builders are constantly looking for ways to elevate the design and usability of the barbecue area. One of the most popular ways to make your outdoor kitchen stand out is to install a BBQ glass splashback.




This feature enables builders and homeowners to showcase the best elements of the outdoor space while enjoying the durability and easy-to-clean elements of a glass splashback.


In this article, we’ll dive into the details to show how a BBQ glass splashback can make your outdoor kitchen complete.


Maximise Indoor/Outdoor Life


Creating a covered deck off the indoor kitchen with an outdoor kitchen area creates a natural and logical flow.


The benefits include:

  • Protection from rain and wind.
  • Quick transitions to and from dining areas.
  • Maximum views of landscapes, outdoor play areas and gardens.


Yet this design setup also brings major challenges for barbecue areas.


First and foremost: how do you barbecue under a roof?


The answer many builders have decided on includes building the barbecue into a deck wall and adding a range hood.


The creation of this wall space allows for distinctive splashback design. And with a BBQ glass splashback, you’ll create a durable, safe, wall-protecting surface that is also artistic.


The tempered glass can easily withstand heat from the barbecue and if it does shatter for any reason, the shards will not be jagged and dangerous.


The proper sealants will ensure no warping due to moisture. Using sanitary grade sealants is a great way to combat this threat because they also secure hygienic food preparation areas.


On top of this, the sanitary sealants are also mildew and mould-resistant, preventing unsightly discolouration or even degradation over time.


And like indoor kitchen glass splashbacks, the BBQ version can be easily cleaned and wiped down with glass cleaner.


A Dynamic Natural Backdrop


The splashback wall of a covered deck offers a unique opportunity to show off the aesthetic of the home. By installing a tempered glass splashback behind the barbecue, you can amplify the natural light that streams into the space.


In the image below, for instance, the designer paired a black paint colour with a glossy glass finish.


As a result, the sky and landscape are reflected by the glass. This creates a naturally distinctive backdrop that can change with the weather and time of day. It can also amplify the effect of the under-cabinetry back lights, which can help for night-time entertaining.


Installation Advice

Pairing a BBQ glass splashback with an indoor kitchen glass splashback has many installation benefits.


First off, the indoor kitchen will have a showcase feature, as well as the BBQ area.


Secondly, a quality glazier will be able to measure both projects in one visit, fabricate them at the same time and deliver them together.


At Economy Glass for example, our 700m2 factory has all the processing and installation equipment required for complex jobs.


Plus, we have large stocks of annealed, laminated and mirrored glass in house that ensures fast turnaround times.


Lastly, we have formed high-level relationships with the top glass suppliers in Melbourne to ensure we always deliver our products on time and to a high standard.


An Opportunity for Unique Outdoor Expression


Besides amplifying the natural beauty of the outdoors, a glass splashback in an outdoor kitchen enables you to express your artistic side. A metallic paint colour can mesh with a stainless-steel barbecue, as well as any other appliance, to create a bold colour palette that meshes well with raw material accents.


Looking for a feature to display even bolder choices?


A digital print glass splashback can turn your favourite image or pattern into an eye-catching outdoor kitchen element.


Conclusion: BBQ Glass Backsplashes Help Capitalise on the Outdoor Kitchen Trend


While outdoor cooking once meant a charcoal grill, a beer cooler and a bit of sunshine, the current trend in outdoor kitchens is moving toward more contemporary features.


This includes elements such as:

  • Weather-resistant cabinets
  • Built-in stainless steel refrigerators
  • Sinks
  • Ambient lighting


The idea is to create an outdoor kitchen space that can produce the same high level of cooking and entertainment options as an indoor kitchen. The centrepiece to all this, of course, is a high-quality built-in grill.


BBQ glass splashbacks help accentuate the high-quality nature of the feature. They can complement any designer’s vision, whether it’s a space that reflects the surrounding natural beauty or one that showcases personal style.


Plus, they’ll stand up to the high heat and excessive moisture that outdoor kitchens endure.


The Benefits of Professional Glass Splashback Measurements


Glass splashbacks require a lot of front-end planning because the glass cannot be cut once it’s been tempered. This means every corner and cut-out for outlets, switches and appliances needs to be finalised and measured to the nearest millimetre.


Quality glaziers, like Economy Glass use advanced laser technology to ensure exact measurements. They will also work with interior and exterior designers to ensure the desired colours, textures and finishes meet the highest standard.


So, contact Economy Glass if you’re interested in a glass splashback for the outdoor BBQ, indoor kitchen, bathrooms, home office or bar areas.


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Why a Laundry Splashback is Worth the Investment


There are 2 main trends to consider when designing a laundry room for your next home project in Melbourne’s Western Suburbs.


Trend #1: The majority of Victorians spend more than 3 hours per week doing washing.


This means homeowners are spending a substantial amount of time per week in their laundry areas.


As a result, the laundry room is getting upgraded in many homeowners’ minds from an outpost in the garage to a cleaning and organisational centre inside the home.


Trend #2: Laundry rooms are becoming an opportunity for expressions of personal style.


For example, a recent Houzz article named rich colours, natural light and statement splashbacks as 3 of the top 8 laundry room trends to watch for.


By installing a glass laundry splashback, you can capitalise on both trends at once.


Let’s take a look at how a glass splashback in a laundry room adds value and style to the space.  


Brighten Dull Spaces


Dark spaces are not energy efficient or very exciting to spend time in.


If the laundry room in your luxury home could benefit from more exposure to natural light, a glass laundry splashback could be the solution.



By installing this glass feature behind the laundry sink and in the space between the worktop and the cabinets, you’ll accentuate any nearby natural light.

Selection tip: To maximise the amount of light reflection, explore mirror splashbacks. With the right application, this single design choice can optimise a home’s natural light, solve some of its troublesome design issues and exhibit it’s high-quality material.


This can help lower energy costs because the homeowner won’t have to turn on the overhead lights as much as they would otherwise.


Easy Cleaning, Durable Surfaces


More and more, the laundry room is becoming the epicentre for a home’s storage, mudroom and laundry operations.


With this increased activity comes an increased need for protection against dirt, splatter and grime.


This need is further emphasised if the laundry room includes a sink. After all, moisture and/or detergent splatter can severely damage unprotected walls.


Glass splashbacks are proven to be safe and easy to clean.


Thanks to their rigorous toughening process, they won’t crack or warp under stresses of high heat or moisture.


In addition, the mud, dust and other debris that typically accumulates in laundry room walls can be easily wiped away with glass cleaner.


Add a Pop of Colour, Texture and Personality


Up until recently, laundry room colour palettes basically had a choice of white or cream with the occasional steel or black.


Now, appliance manufacturers have added bold colours to their washer/dryer appliances, enabling the accents in the space to be bold as well.


Glass splashbacks are a creative way to add calm colour accents or bold colour statements to a laundry room.


There’s a wide range of colour choices; almost any colour from a premium paint company will work.


There are also several finishes to choose from, including:

  • Standard: A solid colour that matches your room design.
  • Pearl: A pearly shimmer is added into the paint for enhanced effect.
  • Metallic: Vibrant colours with an added metallic sheen.
  • Sparkles: Glimmering sparkles accent the colours used in the paint.


You can be confident the colour you select in the store will be the one to shine through the glass because quality glass manufacturers use low-iron glass for splashbacks.


This ensures the highest quality and the most accurate colouring possible.



If you’re looking to add even more personality to a laundry room, explore adding a printed glass splashback.
These features involve setting a high-quality digital image behind the glass.


A wealth of high quality images can be found on popular stock sites such as Shutterstock or iStock. Alternatively, you can choose a favourite photo from a holiday or family outing.



Homeowners throughout Hoppers Crossing and the surrounding areas are catching on to this new trend to give their homes a modern, fashionable look. And the possibilities are truly endless.


Conclusion: Glass Laundry Splashbacks Improve Hygiene, Style and the Effects of Natural Light


More and more, homebuyers are looking for dedicated laundry rooms.


To accommodate, architects and designers are creating more detailed laundry room spaces in their house plans.


This enables homeowners to create comfortable and functional spaces for the whole family to enjoy.


They are more than just utility spaces; they are rapidly becoming the Victorian family’s organisational hub.


By making this space unique, easy to clean and memorable, you’ll help your home stand out in the crowded Melbourne housing market.


Glass laundry splashbacks are a great way to make laundry rooms fashionable and hygienic.


In addition, their ability to accentuate natural light can help brighten the space and show your focus on energy efficiency.


Why Choose Economy Glass?


Thanks to high quality glazing, fabrication, and installation techniques, we can make these glass features fit any space.


Our glaziers have world-working experience, having worked in a number of different countries completing or managing glass and glazing works. We have a broad knowledge of different glazing techniques, products on the market and overcoming challenging and complex installations.


In terms of fabrication, we have invested in researching and using the latest technology within our industry. We use complex automated scheduling software, automated design and drawing software and highly accurate laser measuring equipment.


And in terms of installation, we have large stocks of annealed, laminated and mirrored glass in house that ensures fast turnaround times.


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5 Tips to Great Metallic Glass Splashbacks

metallic-glass-splashback-hoppers-crossingThe faux finish trend is red hot in Melbourne.


In fact, here’s what Elle Decor Magazine said when it included faux finishes as one of the 10 Home Trends that Will Shape Your House in 2017:


“Homeowners and designers are turning to faux materials for a budget-friendly and sometimes more reliable alternative to authentic materials.”


Budget-friendly and reliable are two perfect descriptors for the metallic glass splashback.


Without having to find, purchase, shape and maintain a sheet of metal (imagine the polishing!), you can achieve the same contemporary look with a painted metallic glass splashback feature.


In this article, we’ll analyse this design decision to show why and how metallic paints and glass splashbacks work so well together.


1. Spotlight Your Metal Accents


Metal accents are key to achieving stylish contemporary design.


These accents can take the form of major elements, such as worktops and appliances.


They can also take the form of smaller elements, such as:

  • Light fixtures
  • Cabinet hardware
  • Furniture pieces
  • Exposed shelving
  • Artwork


A metallic glass splashback can tie all these accent options together and amplify their effects.


In the image below, for example, the metallic silver glass splashback ties both the oven vent and the cabinet handles together.



This is an especially important point since stainless steel appliances are such a staple of a top-quality kitchen.


For instance, in a recent survey of kitchen designers and homeowners, a whopping 75% of the respondents said they were using stainless steel appliances when updating their kitchen.


This is a continuation of a long-running trend. It proves that a neutral kitchen colour palette, accented by stainless steel metal features, is a design choice that heightens style and resale value.


2.  Create a New Dimension for Light


A kitchen with a white colour palette is a contemporary design staple.


The challenge for a designer or home builder, however, is: “How do I make a white kitchen stand out?”


A sparkle glass splashback can be the perfect solution. This metallic effect enables light to shimmer off the splashback in completely unique ways. As a result, a generic white kitchen can become a memorable, distinctive feature of the home.


3.  Pair with Textured Glass


Beyond the pearled and sparkled effects, there are several glass manufacturing techniques that can make a metallic glass splashback appear hand-crafted.




This creates an eye-catching focal point for the kitchen or bathroom that reflects light from windows, doors and even backlighting in distinctive ways.


The textures are created during the manufacturing process. They can be lines, waves, geometric shapes or natural random patterns.


Metallic paint enhances these patterns and creates the appearance of customized precious metal. The result is a stunning statement piece, perfect for modern interiors.


4.  Electrify Neutral Colours


Even if the palette isn’t dominated by white, contemporary kitchens make strong use of neutral colours such as brown, taupe and cream.


As it happens, the range of metallic glass splashback colours complements this palette exceptionally well by adding touches of luxury and glimmering metal to the splashback wall.



Economy Glass uses premium Dulux paints. The colours included Dulux’s pre-mixed, ready-to-apply Metallic Effects paint range include:

  • Neutral Intrigue
  • Thebe Touch
  • Pewter Illusion
  • Metro Mars
  • Moving Image
  • Stellar Glow
  • Silken Chocolate
  • Tempered Bronze
  • Chocolate Glimmer
  • Pluto Pulse
  • Silver Spoon
  • Metal Icon
  • Steel Shimmer
  • Prestige Shine


By adding some texture to the paint application, you can create a splashback that acts as a kitchen centrepiece that is full of light, metallic colour and depth.


5.  Add a Metallic Sheen to Any Colour


A metallic effect can be added to any splashback paint colour using a 2-step process.


First, the metallic finish gets applied to the glass.


Secondly, the selected colour is painted on top of the finish to achieve the desired effect.


Many clients use this process to add a metallic sheen to a bright pop of colour behind the oven hob or above the worktop.


Summary: Metallic Colours Combine with Glass Splashbacks for a Striking Combination


With their richness, brightness, strength and solidity, metallic accents sharpen a home’s contemporary design.


Metal is also a great choice for a splashback material, since it’s durable and stunning.


Yet there are several drawbacks to a metal splashback. They require polishing and maintenance. They’re difficult to find and shape. Most importantly: they’re often cost prohibitive.


The faux finish of a metallic glass splashback, however, gives you all of the benefits with none of the drawbacks.


They’re durable and represent a lavish element of contemporary design.


At the same time, they’re easy to clean. They can also be measured down to the nearest millimetre.


And best of all: they can replicate the stunning effect of valuable metals without incurring the high cost.


The Economy Glass Advantage


Too often, designers will select a paint colour in the studio or at the work site, only to find the final version looks different than what they had envisioned.


Economy Glass is committed to avoiding this building and design headache.


By using the highest quality glass, we ensure the selected colour shines through every time.


In addition, our team of experts uses the latest laser measuring technologies to ensure the toughened glass fits every project perfectly.


Most openings provided by even the best builders and cabinet makers have a degree of tolerance during construction.


Yet thanks to our advanced, tried-and-tested measuring techniques, we can ensure our glass is always measured to the millimetre and installed to perfection.


Ensuring the glass follows these external walls hides any imperfections. This also enables you to offer splashbacks in an almost unlimited range of custom sizes shapes and finishes.


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How Frosted Glass Splashbacks Are Used In Your Home


What do you think of when you hear the phrase, “frosted glass”?


Many people think of privacy glass used in modern homes and offices.


Others think of artistic frosted patterns on glass walls, windows and doors that leave parts transparent and other parts fully opaque.


However, there’s a different kind of “frosting” process that makes the glass opaque, smooth to touch, smudge-resistant and durable.


It’s called acid etched frosted glass.


While not as widely recognised by the general public, acid etching offers many advantages over other treatments.


So in the following post, we’ll explain this useful glass treatment technique and how it can be used to create stunning frosted glass splashbacks for the kitchen, bathroom and even the wet bar.


We’ll also show how these “frosted” glass features can add value to a home’s interior.


1. What Is Acid Etching?


Treating regular glass with hydrofluoric acid creates a uniform opacity while maintaining a smooth texture.


One side of the glass is treated and the depth of the etching can be set to create a gradient of light, medium or heavy opacity.


The treatment does not fade or degrade, even after vigorous washing. In addition, moisture, natural oils and/or humidity will not affect it over time.


Once this type of frosting process finishes, the glass can still be cut and toughened.


The end result: a durable, unique glass product that amplifies up to 95% of natural light without increasing glare.


2. What Are The Other Types Of Glass Frosting Treatments?


Here are some other popular types of frosted glass:


Sandblasting involves spraying glass with sand or other abrasive particles using a high-powered “blasting” machine. This technique is most often used to “frost” sections of glass, such as creating privacy strips or patterns.


Carved Glass is an art form. The artist uses precision carving techniques to dig into the glass and create complex patterns and/or representations.


Glass film also creates complex designs. In this treatment, the frosted “film” adheres to the back of the glass to create a frosted pattern.


In addition to these 3 treatments, many do-it-yourselfers use spray paints to give regular glass a frosted look.


3. What Are The Benefits Of An Acid Etched Frosted Glass Splashback?


As mentioned above, acid etched frosted glass is smudge-resistant and fingerprint-resistant thanks to its unique fabrication process.


When those qualities are combined with the toughening process for a glass splashback, the glass becomes safe, easy to clean and extremely durable.


In addition, the backside of the glass can still be painted to match your desired matte finish colour scheme.


The image below displays Economy Glass’s frosted glass paint colours. They include:

  • Raspberry frost
  • White
  • Iced Latte
  • Alpine Frost
  • Bailey’s on Ice
  • Grey Haze




4. How Do Frosted Glass Splashbacks Help Interiors Stand Out?


Here are some of the best ways to incorporate this feature.


In a Kitchen

Frosted glass splashbacks for kitchens provide unique colour and design characteristics. They are a stylish accent for the areas behind the oven hob, above the worktop and on the island kicker panel.


In addition, these matte finish glass splashbacks can reflect natural light without creating unwanted glare.


Best of all, the fingerprints, smudges, oil splatter and shoe scuffs that typically collect in splashback areas wipe away easily without any effect on the finish.


Kitchen Splashback Installation Tip

One of the biggest kitchen hygiene dangers lies with the sealant. It is often placed in openings and recesses, both of which are havens for bacteria.


Using sanitary grade sealants is a great way to combat this, securing hygienic food preparation areas for the homeowner.


On top of this, the sealants we recommend are also mildew and mould-resistant, preventing unsightly discolouration or even degradation over time.


In A Bathroom

The bathroom still tops the list of living spaces where frosted glass is used by homeowners.


It also tops the list in terms of spaces where limescale soap scum and other minerals can do major damage.


A frosted splashback as wall cladding can enhance natural light from a bathroom window while protecting the shower wall from moisture and mould.


By treating the surface with unique Ecoshield coating, the glass becomes protected by a thin, unseen nanolayer.


This unobtrusive shield makes it easy to wipe away unsightly residue or grime.


In A Bar



Feature shelving, prized bottles and/or fixtures by installing a frosted glass splashback.


By working with your glazier, you can design your glass splashback to incorporate mounted TVs, wall outlets and mounted shelves.


Remember: design is critical. The holes for fixtures, shelves, outlets and switches need to be planned in advance of the glass toughening process.


5. What Are Some Other Uses For Frosted Glass In A Home?


Designers often combine several frosted glass elements in a space.


For instance, using frosted glass for the cabinet doors, splashback and island kicker creates a light, ethereal kitchen colour palette.


In a bathroom, frosted glass adds a beautiful accent to contemporary and/or modern decor. It also enables natural light to filter through the space while also ensuring privacy.


Some of the most popular frosted glass elements in a bathroom (besides a splashback of course) include:

  • Shower screens
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Partitions


Economy Glass Is Melbourne’s Frosted Glass Splashback Expert


Distinctive colour treatments are growing increasingly popular in homes, and that is leading to growing demand for back-painted glass products.


A frosted glass splashback may make your next building project stand out to home buyers.


So, contact Economy Glass if you are intrigued by this unique glass treatment.


No other supplier in Melbourne offers such a quality splashback with these finish and colour options.


Plus, our experts will:

  • Listen to your design goals;
  • Measure every edge to the nearest millimetre using the most advanced laser measuring technology;
  • Fabricate a top-quality piece of glass that accurately matches your colour expectations;
  • Deliver it on time; and
  • Install it properly.


Learn How to Capitalise on the Growing Glass Trend In Homes


Glass bathroom shower screens and kitchen splashbacks have been sought-after design features in Melbourne’s homes for many years.


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The Best Glass Splashback Colours For A White Kitchen


When it comes to kitchen colour, white is king.


It started back in the 1920s and 30s, when appliance companies didn’t offer any colours besides white.


Since then, kitchen trends have come and gone, yet a strong presence of white has always ranked at the top of Melbourne’s kitchen designers preferences.


There are many reasons for the white colour palette choice:

  • It provides the optical illusions of space and light, making it ideal for small spaces.
  • It is associated with the concepts of cleanliness, freshness and health.
  • It offers a clean palette, which enables designers to highlight other aspects of the space, such as the floors, light fixtures, benchtops or appliances.


Despite all these benefits, choosing a white colour palette for your kitchen also includes some stiff challenges.


Perhaps the biggest challenge is this: How do you make a white kitchen stand out in a stylish, timeless way that will appeal to buyers?


More and more, designers are answering this challenge by adding glass splashbacks to the kitchen design.


Pairing a white colour palette with a painted glass splashback accentuates all the benefits of a white kitchen, while adding a stand-out complement of colour and depth.


When you add in the durability and easy-cleaning of today’s painted glass splashbacks, the combination is hard to beat.


Even so, there are many choices to consider. Quality glass splashbacks can accommodate any colour choice. The question then becomes: what colour should you pick?


In this article, we’ll describe some of the best white kitchen splashback ideas to answer this question and inspire your next kitchen project.


1. Pairing with Stainless-Steel Appliances


In a recent Houzz Kitchen Trends survey of kitchen designers, a strong majority of respondents said:

  • The standard silver finish is the top colour choice for appliances.
  • They preferred white cabinets by a wide margin compared to the next closest colour.


Metallic glass splashback colours accent both trends very well; they match both the appliances and the white cabinets.


If you’re looking for a way to add warmth and a splash of colour, vibrant yellows and reds are popular choices.


This pop of colour accents both the cabinets and the stainless-steel appliances while adding a needed point of interest to an otherwise bland palette.


2. Pairing with Benchtops


When making kitchen design choices, the benchtop is one of the best places to start.


This kitchen component takes up a good portion of the budget. It’s also a key feature buyers look for when they tour homes.


For a long time, natural stone has been the most popular benchtop material choice.


Even in a kitchen with white cabinets and neutral floors, a natural stone benchtop made of marble or granite provides a visual anchor for the space.


A glass splashback painted with a neutral colour complements the natural stone benchtop look.


This also makes sense when considered with another 2017 Houzz kitchen trend: grey and beige were the two most-cited wall colours.


3. Pairing with Kitchen Floors


Bold, bright colours in the kitchen glass splashback can create a stunning visual contrast to stained wood floors.


A lighter green or grey contrasts well with darker stains.


Or, if you have a truly white kitchen with white tile flooring, a bold colour in the splashback creates an appealing focal point behind the cooktop.


4. Matching Unique Fixtures


White kitchens with glass splashbacks have the benefit of versatility.


With the right colour glass, this setup can strategically highlight desired features.


For instance, you can highlight coloured lighting fixtures with a matching splashback colour.


5. Making A White Kitchen Pop With A Printed Glass Splashback


Sometimes, paint doesn’t provide the level of customisation or personalisation a designer is looking for.


This often happens when the homeowner is designing the kitchen, they want a particular imprint on the space beyond colour.


A feature splashback solves this dilemma, and it’s a trend that’s gaining steam across Australia.


Whether you’re a fan of beach scenes, gardening or show-stopping patterns, a printed glass splashback enables you to decorate your white kitchen to reflect your unique style and personality.


6. When to Avoid a Painted Glass Splashback in a White Kitchen


According to Houzz, designers rank white as the 3rd most-desired wall paint colour behind grey and beige. If you are committed to white kitchen walls, we don’t encourage a glass splashback installation.


The tinting coming through the glass will make bright white splashbacks look pale blue against a white wall or white cabinetry.


Summary: Painted Glass Splashbacks Make White Kitchens Stand Out


Thanks to their reflective qualities and clean looks, painted glass splashbacks add a layer of depth and nuance to a selected paint colour.


At the same time, modern glazing techniques and the use of high-quality glass ensure that the selected colour palette won’t suffer degradation or look differently than intended.


With designers continuing to choose a white colour palette for most luxury kitchens, the benefits of a glass splashback are magnified.

  • They continue the theme of cleanliness and health.
  • They allow for a strong focal point or a calm accent colour.
  • They will compliment stainless-steel appliances.
  • They can pair with other special features such as floors, light fixtures or benchtops.


How Economy Glass Can Help


Thanks to our staff of experts, we use the cutting edge of laser measuring technology to design your splashback project down to the closest millimetre.


Our fabricators use only the highest quality glass with low iron content, so you can be sure your paint choice will look exactly as you envision.


And thanks to our large warehouse with all necessary processing equipment onsite, we can ensure top-quality delivery with some of the shortest turnaround times in the industry.


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Why You Should Choose A Glass Bathroom Splashback

bathroom-splashback-hoppers-crossingLooking for a contemporary or modern bathroom splashback to make your property stand out in Melbourne’s ultra-competitive home market?


Ceramic tile is the conventional choice, thanks to its low cost and multitude of options. Yet high-end buyers are looking for detail well beyond conventional.


Stone slabs like granite, marble or sandstone are popular choices, but their non vitreous composition means the backsplash needs extra sealing maintenance.


So, to avoid these drawbacks and upgrade to a sleek, modern look, many designers are choosing glass bathroom splashback applications.


Unlike a shower screen, which is a stand-alone sheet of glass acting as a wall, a glass bathroom backsplash acts as a “wall cover.”


The benefits go far beyond style. This splashback choice adds value to any bathroom for cleaning and moisture protection as well.


In this article, we examine these advantages in detail to show why a glass bathroom splashback works in the most important areas of the bathroom.


Premium Shower Wall Protection


The construction methods for tiled shower walls and glass shower splashbacks are similar. In both scenarios, you:

  1. Waterproof the underlying plasterboard;
  2. Glue the material to the wall; and
  3. Seal it.


Then regardless whether the tiles are ceramic or glass, you’ll need to grout them…and grout is notorious for being hard to clean.


This is especially true in a shower space, which needs consistent care to remove soap scum, dirt and grime build-up.


Grout is also susceptible to mould and mildew. If this type of grout damage occurs, it’s nearly impossible to clean with topical agents; they simply cannot penetrate deep enough to eliminate the problem.


Most cases of mould or mildew require an extensive remedy, including:

  1. Removing the tile grout;
  2. Treating the affected area with fungicide; and
  3. Re-grouting and re-sealing.


With glass, however, there are far fewer seams where mould or mildew can grow. Plus, you can coat the glass walls with EnduroShield for added mould/mildew protection that reduces cleaning time by up to 90%.


The result: a unique shower feature that reflects light, feels spacious, provides strong resistance to mould/mildew, and is easy to clean.


Paint Colours that Shine


Glass bathroom splashbacks offer more than just wall protection; they can open up a new level of style and sophistication.


By pairing a quality glass producer with a premium paint manufacturer, you can create a splashback feature that will make the chosen colour palette in the bathroom pop without fear of fading.


In the bathroom below, for example, the glass combines with the paint colour and the white finishes to create a soothing, spa-like feel.


In this type of application, paint choice is critical. Economy Glass use premium-quality Dulux Paints, so you can be assured your paint colour choice will be accurate, vivid and long lasting.


Wall Accents that Pop


A glass splashback can accent any bathroom wall. The accent paint colour gets applied to the wall or the back of the glass; either way it will stay vivid because it’s protected from the room’s moisture.


Quality glass will have a low iron content, which means the colour choice will come through the glass in the intended way.


You can also apply a tinted glass as a bathroom splashback accent. Designers have placed an especially high demand on our metallic and pearl finishes over the entire range of colours we offer.


The glass transparency can be designed to fit the bathroom’s decor. Clear and frosted are two of the most popular choices.


Lastly, designers can completely customise their splashback feature with art or digital imagery.


The selection can be screen-printed and mounted on the back of the glass, creating a visually stunning wall panel.


Unique – Yet Practical – Vanity Applications


Similar to glass mirror splashbacks, using tinted glass behind the bathroom sink offers a stylish way to reflect light and add a sense of space to the room.


And as the image below shows, you can still mount the sink fixtures directly through the glass bathroom splashback. This clever space-saving trick is a favourite among designers for 2017.


Unlike the mirror option, however, a glass bathroom splashback over the vanity allows you to pair the feature with a framed mirror. It also has a lower risk of glare while still amplifying the room’s light.


Glass Bathroom Splashback Installation Considerations


There are many installation considerations for this type of bathroom feature. Here are some examples:

  • The glass needs exact measurements.
  • Its quality should enhance colour palette choices, not detract from them.
  • The splashback should fit the room’s style, not look like an afterthought.
  • Generally speaking, tile splashbacks are less expensive than glass.


Scheduling is perhaps the biggest consideration for builders.


Because of the precise nature of the fabrication, it can take some glass companies months to design, fabricate, deliver and install the feature.


This can lead to stressful delays and backups for other work.


The Economy Glass Advantage


Economy Glass, keep large stocks of glass in-house. Our 700m2 factory has all the processing and installation equipment required for complex jobs.


These advantages help us lead the industry in terms of fast turnaround times.


We also have formed high-level relationships with the top glass suppliers in Melbourne to ensure we always deliver our products on time and to a high standard.


A successful installation will make the bathroom stand out in the luxury home market. In fact, Ideal Home recently named glass wall panels as a top bathroom upgrade choice. Colours will be vibrant. The room will feel brighter and lighter. Most of all, the risk of mould and bacterial growth lessens.


Looking for more ways to incorporate glass in your new home or renovation job?


Contact us if you think a glass bathroom splashback may work in your next project. We’ll be happy to discuss the options with you.


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The Mirror Splashback: 6 Powerful & Unique Benefits

mirror-splashback-western-suburbs-melbourneTo stand out in Melbourne’s home market, you need to showcase your property’s quality design and construction material.


The stakes are high. The right choices make a “hot home” that sells quickly at a good price; the wrong choices result in low bids and long stays on the market listings.


One of the most effective ways to highlight a home’s design and construction material is to install a mirror splashback.


With the right application, this single design choice can optimise a home’s natural light, solve some of its troublesome design issues, and exhibit its high-quality material.


To put it simply: Choosing this type of splashback can elevate your building project to a higher level.




Take a look at the following benefits of this design feature and see if there’s an application for your next new construction or renovation job.


1. Magnify the Impact of Views and Natural Light


You’ll most frequently find a mirror splashback for a kitchen behind the oven hob. It’s also effective in the space between the cabinets and countertop.


Unlike regular mirrors, the glass used for the splashback is toughened through a rigorous heating and cooling process.


The toughened glass ensures the splashback will withstand high heat and moisture, even from gas cooktops. There’s no need to worry about warping, cracking or shattering.


In many kitchens, the window with the best view sits behind the sink while the oven hob goes on an adjoining or opposing wall.


So, in this typical kitchen setup, the splashback requires lighting and decoration to improve its functionality and aesthetic.


A mirror splashback, however, reflects the natural light streaming in from the sink window, as well as any other windows nearby.


If those windows look out over valuable views, the mirror can double the effect, especially if placed on an opposing wall.


2. Highlight Open Floor Plans


In a recent survey, high net worth homebuyers were asked: “What do you really want in a home?”


The most cited answer? An “open floor plan.”


Unlike a glass splashback, which has its own set of benefits, a mirror splashback elevates the effect of this desired layout.


It creates the impression of extra space and depth in areas that otherwise would have looked and felt “closed.”


It also invites the other “rooms” in the open floor plan — such as the family room area or the dining area — into the kitchen, creating a more cohesive sense of design.


3. Enhance Bathroom Space and Fixtures


Looking for a way to make a washroom or bathroom stand out?


Installing a mirror splashback not only makes the bathroom space feel larger, but it can highlight many of the fixture and colour choices in the room.


In addition, custom design and innovative techniques with mirrors can bring the splashback down to the bathroom sink countertop with the faucet fixture placed directly onto the glass.



This creates a modern-style feature. The faucet feels like it’s floating over the bathroom sink.


4. Increase the Daylighting Effect


In architecture, designing to maximize natural light is called “daylighting.” Research has found many benefits for occupants, including:

  • Reduced energy costs;
  • Improved sleep and circadian rhythms; and
  • Increased health and productivity.


One workable, stylish daylighting solution: Install a mirror splashback.


Because it reflects natural light, there’s less of a need to turn on energy-spending fixtures during the day.


And since Australians spend more than 6 hours per week cooking in the kitchen, the pleasing nature of the light promotes health and helps regulate an occupant’s sleep-wake cycle.


5. Clean with Ease


Tinted mirror splashbacks hide splatter well. Even when it comes time to clean, the splashback wipes down easily with glass cleaner or general cleaning agents to look as good as new.


In addition, the panels can be fabricated into lengths of up to 3 metres, which means there are fewer seams for food and mould to hide in.


Tip: Be sure to avoid abrasive cleaning materials such as metal or plastic scrubbers. They can scratch the glass and cause permanent damage.



6. Accentuate the Home’s Style


An antique mirrored splashback works well in a contemporary or traditional kitchen. The roughened, vintage style reduces glare compared to a completely reflective mirror, and adds a touch of charm.


A smoked mirror splashback creates a grey tint to help accent cabinetry and countertop colour choices.


Beyond kitchens, a mirror splashback feature can contemporize the traditional style of a home’s bar.


For instance, a distressed effect adds texture and character to the space behind the sink.


Thinking of using subway tiles as a splashback? Mirror tiles offer an eye-catching way to blend two popular trends.


Beyond walls and windows, mirror splashbacks can be used to call out other features as well. For example, mirrored splashback kicker panels can highlight a home’s wood floors.


Summary: A Mirror Splashback Adds Tremendous Value


Architects and interior designers have long used mirrors to optimize a home’s natural light. In many kitchens, however, there’s a challenge to bring natural light into dark wall spaces.


A customised mirror splashback is a great solution for the following reasons:


  1. The reflections invite natural light while making spaces feel larger;
  2. The tempered glass resists any damage from heat and/or moisture;
  3. The various finishes and tints complement traditional and modern styles; and
  4. The mirrors are easy to clean and hide splatter well.


This design choice can also help accentuate fixtures in wet bars and bathrooms while adding brightness and spaciousness.


Wherever you decide to install this unique feature, we can make it to exact measurements using laser equipment.


The entire process is fully customised to our individual client needs to provide a truly unique, top-quality splashback without delays or long lead times.


So contact us in Hoppers Crossing  if you’re interested in installing a mirror splashback in your new construction or renovation project.


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Surprising Facts About Textured Glass Splashbacks


West of Melbourne homeowners have fallen in love with glass splashbacks because of the superior durability, low maintenance and striking aesthetic appeal of glass.


For those who also crave a distinguished design element, nothing compares to the beauty and glacial quality of textured glass splashbacks.

textured-glass-splashbacksWith the help of an experienced glazier, there’s no limit to what can be done with different textures, patterns and finishes. With today’s glass technology, builders and designers can offer that little something more to transform an interior from beautiful to breathtaking.


A Look at Textured Glass



The way light interacts with textured glass is part of what makes this type of glass splashback so desirable. Different textures, from straight lines or clean geometrical patterns, to more natural patterns like waves, swirls, or a seemingly random design, result in an attractive, interesting visual element, creating more light and another dimension to an interior space.


The textures are created during the manufacturing process. When the glass is brought to a high enough temperature, it becomes malleable. This is where a mould is used to create the textured look and feel. The result is a stunning statement piece, perfect for modern interiors.


What You Didn’t Know About Textured Splashbacks


Textured glass splashbacks aren’t just gorgeous; they also have several distinctive attributes that make this type of glass splashback so noteworthy.


  • They are often finished with a metallic paint to help create a glacial look;
  • Economy Glass uses 6mm toughened glass, resulting in long-lasting, durable textured splashbacks that meet Australian safety standards;
  • Textured glass can be customised to create any shape or pattern;
  • It is mould-resistant and just as easy-to-clean as other glass splashbacks;
  • With a trained glazier, it is possible to cut and shape a textured glass splashback to fit any space;
  • Textured glass splashbacks aren’t just for kitchens – they can be used in bathrooms, laundries, home offices, outdoor entertainment areas or anywhere else;
  • The metallic, clean look is well paired with stainless steel fixtures;
  • Capable of allowing light in, yet creating privacy, textured glass is also popular in office interiors; and
  • For further customisation, textured glass can be painted – Economy glass issuing low iron glass, which is well suited to back painting or coating.


The Endless Possibilities of Textured Glass


You aren’t limited to the metallic look and striking patterns when you opt for textured glass. If you want to add a splash of colour or the soft elegance of a matte finish glass splashback, an experienced glazier can make it happen.​


With a patterned glass splashback, any image, pattern, or graphic can be applied to the glass. As long as an image is of a high quality with a very high resolution, anything can be used, from nature-inspired images, such as ocean waves or cherry blossoms, to geometrical patterns and swirls of colour. Adding a pattern to textured glass splashbacks, it is possible to create a true work of art that also possesses the functional benefits of glass splashbacks.


Some people prefer the elegance of a frosted glass splashback. Combine the softness of a matte finish with a custom texture to create a truly dynamic appearance. This look compliments a modern, minimalist interior, yet brings a subtle expressive flourish.


Transform Interiors with the Pure Beauty of Glass


Glass is truly a building material with a limitless quality. Textures, colours, patterns and different finishes can be used, combined, and customised to create – anything.


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How To Choose a Printed Glass Splashback For Your Home

printed-glass-splashbacksLong gone are the days of plain or solid coloured glass kitchen splashbacks.


Trend setting homes around Melbourne are embracing a new technology that enables them to customise their kitchen, bathroom, home office and even outdoor entertaining area splashbacks like never before; printed glass splashbacks.


Whether you’re a fan of picturesque getaway destinations, gardening or flowing decorative patterns, with a printed glass splashback you can now truly decorate your interior to reflect your unique style and personality.


Homeowners Victoria wide are quickly catching on to this new trend to give their homes a modern, fashionable look. And the possibilities are truly endless.


Can any image be used?


Yes! Absolutely any image you like can be printed onto your glass splashback. But you should make sure that:

  1. The image you choose is high quality; and
  2. You choose an image that you’ll love for years to come.


Why is this?


Because depending on the dimensions of your glass splashback, your image may need some tweaking or resizing to make sure it fits perfectly. A low or poor-quality image won’t stand up well to being resized, so select a photograph, pattern or image that is high resolution to avoid any issues.


A wealth of high quality images can be found on popular stock sites such as Shutterstock or iStock. Alternatively, you can choose a favourite photo from a holiday or family outing.


Which types of images work best for splashbacks?


There’s no one right answer to this. In short? It depends on the dimensions of your splashback and your own taste in decorating.


That said, here are some general points that may help you narrow it down while choosing the perfect image for your printed glass splashback:



For splashbacks that run along an entire wall (or two): Landscape style images like beaches or meadows are excellent for lengthy splashbacks. Patterns may also work well, but make sure you’re not choosing something too bold that may make your kitchen look crowded and busy.


For small square or rectangular splashbacks (usually behind your stove top or bathroom vanity): Patterns and bold colours work well here, as they will be very attractive but won’t dominate the entire space. And of course, be sure to choose an image that fits in with the colour schemes and design of the rest of your home!



How is a printed glass splashback created?


Your glass company will print your glass splashback for you. As soon as you have the image you want, contact them and they will provide you with a quote, which will vary according to your dimensions.


After you accept the quote, your company will measure the glass for your splashback using specialised laser equipment for accuracy and will cut it using a robotic CNC machine. All edges of your splashback will then be polished and rounded and your desired image will be printed onto the glass.


From the time that you accept your quote and make an initial deposit, you can expect to have your printed glass splashback in around 3-4 weeks.


How long will the image last?


This is the true beauty of printed glass splashbacks: Your image will last for years and years, meaning your design is essentially timeless.


Protected by its glass surface, your image is safe and secure. Its vibrant colours won’t fade with the years and parts of the image won’t rub off or get damaged like surface-painted tiles or splashbacks.


Discover the possibilities of customising your kitchen with a printed glass splashback today.


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All You Need to Know About Glass Splashback Colours

glass-splashback-colours-western-suburbs-melbourneAre you interested in remodeling a room in your house with a splashback?


One of the most important points of the remodel comes in the design of the splashback. 


Splashbacks can represent a beautiful accent piece to the overall design dynamic of your kitchen, bathroom or even home office. Best of all, new advancements in glasswork allow for amazingly vibrant glass splashback colours or effects that you can install in your new space.



Glass Splashbacks: Functional, Beautiful Design Accents


Glass splashbacks are quickly becoming an in-demand style choice for both new and remodeled kitchens and bathrooms West of Melbourne. This style choice is nothing new though – it has remained a consistent choice from retro designs to contemporary fusions. 


However, breakthroughs in painted glass have taken this design to newer and greater heights. And, it’s revolutionising the way many people envision their home interiors.


Glass splashback colours encompass a wide range of choices for the savvy designer. And pairing a quality glass producer with a premium paint manufacturer, more and more people are realising their design dreams with a coloured glass splashback.


The Power of Low Iron for Glass Splashbacks


When you think about glass, what comes to mind? For most people, the answer is easy – sleek, smooth and protective. But there’s a lot more to glass when it comes to splashbacks.


No matter the room, a splashback’s goal is to help complement the overall design as well as being practical. Splashbacks offer the accent piece to really make a space ‘pop’ in its overall style. And this now comes with a vibrant and high impact glass splashback colour.


One of the problems people can inevitably encounter is in the ‘expectation versus reality’ of glass splashback colours. For example, you might want a flat white finish on your splashback glass for your kitchen. However, when complete it looks suspiciously mint coloured – ruining your design dreams.


The reason this type of issue happens is down to glass quality and iron content. Many glass producers use iron in the production. The problem with iron is how it can react with many paints and colours.


Ultimately, this leads to big problems with finished painted glass splashbacks not corresponding to the colours you anticipated. And as any designer knows, this can be incredibly frustrating.


Finding the Right Glass and the Right Glass Splashback Colours


The good news is that you don’t have to fall victim to lower quality glass with higher iron content, just ensure that you use a quality glass producer when considering options for a glass splashback for your home décor. 


Premium manufacturers always utilise low iron glass for higher quality and more accurate colouring. With all of these aspects considered, you’ll never have to compromise your style.


As you probably guessed, the next important step in a quality painted glass splashback comes down to the paint itself. All Economy Glass splashbacks are painted with premium quality Dulux Paints. That means from planning to completion, you’ll get the exact colour that fits your design style.


Here are a few examples of colour finishes for your glass splashback:

  • Standard Finish: A solid colour that matches your room design.
  • Metallic: Vibrant colours with an added metallic sheen.
  • Pearls: A pearly shimmer is added into the paint for enhanced effectglass-splashback-colours-hoppers-crossing
  • Sparkles: Glimmering sparkles accent the colours used in the paint.

No matter what you need, a quality glass and paint solution will deliver the results you demand.


Making Your Splashback Truly Shine


Now is the time to get into the modern style with a striking, bold glass splashback. You’ll be amazed at all the beautiful glass splashback colours and effects that are available for your home.


To learn more about how we can help, have a look at our website today. We look forward to showing you just how much better our solutions will be for your glass and splashback needs.


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