What You Need to Know About Printed Glass Splashbacks

Splashbacks are useful for protecting the walls in the different parts of an apartment from stains of all kinds, particularly the kitchen, laundry, and bathroom areas. Glass splashbacks are preferred for their toughened nature which allows for easy cleaning. They come in different designs, styles, and prints.


Have the possibilities of using printed glass splashback in your home ever been something you’ve contemplated? You probably aren’t aware of the ways you can fully take advantage of a printed glass splashback, and I am going to shed some light on how you can use this to suit your personal taste and showcase your style. Keep reading.




Points to Consider Before Choosing an Image for a Printed Glass Splashbacks


The niggling question on most people’s minds is ‘what kind of image can I use for Printed Glass Splashbacks?’ We are here to answer that question and put your mind at ease by assuring you, that you can use almost any image, so long as it is of high resolution and in a digital format.  Some pointers to consider when choosing an image for your next Printed Glass Splashbacks are;

  • Make sure you select a high-quality, high-resolution image
  • Consider how the image will lay out on your printed glass splashbacks after it might have been cropped.
  • If you are going for a wide and long splashback, you would not want a skinny, long image.


The possibilities and designs for a printed splashback are endless and are not limited to one photograph or image. People are branching out and replicating different substrate finishes such as stone, timber, and even marble. Others still are trying out geometric tile patent designs, which allows for easier cleaning and little chance of discolored grout.




Where to Find an Image for Your Printed Glass Splashbacks


You will find some of the best images for your Printed Glass Splashbacks online. Websites like Shutterstock and Getty Images offer customers a wide range of different prints and images that you can simply purchase and then download to use on your next project.




For those curious about what printed splashback costs, we can tell you that $1000 per square meter should have you covered.


So, do you need an experienced guy for a complex glass project? You can contact our ever-ready team to assist you; we are always at your service.


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