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Top Splashback Ideas For Open-Plan Living

Are you thinking about using kitchen splashback panels in your open-plan living space? If so, it can be a little difficult to know what styles and colours are best to use when an area has different purposes.

Instead of leaving the backsplash to the end of your kitchen ideas, make a big design noise with deep veining, or rustic tiles, or metallics.

There are plenty of things to consider – glass splashbacks in Melbourne need to be functional, cope with splashes and often be heat resistant if it’s going up behind a cooker – but a little bit of thought can go a long way.

Add A Pop Of Color

Installing coloured acrylic splashbacks in your kitchen or dining area is a cost-effective and easy way to add colour to a neutral living space.

If your kitchen has white walls and white kitchen cabinets, you could opt for a blue kitchen splashback and then use matching accessories in the living space such as cushions and throws.

Keep It Clear

You don’t always need to use colour. There are many different types of glass splashbacks and upstands that you can install in your open-plan living space.

These can be placed over tiles on a kitchen wall, behind the cooker or to protect a feature wall. Ultimately, clear glass splashbacks in Melbourne are ideal for helping to preserve your existing decor.

Use Mirrors

One easy and simple way to create the illusion of a larger living space is to use mirrored splashback panels.

This look works very well in a silver kitchen with stainless-steel appliances and modern decor. Mirrored splashbacks also work well when paired with pendant lighting.

Create A Feature Wall

If you want to create a feature wall in your kitchen-diner, why not use printed splashbacks?

There are so many different patterns and images to choose from that will enable you to truly personalise your open-plan living space. Usually, there is also the option to create your own design.

If you would like to know more about using splashbacks in your open-plan living space, we can help.

The best company offering glass splashbacks has a wide selection of stylish and affordable glass splashbacks.

Things To Remember When Choosing Glass Splashbacks:

Type Of Glass

Glass splashbacks are typically 6mm toughened safety glass, which adheres to all Australian building standards.

Either clear glass is used, which has a natural green tint, which is good for strong dark colours or light colored glass.

Glass eliminates the green tint and allows for more accurate colour matching for light, warm colours. Mirrored splashbacks are being used in the kitchen more and more.

State of the art, heat resistant mirror is used in different shades, silver, smokey or bronze. A mirrored splashback visually expands the space and can all light to any room and is especially effective in smaller kitchens.

Cleaning Glass Splashback

Keeping your glass splashbacks in Melbourne clean couldn’t be easier. Glass cleaner and a soft cloth or paper towel is all you’ll need to keep it looking stunning for years to come.

Always consider the positioning of a splashback, what works behind the sink might not be the best material to use behind the hob.

Finally, don’t forget to ask to borrow large samples of any material to see how they look in your kitchen. They’ll look different at home when they’re not under the lights of a showroom.


Why Are Many Homeowners Starting To Use Patterned Mirrors?

If you are looking for a way in which to upgrade your home’s visuals, it is fair to say that there are an abundance of options from which you can choose from, all of which are unique and positive in their own way.

A fresh coat of paint, for instance, can go a long way, particularly if you live in a property that has been standing for many years. If you want expert opinion on what to invest in, we recommend that you look at potentially purchasing patterned custom mirrors in Melbourne.

Despite being relatively niche, there is much to say in its favour, as you can see from the list that we have put-together below.

Improved Privacy

Picture the scene: you are in the bathroom, and have just finished showering. When you exit, you will likely want to enjoy some privacy; the last thing that you will want is to be caught in this state.

Arguably the easiest way in which to safeguard your privacy is to fit patterned glass sooner rather than later. The obscurity that this will subsequently provide you is not something to be taken for granted.

Unparalleled Aesthetics

Without a doubt the most-prominent selling point associated with patterned glass is the immaculate visuals that it can bring to the table.

As long as you take the necessary time finding a retailer that values quality, you shouldn’t encounter any issues in relation to visuals.

From the moment that your brand-new patterned custom mirrors in Melbourne is installed, we promise that you will fall in love with its beauty. It will also make you the envy of each-and-every homeowner that lives on your street, which is something of an added bonus.

Customisable Option

If you are someone that likes to stand out from the crowd, an excellent course of action would be to purchase custom-made patterned glass.

There are plenty of different patterns that you can elect to have, with floral designs being considered the best-sellers.

Alternatively, you could decide that a slightly-more abstract pattern is more to your liking. Whatever conclusion you come to, you can be rest-assured that you will have the freedom to tweak and alter the final product until you deem it to be satisfactory.

Value Booster

Initially, you might not be overly-concerned with the long-term benefits that can be enjoyed once you have installed first-class custom mirrors in Melbourne. However, you will be amazed at the way in which this captures the attention of prospective buyers.

When the time comes for you to relocate to a new property, it is understandable that you will want to achieve a quick-and-easy sale.

With patterned glass in place, it won’t be long before you have dozens of viewings organised; when this happens, you can be thankful that you elected to invest in this unique type of decoration.

Whilst it may not be the most conventional improvement, it is clear that patterned glass has proven itself to be an excellent choice of upgrade for homeowners up-and-down the country.


How To Get Custom Mirrors For Your Home?

Thinking of commissioning a made-to-measure mirror? The right piece can bring light, warmth and a sense of space to your living environment. The design team is here to offer expert advice on how to commission custom mirrors Melbourne that perfectly suits your style.

Before You Brief The Company…

Knowing how you will use your mirror is essential before you commission it. An antique mirror will sit perfectly above a Victorian fireplace, for example, while a classic silver mirror is ideal for a sleek and modern bathroom.

Think about your room before you consider which style, shape, size and colour of mirror to choose.

Also have a budget in mind that you’re comfortable with – the cost of mirror per metre can vary greatly depending on the materials used and finish selected.

It’s always a good idea to shop around before deciding on which company to use for custom mirrors in Melbourne, unless the business you’re considering has a price-match guarantee and you’re confident that they offer the best possible service.

Make sure that you’re aware of any additional costs before agreeing to commission the work, such as delivery and installation fees, framing and any extra costs for materials that have been specially ordered in for you.

Start With The Basics

Did you know that low-iron mirrors are now available, which provide higher definition reflections with more vivid colours than those of standard mirrors?

Consider whether you’ll opt for a standard or low-iron mirror, whether or not you will have a foil safety backing – this offers additional protection to your mirror and keeps all pieces in place should your mirror break, and is highly recommended for larger and heavier mirrors – and which wall fixings you’ll need, if any.

Selecting A Mirror Colour And Style

Cool Colour Choices For Modern Appeal

Your mirror colour options are endless. Choose from classic silver or a striking bronze or grey tint, or, for something truly unique, opt for a custom mirror colour, such as rose, green or blue.

Alternatively, you can opt for a satin finish that is acid-etched, which adds a soft and warm shadow to the reflection that is as unique as it is chic.

Antique Venetian Or Roman Styles

If your setting is classic rather than modern, consider opting for an antique-style mirror with stunning scrolling and curved corners that will perfectly complement your timeless decor.

Choosing A Mirror Shape

The shape of mirror you choose should enhance and complement the overall style of your room. Planning a modern bedroom for your son or daughter? Why not opt for a fun and playful diamond-shaped mirror?

Alternatively, an arch mirror would perfectly match a rainbow princess theme! If you’re planning for a more classic setting, opt for a circle or oval shape that’s pleasingly gentle on the eye.

Edging Options

Most standard mirrors have a perfectly polished edge, which makes them easier to frame. However, a range of alternative edging options is available.

For a sleek and sophisticated look, opt for a bevelled edge in your choice of angle – most bevels are angled from 20 to 40mm into the mirror, but you can opt for a special custom bevel if you’re aiming for a more dramatic and contemporary look.

When you pull together all of these elements in a harmonious way, you’re sure to end up with a sleek, sophisticated and elegant custom mirrors in Melbourne perfect for your chosen interior decor.


Areas Of Your Home That Could Benefit From Having A Mirror Installed

Trying to decorate your home in a top-tier fashion is a task which is easier said than done. Depending on your own personal preferences, you will make decisions that may contrast with the advice given by leading interior designers – though there is nothing wrong with this, there are certain aspects that you will need to be careful of.

Case-and-point, it can be rather hard to determine where you should place your custom mirrors in Melbourne. Here to offer some much-needed insight on the options that are available to you, are the experts.


Unfortunately, the hallway that your home possesses may not be blessed with an abundance of space. This means that you must work hard to maximise what you have to work with – this is where a custom mirror can truly come into its own.

The natural light that filters into this part of your home will subsequently reflect off of your newly-installed mirror. The knock-on effect of this is that you are left with a hallway that feels significantly larger than its realistic specifications.


If you were to take a moment to consider the traditional locations within which you would find custom mirrors in Melbourne the first answer to come to mind would be the bathroom.

When you are getting ready in the morning, you will understandably want to check that your appearance is unblemished, and perfect for you to tackle the day head on.

Whilst you could simply choose to have the mirror in the bedroom, we believe that you can get more out of your investment if you were to erect your tinted mirror above the bathroom sink.


Although this is a somewhat less-conventional way in which to deploy a mirror, we argue that you need to give it a try. Were you to place an ornate acrylic mirror underneath a set of candles, for example, you will be able to completely transform the visuals of the room that this is located in.

Creating a mirrored effect is something that all well-respected interior-designers try to do, and now you can try your hand at it. We recommend purchasing a made-to-measure mirror, as this can easily ensure that it will fit on the table that you currently possess.

Living Room

When you are trying to formulate a plan in regards to how you are going to decorate your living room, the chances are that you will want this to be the focal point of your home. This means that you need it to make a statement, and be visually stunning; for this to become a reality, you need to take advantage of a high-quality custom mirrors in Melbourne.

Provided that you enlist the help of a premium glass company, you should have no-trouble in creating an aesthetically pleasing wall that captures the attention of your guests, and routinely puts a smile on your face.

Have you been searching high-and-low for a company that creates custom-size wall mirrors, but have yet to find one that can live up to your high expectations? Do you need to purchase a mirror cut to size, so that it can easily be accommodated by your home?

If you find yourself in either of these situations, you could do a lot worse than solicit the services of experienced professionals.


Bath Shower Screens Vs Shower Curtains- What To Know

When it comes to updating your bathroom, one quick and easy way to change the look of your décor is to replace your shower curtain. If you have a shower bath installed in your home, you need an effective way to stop water from splashing out onto the bathroom floor. Your two main options are a choice between the traditional shower curtain and the more contemporary glass shower screens Melbourne.

Shower Curtains 

Bath shower curtains are the perfect way to soften the décor of your bathroom. They are a classic staple of bathroom interior design.

Shower curtains are possibly the most versatile bathroom accessory. Versatility is actually their main advantage. Anytime you want to change the aesthetics of your bathroom, you can simply hang new ones. Your choice of shower curtains can tell guests a lot about your personality and can sometimes even provoke a chuckle or become a conversation piece.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to express themselves through their choice of furnishings, you may be reluctant to say goodbye to the trusty old shower curtain. That said, there are a few drawbacks (no pun intended) to sticking with curtains. The main drawback of shower curtains is their need for regular maintenance. If you are not careful, the curtain surface can quickly gather mildew and mould.

Shower curtains not only harbour mildew and mould, but they are also easily damaged and can look scruffy after a while. The other thing is many of us start to shower without realising that the shower curtain is hanging outside the bathtub. Within a few moments, water can slide down the curtain surface and create puddles on the bathroom floor. If you notice this quickly enough, the damage is minimal. But if you’ve been oblivious for a long time, you’ll face a hazardous situation. Ugh, flooding everywhere. And walking barefoot on a slippery surface isn’t any fun!

The good news is you’ll never face a similar situation when you switch over to glass shower screens Melbourne.

Bath Glass Shower Screens 

A bath shower screen is almost watertight. It’s definitely more effective than shower curtains in preventing water from splashing out of your bathtub and ending up on the bathroom floor.

Although a shower screen is a slightly more expensive option, it will last much longer than shower curtains and look infinitely classier. A bath screen is much more effective at keeping water within the area it’s supposed to and avoiding creating that frustrating puddle on the floor or soaking your bath mat.

A frameless glass shower screen makes your bathroom look fresh and modern. The main feature of this elegant shower screen is it blends seamlessly with the other bathroom fixtures, presenting your bathtub with a sleek and refined finish.

With various types of glass available, including frosted and clear options, as well as different styles that can curve, fold or slide depending on your needs, the range of shower screens on the market is diverse enough to suit any bathroom installation.

Another advantage of installing glass shower screens Melbourne is that it will not rip, get damp or grow mould.

This makes them especially beneficial is you have a lot of visitors, saving your guests the embarrassment of trying to rethread the curtain back through the hooks on your shower rail if they’ve accidentally tripped and grabbed it as a means of support.

And lastly, bath shower screens don’t cast creepy shadows.


How Much Do Shower Screens Really Cost?

Ranging from $200 to $1,000 and beyond, there is a shower screen for every budget. The price can depend on many factors, plus there might be additional costs worth considering – like installation or additional labour which could also vary by area.

What’s The Cost?

Glass shower screens Melbourne cost starts at around $200 and can be as expensive as $1,000 or higher. The shower screen price depends on a variety of factors, such as type of shower screen, size and the materials it is made of. Other costs that have to be considered include shower screen installation cost and even a potential removal cost if the new shower screen is replacing an existing one.

First Things First: What Is A Shower Screen?

A shower screen is a glass panel – or a combination of panels – that encloses the shower area, ensuring that the rest of the bathroom space remains dry. Depending on the type of screen and both size and layout of the bathroom, the shower can be fully or partially enclosed.

What Materials Are Shower Screens Made Of?

The selection of materials used in the manufacturing process will affect the shower screen price. High-quality and locally sourced materials might come at a higher cost, however the resulting shower screens are durable and long-lasting, making the money spent go a long way.


When it comes to paneling, glass shower screens Melbourne are made out of Grade A safety glass in line with AS/NZS 2208-1996, outlining requirements for the safety of glazing materials in buildings and AS 1288:1994 outlining the requirements for the selection and installation of glass in buildings.

Tempered – or toughened – glass is the most popular safety glass for shower screens. This particular type of glass is achieved by rapid application of heat and cold temperature.

The process not only strengthens the glass, but also enables tempered glass to break in a much safer way – if a tempered glass panel breaks, it disintegrates into small chunks that aren’t as sharp and dangerous as shards of ordinary glass which makes it the best choice for high-use areas like the bathroom.

Laminated glass is another popular shower screen material. Made up of two sheets of glass, laminated glass is designed to work best in a fully-framed shower screen set-up.

Shower screen cost will depend on the type and design of the glass. While the standard clear glass is the least costly option, low-iron glass which lacks the green tint of the standard glass will be more of a step-up. Similarly, frosted shower screens – or textured and sandblasted glass – can increase both cost and additional privacy value.

Another consideration when it comes to screen cost is the thickness of the glass panel. While in Australia the minimum thickness of glass will be 5 and 6mm for fully framed and partly framed shower screens respectively, and 10mm for a frameless screen, the choice is on safety profile and preference – and will affect the ultimate cost of the product.

Common Types Of Shower Screens

With a choice of shower screens for every budget – and for any need, style or bathroom design, anyone can find a screen for their space. Below is a list with information about some of the most common shower screen types.

So if you’re asking yourself, ‘how much do shower screens cost?’, read on! Luckily in Australia, cost information doesn’t vary too much from state to state, so shower screens Melbourne prices will generally be similar to those in Sydney or Perth.

One thing that can vary is glass shower screens Melbourne installation costs, which are not taken into account in the below pricing.


Powerful Cleaning Tips for Shower Screens In Your Melbourne Home

Keeping a home clean may seem to be a difficult task. However, the hectic schedule of daily life may not allow one to be as regular as it is required to keep a home spick and span. The most difficult part is to keep the bathroom tidy; especially the glass shower screens Melbourne. It is not easy to clean and maintain shower screen.

Dirty Shower Screens

Before cleaning shower screens and attempting to maintain them, it is important to understand why it gets dirty. A glass shower screen may appear and feel smooth but glass is rough and porous. The microscopic divets of the glass may trap micro- particles of dirt, chemicals, shampoo, etc. These particles when accumulated and left for a long time can get hard to remove. No wonder, the smooth shiny glass starts looking scummy with time.

If this scum is not cleaned and removed on time, it can set hard and turn into silicate-like substance. Hence, regular cleaning and certain preventative measures will help you to keep shower screen clean and maintain it in the long run. This can also prevent permanent damage and dirt occurring.

Cleaning Solution

Most people think that buying a fancy shower cleaning detergent is the best and only way to clean shower screen. This is not true. You can create a mixture of dishwashing liquid, bleach, and water at home. Fill this solution in a spritz bottle. You can use this solution regularly and refill as required.

Soaking is Important

Applying solutions made at home can help you to clean shower screen. Another solution is to clean using a mixture of baking soda, vinegar, and salt. This combo is very powerful enough to remove scum and grime. Simply coat the entire shower screen with a layer of this mixture. Allow to soak for about 15 minutes. This is an important step. Now, rinse it off with clean water and wipe down. The glass shower screens Melbourne will be squeaky clean soon after this procedure.

Old Toothbrush

Did you know an old toothbrush can help you to get rid of grime and dust buildup in the most awkward corners? All you need to do is sterilise an old toothbrush in boiled water and bleach. Now repurpose this as a tool for cleaning out corners. This will help you to clean the shower screen in the best possible manner.

Soft Sponges & Cloth

It is advised to use only soft fibre cloth and sponges to scrub glass clean. Old cloth may lead to abrasions. Invest in a fresh set of soft fibre cloth. It is important to replace them as soon as they start to wear out. It will protect shower screens from scratches and damage.

Furniture Oil

Washing and wiping down shower screens is not enough. Applying oil will prevent scum from forming. Furniture oil can actually avert this from happening. Hence, you can use it as an exterior coat. The process will ensure clean looking glass and also extend its life.


3 Clever Uses Of Glass In A Small Bathroom

Often, when architects and builders design and build homes, the bathroom is the last on the list for size and light.

That can mean that a great home can be accompanied by a rather small bathroom. And sometimes, rather small bathrooms can even be windowless.

If your home has a bathroom that fits this description, you have ways to improve it and bring the illusion of space and light into these bijou boxes. Discover three excellent ways that glass can enhance your bathroom and make it feel larger.

Create Reflection With Glass Splashbacks​

Glass splashbacks are an excellent choice for a bathroom that works on many levels. In a small bathroom with no natural light, you will want to reflect the light you do have around the room as much as possible. The reflective surface of glass bounces light around as well as giving the illusion of space.

Available in a variety of styles and colours, glass shower screens Melbourne or splashbacks can complement whatever decorative theme you choose.

Use them as surrounds for your bath and sink. You can also use glass for a bath panel—the glass will bounce light around the floor space giving your bathroom an airier, open feel.

The benefits of glass on bathroom size and lighting are matched by the ease of maintenance that these splashbacks provide.

By avoiding the usual grouted tiles, you limit the areas that normally attract mould and the ugly discolouration this brings. This means your enclosed, windowless space is a more pleasant and healthy environment to spend time in.

Create An Open Feel With A Glass Shower Screen

Shower curtains or opaque enclosures act like walls, creating a barrier and making an already small space look even smaller. If your bathroom is windowless as well as small, a barrier can make it feel oppressive.

Chic and sleek, glass shower screens Melbourne offer a myriad of benefits to a small bathroom. A clear glass screen allows light to flow organically throughout the whole bathroom.

Being able to see all four walls will make your room seem more spacious. A glass screen will also mean that your shower enclosure will not need separate lighting installed as you will benefit from the main bathroom lighting.

Whether you choose a frameless screen that appears barely there or a semi-frameless one with a classic look, you will be able to match a screen to your style and décor. A glass screen is also an excellent choice for durability.

Glass screens are built to resist shattering and scratches and only require light cleaning with a soft cloth.

Create Depth And Light With Large Mirrors

Mirrors are one of the most popular optical illusions designers use to transform the look and feel of a small room.

The reflection of opposing walls creates depth and gives a sense of space. Mirrors also bounce light around, brightening rooms that lack a natural light source.

Go for a large frameless mirror above your sink. Large mirrors create the illusion of space far better than small ones.

A frameless mirror and glass shower screens Melbourne will reflect other elements of the room, making it seem vaster—this type of mirror can also give your windowless bathroom the feel of a vertical window.


Glass Splashbacks Melbourne – Truly Make A Statement

The choice of the modern interior designer for kitchens and bathrooms, to instantly add some glamor and style to these functional rooms, is to feature colored glass splashbacks Melbourne to areas that traditionally would be grouted and tiled.

Splashbacks are usually made of either glass, acrylic or stainless steel and they offer up a sleek and professional finish to a room plus, with a range of finishes, effects and colours, allows your imagination and creativity to run free.

Bathroom Or Kitchen Glass Splashbacks

Glass splashbacks are a great choice for bathroom and kitchen designs because of their versatility, choice of colours and textures as well as hygienic properties, resistance to heat and scratches and above all, their shine.

In a bathroom with little natural light or a smaller kitchen, glass splashbacks really come into their own, reflecting what natural light is available back into the room, opening it up and making it a great space to work, play or relax.
In kitchens, where it would not be possible to have an acrylic splashback behind a cooker hob or heat source, then toughened glass will work well providing it is placed at an appropriate distance from the heat.

Acrylic is very durable as well but it is prone to scratches which is not the case with glass, and in a busy family kitchen or bathroom that is in constant use, this does have its advantages. Glass splashbacks Melbourne, in some cases, can not only be used around the basin areas in bathrooms, but also as semi-frameless or frameless shower screens.

Translucent turquoise, emerald green or opaque white, matt black, or textured glass – these are just some of the choices that can be made with matching splashbacks around the basin area to complement the rest of the décor in the room.

Practical And Easy To Clean

Easy to clean, and without the problems that grouting and tiles generate in the form of mould or soap scum collecting in the grooves of the grouting, glass splashbacks are hygienic as well as stain resistant.

In the kitchen also, where there is a lot of heat, steam and fat or liquids hitting the walls, glass splashback really comes into its own. Easy to keep clean and free from bacteria, this is a great choice of material particularly if you have small children or keep dogs and cats.

Colored Glass Splashbacks

Colours and textures can be varied to complement a traditional kitchen with soothing shades of cream, taupe or pale yellow or a splash of vibrant yellow, aubergine purple or crimson red can also really make a bold statement. For a real twist, why not incorporate a photo-based glass splashback.

Talk to your glass splashbacks Melbourne company and you could be gazing out on to a verdant spring meadow, or mountain scene. Some suppliers may have a catalogue of photographs available and others may be happy to work with one that you have supplied.

Whatever choice in terms of texture, colour or design, a glass splashback can combine practicality with creativity, which will be a talking point with your visitors for many years to come.


Emergency Glass Replacement Melbourne – Tips To Avoid Delays

Let’s face it. Even if you were in hurry to get somewhere, shattered glass in your door or window panes will stop you dead in your tracks. This is even more urgent if you are going away for a stretch of time, like a family vacation.

You have the kids all excited and ready to hit the road. Any lengthy delays will, literally, cause a riot.

Or, a freakish storm with hurricane-force winds barrels through your street and shatters your shop’s glass doors an hour before you have to close for the day.

It’s times like these when a truly responsive emergency window glass replacement Melbourne must step up to the plate. After all, to be an emergency service means you have to be ready to be called into action with a moment’s notice.

So, if you are dealing with the right emergency glazing contractor, you won’t have to panic.

What To Expect From An Emergency Glass Replacement Melbourne Service

When you call your glazier for an emergency glass replacement, you don’t only expect a prompt response. You expect they will be prepared with everything they need for the job so your business, or life, does not have to be disrupted longer than it has been already.

But how quickly should the glazier respond to your SOS for glazing help?

In practical terms, any service that claims to offer emergency glazing services is committing to always have an experienced glazier that can get the job done fast.

It is thus not unreasonable that you should expect to see them arrive at your property within the hour of calling.

Depending on your particular situation, next-day window glass replacement Melbourne may not be quick enough. So, make sure the glazing provider you are dealing with can deliver on your specific emergency.

Make Sure The Glazier Knows What They Are Dealing With

To be honest, you have the wrong glazier if they come all the way to your property without full information on the scope of the job. Still, you must make sure before they commit to coming for glass replacement that they know:

  • What size of panel needs replacing? (an experienced glazier will request an outside picture of the actual window)
  • What room window needs the emergency glass replacement (this affects the type of pane they will need to fit)
  • What floor level is the window that needs a panel replacement (special ladders may be needed if the room is above ground level).

The point of this is you need to make sure you have the right people coming and that they will not waste time shuttling back and forth to pick up the right window panes and equipment.

Do your research and make sure you hire skilled professionals who can guide you with window glass replacement Melbourne and make it hassle-free.

For prompt service by knowledgeable and experienced glaziers the next time you have a window pane replacement emergency anywhere in Melbourne, keep the Economy Glass number on speed dial.