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How to Keep Your Shower Screen Clean Forever

Glass is eternally beautiful. As a feature in your home, you certainly want to keep it looking that way – but it’s not always easy with heavily used glass products like a shower screen or a frameless glass door.

The reality is, that your shower glass is exposed to all sorts of substances that can lead to build-up and stains. It’s hard to keep up with cleaning your glass when it’s being bombarded by soap scum, shampoos, hard water, and body oils every day. All of these things work to make the interior surface of the glass look dirty. If you try to restore your shower glass by scrubbing with harsh cleaning products, you can make the problem even worse. Eventually, you can end up with discolored glass or staining.

So, to ensure you can enjoy your gorgeous clean glass shower screen day in and day out, we put a special coating on the glass called EnduroShield. This way, you can keep Clean Glass Shower Screen forever.

What Is EnduroShield?

EnduroShield is an industry-leading glass treatment that acts to protect the shower glass from build-up. You can’t see it with the naked eye, but your flawlessly smooth crystal-clear clean glass shower screen is porous. Because of this, it can absorb soap scum, mineral deposits, and other substances that result from normal shower use.

With treated glass, you have a very thin glass coating that acts to repel water, as well as oil-based stains. Once it’s on your glass, you don’t even know it’s there – it’s non-stick and totally transparent. But, you gain the peace of mind that your shower glass will look stunning for years to come.

How We Treat Frameless Glass for an Enduring Clean

Applying EnduroShield properly to frameless shower panels is a process in itself. We apply the treatment to the interior surface of the glass as this is what is vulnerable to soap scum and shower grime. Here’s an in-depth look at what happens during the process, so you know what steps have been taken to make sure your glass stays clean forever.


When we receive glass panels directly from our supplier, the glass has already been washed – it’s for the most part spotless with no visible dirt. But, we still perform pre-cleaning because we need to be sure it’s a flawlessly clean glass shower screen before we put on the protective coating.

To do that, we use a pre-cleaner provided by EnduroShield and a special white scrubbing brush.

  • First, we apply the special cleaner to the glass surface using a generous amount. With glass, it’s important to apply enough cleaning product to pick up any dirt across the entire surface.
  • Then, we use a special cleaning pad and a scrubbing technique that helps to clean the surface, starting from the top and working our way down to the bottom of the glass. Using the EnduroShield pre-cleaner makes this cleaning process easy as it lifts all the dirt without leaving any behind.
  • Finally, we have to remove the pre-cleaner. To do this, we take a high-quality squeegee and wipe away all the dirty products and excess moisture. As with scrubbing the pre-cleaner in the previous step, the trick is to be incredibly thorough, starting at the top and working our way to the bottom with the squeegee.

Drying and Polishing

Next, we work to ensure the glass is fully dry and check that there are no marks left on the glass.

  • We don’t just let the glass air dry because we don’t want water sitting on the glass. So, we take a clean microfibre towel and run around the edges of the glass to pick up any leftover moisture.
  • At this stage, the glass is dry, so it’s easy to see any marks or spots where the cleaning product hasn’t been picked up. If there are any marks, we buff them with a clean rag. By polishing the dry glass, we can ensure the glass is free of any signs of dirt, grime, or residue before applying the treatment.

Coating the Glass

Now that we have a clean, dry surface, it’s time to put on the EnduroShield treatment. To do this, we use a special spray gun provided by EnduroShield. With the spray gun, we can fully coat the glass with a smooth, even layer.

And that’s it – once the treatment is on, we let it sit. Now the frameless glass is ready to be installed in your bathroom.

How to Maintain Treated Frameless Glass Shower Panels

With EnduroShield treated shower glass, keeping your Clean Glass Shower Screen is easy. You won’t need any harsh, toxic cleaning products. You’ll never need to scrub your glass. All it takes is a mild glass cleaner or a simple white vinegar to keep your shower screen glass clean from soap scrum and build-up. Stick with citrus or vinegar-based gentle cleaners to ensure your glass is streak-free as well. Simply spray on the glass surface and let the cleaner sit. Then, you can wipe it away with a clean rag, followed by a clean microfibre cloth.

Does EnduroShield Last Forever?

The EnduroShield coating will protect your glass for years. When we treat your glass, the treatment comes with a 10-year warranty. As opposed to a 3-year warranty for a do-it-yourself application. It’s also possible to have a glass professional apply EnduroShield to glass that’s already been installed. If you need a new coating or if you have installed shower glass that was never treated.

Advantages of Treated Shower Glass

There are plenty of reasons why this glass treatment is used by professional glaziers around the world.

  • Only one application is needed to protect your glass for years.
  • Intensive protection against staining.
  • No need to use revitalizer products to make EnduroShield effective over the years.
  • Reduces the amount of cleaning required.
  • No need to use harsh chemicals or toxic cleaners on your glass shower screen, which is better for the environment.

We choose to protect shower glass with EnduroShield because of the unique advantages it offers. After all, glass is one of the easiest materials to maintain, and its longevity is unparalleled. Simply by taking this protective step, even glass products in heavily used areas of your home can look flawlessly clean – with little effort on your part – for years.



What You Need to Know About Shower Brace in Frameless Showers

If you’re considering some bathroom renovations or looking at bathroom styles for your new house, you may have come across frameless glass shower enclosures. You’d notice from the examples that there’s a 6mm brace panel that sits at the top of the shower, fixed between the side light and the return panel. In this article, I’m going to explain the benefits of using a brace, when they’re installed, and whether or not you need one.

The braces usually consist of 6 or 10-mm toughened safety glass. They’re approximately 100mm wide and run the full width of the shower. They’re silicone on top of the sidelights, the wall, and the return panel if required.

Benefits of Shower Brace in Frameless Showers

Shower braces have numerous benefits including:

  1. Providing support to all the glass panels.
  2. Make your shower rigid, i.e., keep the panels in place, so there’s no unstable movement.
  3. Reducing the risk of accidents.

When to Install

You can install the shower without the shower brace and add them later on if needed. However, for larger showers, it’s advisable to install them when the shower is installed.

Do You Need One?

In short, If you’re getting a frameless shower and you don’t want any movement in the glass panes, then yes you do. The braces provide much-needed support to restrict the movement of the glass panels.

Alternatives to Shower Brace

Another common method is to use a glass corner shelf that doubles as a glass shower brace. You can install this into the corner of the shower, where it’s glued along the tiled wall, and against the return panel, thus disguised as a glass shelf rather than a shower brace.

These aren’t as effective as the full gusset panel that runs a full width, and it really depends on the depth of that return panel, in determining how effective they are, but this is also another great option.

For more information, feel free to download our free guide, or get in touch.

Why Custom Made Are More Expensive Than Stock Standard Showers

In this blog I’m going to answer some common questions to help you make the right decision and ensure that you don’t go over budget when choosing your shower.

Stock shower screen or a factory-issued shower screen, the sidelights, door panels, and return panels all come in set sizes.


In order to build that shower screen, you need to take multiple different sizes and try to configure them to suit that space.

With a custom shower screen, we take your measurements completely accurately. And then custom makes each panel depending on where you want the joints to be and how you want the style to suit.


Another considerable difference between a frameless shower screen over a stock screen is custom shower screens can accommodate a floor that is out of level or a wall that is out of plumb.

Stock issued or factory shower screens can not do this, the glass comes square and the way that you allow for these tolerances is in your fittings, hardware, or channels.


The price of a custom shower screen is more expensive than a stock screen. Simply because there a lot more work that involved.

With a stock screen, you simply take the measurements and try and accommodate the individual panels to suit that neath or width.

With a custom screen, we come to the site, we measure your shower screen using a laser. And we custom cut that glass with those tolerances that are required to ensure that it fits perfectly.


Each panel of glass in a custom shower screen cut to the millimeter and processed accordingly to ensure. That it fits the first time.

The main difference in quality between stock and custom-made frameless shower screens definitely has to do with the installation.

With a stock screen when the wall or floor uneven or out of plumb. Or level this needs to accommodate within the hardware or wall channel.

With a custom screen, we can accommodate those tolerances or run-outs within the glass when it measured.

This means that that has a consistent edge tolerance between the edge of the glass. And the floor or the edge of the glass. And the wall ensures that the glass will fit perfectly without needing to fudge. It with any type of silicone or sealants.

If you got a uniquely shaped bathroom you always going to have to go with the custom-made shower screen. In this instance. I’d recommend that you get in touch with one of the friendly teams. So, we can send a glazier out to do a site consultation and tell you what your options are. We can custom-make a shower screen that’s made specifically for your space.

Considering your design requirements. If you’d like more information feel free to download our free guide “Latest Tips for Great Frameless Glass”. Alternatively, feel free to reach out via email or phone to our workshop.

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2 Best Shower Door Pull Handles for Your Shower

Choosing the right shower door pull handle can make a huge difference for minimal cost. In this blog, I’m going to discuss the top two shower door handle designs you should consider and why.

Now the most popular handle in our frameless shower screen range is the SK40 pull knob.


These are very simple and slimline handle that is unobtrusive and looks great with any frameless shower.

The other option is a Marsh or an H-shaped handle.


This is a beautiful H-shaped handle that is mounted on the front and back of the glass. It’s beautiful and sophisticated if you want something more.


The main thing to consider when choosing your shower door pull handle the space in which the door arcs when it’s closed.

A number of larger pull handles, if the configuration of the shower is not appropriate, can clash with your towel rail or wall. In this case, sometimes it’s better to go for a smaller option that is sleeker and less obtrusive.

shower door repair

We’d like to know one thing about the shower doors. We need to fix some of the components and what is wrong with them.
Our initial protocol in order to fix your shower door will get some questions answered. So that we can offer you the best solution.
You can have a door that moves on sliders from the top down depending on the style you have. It can slide along the screen’s base on sliders.
In order to ensure that you and your family may take a shower safely and with the knowledge that the door won’t shatter, fall off, or be difficult to move, we are able to come in and assist you with shower door repairs.

If you’d like more information feel free to download our free guide “Latest Tips for Great Frameless Glass”. Alternatively, feel free to reach out via email or phone to our workshop.

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4 Important Tips When Choosing Shower Door Hinges

When looking at hardware options for your new family shower screen, shower door hinges usually overlook.

In this blog, I cover why I feel that high-quality hinges are very important and what you need to consider before purchasing.


Tip 1: The hinges on a shower screen are incredibly important because this is the most mechanical part of the screen, where the door gets opened and closed regularly. The way these hinges work is that they clamp around a cut-out in the glass and this hinge holds the full weight of a door at approximately 36 kilos. This door opened multiple times a day, a year, or over many years. This is an incredibly important part.


If the door drops or the hinge lets go, the glass can explode and you’ve got a catastrophe on your hands. The important thing to consider when choosing your next frame or shower screen door hinge is definitely quality. Don’t compromise on the quality of the product.

Tip 2: With the door hinge being the most mechanical component of your shower screen. There’s a big difference between an inferior product and a high-quality product. This comes down to the engineering and design of the hinge, and also the internal components that make it up.


Inferior products don’t last and cause the door to drop, which can have catastrophic circumstances. There many different shapes, styles, and sizes of hinges that can use for your next shower screen.

Tip 3: Generally speaking, your glass supplier would choose the type of hinge that is suitable for the location and operation of your shower screen. In saying that, you do get to choose the finish, and the shape of the hinge, among some other factors.


Tip 4: The best and most long-lasting frameless shower screen hinges, in my opinion, are the FGS -ES2s. These hinges construct from brass and have been engineered and improved by their in-house engineering and design team.


What this means is that the internal components are incredibly strong and have long-lasting effects. This means you won’t have to replace that hinge for years to come.

If you’d like more information, feel free to download our free guide “Latest Tips for Great Frameless Glass”. Alternatively, feel free to reach out via email or phone to our workshop.

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Learn This Shower installation Tip to keep Your Shower Cleaner

Looking at some options for your new shower screen?

In this blog, I’m going to cover one of my top shower installation tips; wall channels, and why I feel they’re a must to keep your shower clean and pristine. Stay tuned.

A shower screen wall channel is the aluminum track that we screw to the wall before your glass goes in.

This holds the glass in place and ensures that the shower screen is going to be rigid.

We normally use polished chrome, CH-15 channel.


It’s 16mm high by 14mm wide and has just enough room for the glass to slip tightly in between its internal dimensions to house the glass securely.

My preference is to use a shower screen wall channel because there is no exposed silicone between the glass divide and the wall.


We silicone the back of the channel before it screws on. And then we silicone the internal side of the channel before the glass gets slid in. That means that it’s easier to clean.

That means that the silicone doesn’t degrade over time, and it means that it lasts a bit longer.

My personal preference is also to use wall channels because if it matches your bathroom hardware, it completes a nice consistency and even finishes along the full length of the glass height. No, it doesn’t cost any more to use a shower screen wall channel over any type of bracket, depending on what type of bracket used, but normally brackets would be more expensive than channels.

The alternative to using wall channels is wall brackets. This is where an L-shaped bracket gets mounted to the wall and then fixed to the glass.


In my opinion, the problem with this solution is the divide between the glass. And the wall has filled with silicone.


Silicone has a life expectancy of approximately 10 years and in a harsh environment like a shower. It known to degrade, discolor, or break down over time.

If you’d like more information, feel free to download our free guide “Latest Tips for Great Frameless Glass”. Alternatively, feel free to reach out via email or phone to our workshop. Thank you.

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Wall to Wall Sliding Shower Screen [Quick Tips]

Are you looking for new shower screen options?

Today, I’m going talk to you about frameless wall to wall sliding shower screens.

I’m gonna cover off all you need to know and what you need to consider when looking at frameless sliding shower screens.

sliding shower screen

A sliding shower screen is completely different from a hinged shower screen. The sliding aspect refers to the door, and as the name suggests, the door slides, rather than pivots to form what is known as a wall-to-wall shower screen sliding door.


Sliding shower screens can come in fully framed, semi frameless, or frameless.

There are two main types of sliding shower screens that we supply.

sliding shower screen

An Opto frameless shower refers to the hardware that’s used when the door runs along a middle track. In Euroglide shower screen, the glass rolls within the cutout within the side panel above the door.

The advantage of a sliding shower screen over other options is that. The door slides back and tucks in behind the return panel.

A sliding shower screen is used when space is tight, normally, in smaller bathrooms where a hinged door doesn’t have the room to clear due to other bathroom fixings or fittings.

If you’d like more information, feel free to download our free guide “Latest Tips for Great Frameless Glass”. Alternatively, feel free to reach out via email or phone to our workshop.

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What You Need to Consider Before Choosing a Frameless Glass Shower

Frameless showers are all the rage right now, but what are they, and what do you need to consider before choosing a frameless glass shower screen for your home?

In this blog, I’ll cover everything you need to know about a frameless glass shower to make your decision easier.

A frameless shower screen is just as the name suggests.


It’s made up of thicker glass in order to support itself as there is no perimeter frame around the glass.

Sometimes, we use wall channels or fixing brackets to hold the glass into position, and these hardware components are completely customizable depending on your hardware finish, your style, or the location of the shower within the bathroom.


If you’re looking to open up your bathroom, another great addition is just a single pane of glass with a walk-in shower.

This makes frameless glass shower enclosures completely non-obtrusive, and it can mold into the surrounding environment.


The fixed pane of glass is a great addition to eliminate any divide between the shower and bathroom.

With minimal fittings and a large piece of glass that incorporates into a walk-in shower, this creates a luxurious and open feeling in your bathroom.

Frameless Glass Shower


Frameless shower screens are incredibly tough.

They built from thicker glass. In addition, They use a 10 mm toughened safety glass, so they’re incredibly rigid and long-lasting.


So, The advantage of a frameless shower screen over a regular semi-frameless or framed is that they look superior.

They built of a higher quality with high-quality brass hardware fittings. And there is a minimized frame around perimeter that can a haven for mold, mildew, or fungi growth.

These showers are fully customizable and work in a number of environments where your standard shower screen just wouldn’t.

So, If you’d like more information feel free to download our free guide “Latest Tips for Great Frameless Glass”. Alternatively, feel free to reach out via email or phone to our workshop. Thank you.

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What Type of Showers Are There? [3 Main Categories]

Looking at renovating your bathroom and unsure what shower to use?

In this blog, I’m going go through each different style and which style shower design is going be suitable for your space, stay tuned.

The different types of shower designs framed, semi-frameless, or frameless.

Firstly, A number of these shower options can also come in a hinged or pivot door as well as sliding.

As its name suggests, a framed shower has a frame around the perimeter and around the door, framed showers usually have thinner glass than the likes of a frameless.


From there we move up to a semi-frameless shower screen, which means that the door or the side lights to the shower usually unframed.

semi frameless shower screen

This uses a similar glass thickness to a framed shower, with a 6mm toughened glass.


These can built in many different configurations to suit your space.

The next option would be a frameless shower screen.


These the cream of the market, they have much thicker glass and can fully customized depending on your style or your space.

When you’re considering a shower type in your bathroom. The main thing to consider would be the location, to begin with.

A number of showers can’t install in specific locations due to vanity or bathroom fixtures that in the wrong place, so we really need to customize a solution that would fit your space.

The second thing to consider would definitely cost, there’s a wide range of pricing options from framed to frameless, so it really is dependent on your budget.

The main type of shower that can customize to suit your space is always a frameless shower.

There are multiple different hardware options, glass options, and finishes. That we can custom design to suit your bathroom and your style.

Price questions something that we get asked on a daily basis here at Economy Glass.

Framed Showers or Frameless

There’s a big difference between a framed or telescopic semi-frameless shower. And something at the higher end of the scale, like a custom-made semi or a frameless shower screen.

Generally speaking, an Optima Telescopic shower screen or a framed shower screen is at the lower end of the market.

These can produce quickly, they have thinner glass, and they come in set hardware finishes. That makes them easy and fast to produce.

A frameless shower screen on the other hand is custom-made to suit your space. There’s a lot more work that’s involved and measuring, cutting, and producing. And making sure that that shower screen is exactly perfect.

Thanks for reading, I hope that helped. If you’re after any more information on frameless glass, feel free to download our free guide “Latest Tips for Great Frameless Glass” or reach out to me by email or phone.

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Creating Extra Room With a Frameless Shower Screen


Open-concept home designs are all the rage right now. City life is on the rise and for some of us in Melbourne space can be limited.


In order to make a space appear larger, Nordic influences with simple designs, hard surfaces, lots of light, and open spaces are very in.


When it comes to bathroom designs, the trends are the same! The addition of a frameless shower screens to a bathroom allows the room to be open, airy, and bright – no matter how large the shower is.


What is a Frameless Shower Screens?



A typical, frameless shower screens is made of thicker glass than a framed shower because the glass needs to support itself, rather than depending on a frame for support.


Frameless showers are generally made with clear glass instead of textured glass. Rather than having metal around the edges of the entire shower (like a frame), the glass is only lined where it’s connected to a wall, floor, or ceiling.


This may be along an entire edge, or only at specific intervals, depending on how the shower screen is installed.


How Can a Frameless Shower Screens Open Up the Bathroom?



There are many different kinds of showers that you can choose to install in your bathroom: a freestanding tub with a curtain, a built-in tub with a curtain or a glass door, a framed shower, a frameless shower… and most of these can be made with a frameless shower screens if that’s what you choose.


Whether you have a freestanding shower or a shower built into the wall. Adding frameless shower screens eliminates the division between shower and bathroom. So it looks almost as if there is no door at all.


A typical frameless shower screen is made of glass, meaning that it doesn’t appear to make a division or to take up space in your bathroom, because everything in and around it is visible through the glass.


It allows light to pass through while containing water, and it makes the bathroom seem bigger from the outside. And the shower seems bigger from the inside.


Frameless Shower Screens and Accessories



Another major trend in today’s bathroom design, specific to the shower, is to make it a spa shower!


You might include a steamer, an adjustable showerhead, and an overhead shower. All of these take up space, but with a frameless shower, no matter how big your shower is. It won’t appear to take up extra room in your bathroom.


How did you design the interior of your shower?


Today in the Western suburbs of Melbourne modern showers are elegant. And meant to be seen, and not just when you’re showering.


A frameless screen is one way to enjoy the beauty of your shower. Both while you’re showering and while you’re not.


Keeping a Frameless Shower Screens Clean


One of the many benefits of a frameless shower screen is how easy it is to keep clean!


Doors that swing both ways are easy to leave open, allowing the shower to dry out quickly so that retained moisture doesn’t lead to mould.


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