How to Keep Your Shower Screen Clean Forever

Glass is eternally beautiful. As a feature in your home, you certainly want to keep it looking that way – but it’s not always easy with heavily used glass products like a shower screen or a frameless glass door.

The reality is, that your shower glass is exposed to all sorts of substances that can lead to build-up and stains. It’s hard to keep up with cleaning your glass when it’s being bombarded by soap scum, shampoos, hard water, and body oils every day. All of these things work to make the interior surface of the glass look dirty. If you try to restore your shower glass by scrubbing with harsh cleaning products, you can make the problem even worse. Eventually, you can end up with discolored glass or staining.

So, to ensure you can enjoy your gorgeous clean glass shower screen day in and day out, we put a special coating on the glass called EnduroShield. This way, you can keep Clean Glass Shower Screen forever.

What Is EnduroShield?

EnduroShield is an industry-leading glass treatment that acts to protect the shower glass from build-up. You can’t see it with the naked eye, but your flawlessly smooth crystal-clear clean glass shower screen is porous. Because of this, it can absorb soap scum, mineral deposits, and other substances that result from normal shower use.

With treated glass, you have a very thin glass coating that acts to repel water, as well as oil-based stains. Once it’s on your glass, you don’t even know it’s there – it’s non-stick and totally transparent. But, you gain the peace of mind that your shower glass will look stunning for years to come.

How We Treat Frameless Glass for an Enduring Clean

Applying EnduroShield properly to frameless shower panels is a process in itself. We apply the treatment to the interior surface of the glass as this is what is vulnerable to soap scum and shower grime. Here’s an in-depth look at what happens during the process, so you know what steps have been taken to make sure your glass stays clean forever.


When we receive glass panels directly from our supplier, the glass has already been washed – it’s for the most part spotless with no visible dirt. But, we still perform pre-cleaning because we need to be sure it’s a flawlessly clean glass shower screen before we put on the protective coating.

To do that, we use a pre-cleaner provided by EnduroShield and a special white scrubbing brush.

  • First, we apply the special cleaner to the glass surface using a generous amount. With glass, it’s important to apply enough cleaning product to pick up any dirt across the entire surface.
  • Then, we use a special cleaning pad and a scrubbing technique that helps to clean the surface, starting from the top and working our way down to the bottom of the glass. Using the EnduroShield pre-cleaner makes this cleaning process easy as it lifts all the dirt without leaving any behind.
  • Finally, we have to remove the pre-cleaner. To do this, we take a high-quality squeegee and wipe away all the dirty products and excess moisture. As with scrubbing the pre-cleaner in the previous step, the trick is to be incredibly thorough, starting at the top and working our way to the bottom with the squeegee.

Drying and Polishing

Next, we work to ensure the glass is fully dry and check that there are no marks left on the glass.

  • We don’t just let the glass air dry because we don’t want water sitting on the glass. So, we take a clean microfibre towel and run around the edges of the glass to pick up any leftover moisture.
  • At this stage, the glass is dry, so it’s easy to see any marks or spots where the cleaning product hasn’t been picked up. If there are any marks, we buff them with a clean rag. By polishing the dry glass, we can ensure the glass is free of any signs of dirt, grime, or residue before applying the treatment.

Coating the Glass

Now that we have a clean, dry surface, it’s time to put on the EnduroShield treatment. To do this, we use a special spray gun provided by EnduroShield. With the spray gun, we can fully coat the glass with a smooth, even layer.

And that’s it – once the treatment is on, we let it sit. Now the frameless glass is ready to be installed in your bathroom.

How to Maintain Treated Frameless Glass Shower Panels

With EnduroShield treated shower glass, keeping your Clean Glass Shower Screen is easy. You won’t need any harsh, toxic cleaning products. You’ll never need to scrub your glass. All it takes is a mild glass cleaner or a simple white vinegar to keep your shower screen glass clean from soap scrum and build-up. Stick with citrus or vinegar-based gentle cleaners to ensure your glass is streak-free as well. Simply spray on the glass surface and let the cleaner sit. Then, you can wipe it away with a clean rag, followed by a clean microfibre cloth.

Does EnduroShield Last Forever?

The EnduroShield coating will protect your glass for years. When we treat your glass, the treatment comes with a 10-year warranty. As opposed to a 3-year warranty for a do-it-yourself application. It’s also possible to have a glass professional apply EnduroShield to glass that’s already been installed. If you need a new coating or if you have installed shower glass that was never treated.

Advantages of Treated Shower Glass

There are plenty of reasons why this glass treatment is used by professional glaziers around the world.

  • Only one application is needed to protect your glass for years.
  • Intensive protection against staining.
  • No need to use revitalizer products to make EnduroShield effective over the years.
  • Reduces the amount of cleaning required.
  • No need to use harsh chemicals or toxic cleaners on your glass shower screen, which is better for the environment.

We choose to protect shower glass with EnduroShield because of the unique advantages it offers. After all, glass is one of the easiest materials to maintain, and its longevity is unparalleled. Simply by taking this protective step, even glass products in heavily used areas of your home can look flawlessly clean – with little effort on your part – for years.