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What does a Glazier do?

When you need help with cutting glass. Glazier In Werribee; Glass cutting; Glass repair; Double glazing; Stained glass repair or anything else. Economy Glass is one of the best choice.

To produce distinctive designs or to reduce the need for artificial lighting, glaziers install glass in windows, skylights, storefronts, and display cases.

A glazier will typically do the following:
  • Check blueprints or specifications for the type, size, color, and thickness of the glass that will be used.
  • Before your Glass replacing, remove any cracked or broken Glass.
  • Shape and size-cut glass to the required size.
  • Make or install sashes or moldings for the installation of glass.
  • Use clips, moldings, or other fasteners to secure glass in sashes or frames.
  • Add weather seal or putty to the edges of the panes to seal the joints.

Home windows, mirrors, shower doors, and bathtub enclosures are the work of Glazier In WERRIBEE. For tabletops and display cabinets, they fit glass. Glaziers install security windows, heavy decorative room dividers that are frequently etched, and other items on commercial interior projects. In glazing projects, storefront windows for supermarkets, banks, car dealerships, etc. may also need to replacement.

Glass is pre-cut and placed into frames for the majority of large-scale construction projects at a factory or a contractor’s shop. Glass that has been finished arrives at the job site prepared for glaziers to position and secure.

Large, heavy pieces of glass are handled by personnel for installation using cranes or hoists with suction cups. Glazier In WERRIBEE may attach steel and aluminium sashes or frames to the building in situations when the glass is not securely fastened inside the frame, and then fix the glass with clips, moldings, or other kinds of fasteners.

Four ways to identify the best glass fabricator or Glazier in your location

It can be tricky to choose the best glass fabricator for your construction project. Let’s simplify the method and identify the best choice for your needs.

1.      Local Market Search

Although physically looking around your area to find glass fabricators might be useful for information. You can have some conversation privately with the employees and increase your exposure. But this process is undoubtedly time-consuming. The most people do not have the time to look into all of their nearby store choices and compare prices. For many homeowners, looking for the best glazier online is preferable.

2.      Use Google Maps or local business directories to find a Glazier near you

Finding glass fabricators in your area may be done very easily by using a business directory or an online map. However, once you have a list of potential companies, you must still get in touch with each one business to get a quote. In this situation, applications like Google Maps are useful. Because they provide ratings and reviews based on actual client experiences, they enable you to compare several glass fabricators companies before making a choice. Finding the best way to the business itself for consultations also made easier with the use of a map application.

3.      Make use for one of the lots of online marketplaces

There are a few easily accessible online marketplaces managed by significant businesses that provide services for glass production. Home improvement businesses Lowe’s and Home Depot offer online platforms for their services. Glaziers can list their products online with Amazon as well. To find specific products, it is rather handy to use a sizable internet marketplace. They don’t always provide the best pricing, though. To deal for the best price, it’s typically better to communicate with glass fabricators and Glazier In WERRIBEE directly.

4.      Glass

Economy Glass; is a Glazier in WERRIBEE or. You can contact with us and negotiate Glazier in WERRIBEE costs. At Economy Glass, it’s easy for homeowners, Real Estate Companies, Home Builders, and Cabinet makers to get the best deals at the lowest price while still receiving high-quality products.


How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Broken Window?

The Cost of a Broken Window

A broken window can leave your home exposed to the elements and exposed to risk of a break in. Replacing or repairing a broken window as soon as possible will help keep the cold of winter at bay and improve the security of your home. This applies whether is it the glass that is broken, or if it’s the frame or seals that requires repair.

In this post, we’ll go over the average cost of fixing a broken window, how to save money and even how to undertake some DIY repairs yourself.

Finally, we’ll answer a few of your frequently asked questions.

The cost to repair a standard window with no special glass requirement ranges between $250-$400.

How Can I Repair or Fix a Broken Window while Saving Money?

You can fix minor scratches on your window’s glass by yourself. You’ll just need some cerium oxide glass polish and a strong felt or leather buffing pad.

Don’t delay. Make an appointment as soon as you notice an issue with your window frame or glass. Delays can cause the repair to turn into an emergency, adding additional costs.

Lastly, check that the problem isn’t the window lock. Replacing that instead of the frame can save you money.

Sometimes, however, you just need a professional glazier. If so, contact Economy Glass.

Do I need to Repair or Replace my Broken Window?

Broken Glass


As we’ve already mentioned, you may take care of minor scratches yourself. However, if the scratch is large, get in touch with an expert because the glass may need to be replaced.


If you feel a draught when the window is closed, it may be because the seal has rotted. It will need to be replaced.

Blown Windows

If your window frame has a gap between the glass panes, moisture will get in between the panes and cause misting.

Broken Glass

You will need to replace your window if the glass is broken rather than scratched.

Broken Window Bars

If the window bars between each pane are broken, you will need to replace your window.

Window bars keep the glass panes in place. If they are broken, the glass can crack and fall out.

Window Seals or Gasket Failure

If your gasket or seals have failed, there may be an issue with the frame, or the seals may have worn out. Condensation and mould can also weaken the seals.

Rotten Timber Frames

If the timber frame is rotten or the uPVC is discolouring, water will enter via the rotting or warped frame from the outside, and damp issues may result. Additionally, security is compromised because the frame may be easily broken into.

What’s Involved in Repairing or Replace Broken Window?

Generally, window repairs involve:

  • Glass
  • Site Survey
  • Labour
How to fit a new pane of glass. given that you have a measured, new piece of glass to fit.
  • You must first take out any broken glass from the window frame.
  • Put on safety gloves, and beginning at the top, gently knock out any remaining glass with a hammer.
  • With a chisel, remove all the old putty, brushing away any dust and dirt.
  • Add new putty into the window rebate. Use your thumb and firmly press it in.
  • The putty should be around three millimetres in thickness.
  • Place the new pane of glass at the bottom of the frame now. Push the glass into the putty after working around the edges.
  • Place glazing panel pins flat against the surface of the windowpane at intervals of around 200mm to secure the glass.
  • Add more putty, pushing it along the edge of the window rebate. With the use of a putty knife, carefully apply the putty to the desired location.
  • To create a flat surface, wet the putty knife and smooth over the putty. Make sure to also smooth the putty in the angles of the frame.
  • Leave to cure for about two weeks. You can paint the window frame after this time.
How Can I Locate and Hire a Glazing Company in Western Suburbs?

Start by asking family, friends, and work colleagues. A good referral is invaluable.

Conduct an internet search and choose a glass company near you. 

You can also contact Economy Glass for quality glass products, glass repair & replacement services in Melbourne.  Economy Glass is an expert glass company with years of experience in glass installation and repairs, serving WERRIBEE and Melbourne’s Western Suburbs.

What Is the Cost of a Security Screen Doors in Melbourne?

What Is the Cost of a Security Screen Doors in Melbourne? Security screen doors are the ultimate way to protect your home and family. Offering a safe way to answer your front door as well as a protective barrier to prevent burglars from being able to break into your house. Unfortunately, according to statistics, a home in Australia is broken into once every three minutes, and most of the time the burglar enters the target house in less than five minutes.

Economy Glass Security screen doors offer an extensive range of doors that can be customized to your specifications and professionally installed. Always choose a security door that complies with Australian Standards to guarantee that it has undergone thorough testing and can withstand an attempted break-in. Prices for security doors range from $400–450 for the classic diamond grille design to $900–$1000 for the premium Screen Guard. And Perf Guard security doors or $900–$1500 for a cast aluminum grille door in the heritage style.

What Is the Price of Installing a Security Screen Door?

Economy Glass Security screen doors are passionate about customer satisfaction, so our quotes include the cost of professional installation. Economy Glass Security Doors Melbourne offers a free measure-and-quote service in order to ensure a professional customized fit, as well as giving clients the opportunity to choose which security door is right for their home. Your doorway will be measured by a qualified installer to guarantee an exact fit within the door frame. It’s important to have your security door professionally installed because a poorly installed door may not have been able to safeguard your property as it was intended to.

A greater level of protection and functionality is offered by custom security screen doors. The craftsmanship involved in the manufacture and professional installation of custom security doors that much better than the prefabricated door that has been purchased and bought off the rack.

Do you know the Difference Between a Screen Door and a Security Door?
What are the differences between flywire screen doors and security screen doors?

They might look similar, but there are some very significant differences in the protection that they can offer your household. Flyscreen doors are an easy and affordable way to protect your home from insects while allowing fresh air to ventilate. But they cannot protect your home from intruders. Economy Glass Security Doors offers a variety of mesh options including fiberglass as well as more durable pet mesh options. For complete safety, a high-quality security door is made to provide your home with a more advanced barrier against burglars. With Australian standard regulations, the Security door should be compliant, and make sure it has passed a rigorous set of tests, to check how the door continues to perform against a simulated break-in attempt. Even if the intruder attempts a forceful entry through a security door while using tools, the door should be able to survive the attack.

How Much do Window Security Screens Cost?

Window security screens may vary in cost based on factors like material, design, quality, and whether you’re thinking installation costs. Economy Glass Security screen doors offer a range of different options for window security screens. That has been manufactured in compliance with Australian Standards guidelines.

Security screen mesh is designed to withstand much more pressure than conventional flywire, which is made simply intended to keep insects out of your home. All Economy Glass Security Doors Screens’ security mesh is of a much superior quality than flywire and is usually constructed from premium stainless steel or aluminum.

 How to Buy Security Screen Doors?

When buying a security screen door, quality and strength should come first. How successfully can you and your household be protected by the security screen? If a door hasn’t been tested to Australian Standards, don’t buy it. And always hire a professional installer to install it. Because a poorly installed door could leave your house vulnerable to criminals. Economy Glass Security screens doors offer a comprehensive service including a free measure-and-quote to ensure your chosen door can be custom-made to fit your home, as well as professional installation of the completed door.

Shopping for a security door can be bamboozling. Economy Glass Security screens doors is a trusted Australian business that takes pride in customer satisfaction. Which security screens will work best for your home will recommended to you by our helpful professionals. When deciding which security door is best for your home, you have a variety of options. The first step is to think about the factors that could affect your decision regarding the security door to use. Think about your lifestyle, the location you live in, and the architecture and design of your home.

  • Do you have older kids who are staying at home alone and need a door they can safely confirm?
  • Do you need a door that can withstand powerful paws and claws because you have pets?
  • Do you live in a place that suffers a lot of break-ins?

Whatever your circumstances, Economy Glass Security Doors will have a security screen door to suit your needs!

Where to Buy Security Screen Doors?
Are you looking for a stylish, durable, and strong security screen door for your home or business?

Economy Glass Security Doors can assist you with a range of security screen door options manufactured in Australia from premium grade steel and aluminum and available in a vast choice of designs. A great way to guarantee that your home is safe and secure is with security screen doors. Economy Glass Security Doors’ products are as stylish as they are practical. Providing your property with visually appealing doors that will protect your household or business and last the test of time.

5 Outstanding Glass Splashback Ideas for Your Bathroom Renovation

Are you looking for a bathroom renovation? Then start with bathroom splashbacks. Besides its functional purpose of protecting your bathroom walls from water splashes, a splashback will completely transform your bathroom aesthetics and ambiance.

For Your Bathroom Renovation, Here Are 5 Amazing Glass Splashback Ideas

Available in a variety of materials including tiles, acrylic, glass, stone, stainless steel, laminate, and more. You should carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of each option before choosing.

In this article, we’ll be focusing on glass splashbacks as they offer greater value for money in terms of customizability, elegance, long-term durability, hygiene, and ease of maintenance.

Can a Splashback Be Used in a Bathroom?

Definitely! Shower enclosures, bath surrounds, and the space behind the sink in the bathroom are all examples of where you can use a bathroom glass splashback.

Besides the instant luxury glass automatically adds to your bathroom, glass splashbacks also offer greater hygiene and easy-cleaning maintenance due to the grout-free surface, which efficiently stops the accumulation of mildew, mould, and soap scum, making cleaning a snap. Glass splashbacks ensure the longevity of its luxury finish, in addition to being hard-wearing and moisture-resistant.

Thanks to modern digital printing technologies, glass splashbacks are now easily personalized to cater to individual colour and design preferences. Whatever colour, design, or custom image you wish your bathroom glass splashback to feature, all you need to do is make a choice.

Do Baths Need a Splashback? Installing a glass feature wall around your bath similarly protects your bathroom interiors from the rigours of your bath time while generating an ambiance that is conducive to your personal relaxation and me time. A glass splashback shields your shower walls from moisture, water, and heat damage.

It’s incredible what a pop of color or calming images of the ocean will do for your state of mind and emotional well-being. Imagine relaxing in a warm, comforting bath as your body, mind, and tired muscles are consumed by another time and place.

Is a Glass Splashback Cheaper Than Tiles? It’s all relative. In terms of pure monetary cost, tiles are definitely less expensive than glass. But if you weigh the pros – longevity, luxury finish, easy-cleaning maintenance, hygiene, and higher tolerance to heat, water, and moisture – then glass splashbacks will provide you with much better long-term value for your money.

Glass splashbacks cost more than tiles do for a variety of reasons:

Toughened glass is used in glass splashbacks for increased durability and greater heat and moisture tolerance.

Glass splashbacks are fitted as a single glass panel, which makes cleaning them much easier than tile splashbacks, which tend to collect soap scum, mould, and mildew in the grouting.

The fact that tiles are fitted in smaller portions than glass splashbacks, requires specialized knowledge. And equipment for a safe and effective installation, also makes them easier to manage.

Bathroom glass splashbacks are waterproof and will maintain a luxurious look for many years.

While glass splashbacks might cost more to install, their clear advantages offer a greater return on investment in the long term compared to tiles. Modern bathroom glass splashbacks are also available in unlimited color and design options, besides being completely customizable. Simply ad it’s a more cost-efficient solution.

5 Outstanding Bathroom Glass Splashback Ideas In need of inspiration for your bathroom Renovation?

This bathroom glass splashback ideas to give your bathroom a full new look and feel:

  1. Mirror-Finish Glass Splashbacks:

Mirrored glass splashbacks serve two purposes; in addition to serving as a regular mirror, they also offer the splashback’s protective qualities because they cover a larger area than a usual mirror. The reflective properties of a mirror-finish glass splashback also make the bathroom appear much brighter and more spacious due to the optical illusion.


  1. Coloured Glass Splashbacks:

By far the most popular option for glass splashbacks, colored glass splashbacks are available in endless color choices. From the standard black and grey splashbacks to white, rose-gold, and pinks for soft aesthetics, blue and metallic colors for those looking for something different, too unique custom colors, Glass splashbacks can be painted to any shade of your requirement. To jazz things up, even more, you can also opt for a combination of colored. And mirrored glass splashbacks either on the same wall or in different sections of your bathroom for variety and contrast.

Glass Splashback


  1. Custom-Designed Glass Splashbacks

A custom Glass Splashback design may be the solution for you if you’re looking for something unique. Be it a unique 2-color paint feature piece with text, ribbons, or accent lines or a fully customized printed image or pattern. With a unique signature bathroom, Glass Splashback made to your distinct tastes and needs, you can express your uniqueness.

Glass Splashback


  1. Bathroom Wall Art

Another best reason to choose a bathroom Glass Splashback is that it also serves as durable, water-resistant wall decor that will instantly brighten your bathroom walls.

Glass Splashback

  1. Easy To Clean

Bathroom splashback materials are normally very simple to wash down, clean, and maintain in general. As point 3 mentions, splashbacks are effective at preventing water stains on your bathroom walls meaning that overall they are a good choice for those who want an easier bathroom to keep clean.

Glass Splashback

A particularly useful decorative feature to have in your bathroom where the humidity. And moisture would usually prohibit paintings and posters. Now you can enjoy your favorite print or piece of graphic art while taking a bath. And getting ready for the day to begin.

Any high-resolution images and photos can be digitally printed into Glass Splashbacks using the most recent UV glass printing technology.

Don’t hesitate to Contact Us:

If you’re looking for splashbacks for bathroom renovation, kitchen, or other renovation purposes then contact us.

Economy Glass offers a range of products for all your glass needs.

We Create Custom Cut Windows, Mirrors, Splashbacks, and Tabletops. So, Our Frameless Glass Is Ideal For A Unique Set of Applications, Including Balustrades, Shower Doors, And Pool Fencing.

We deliver everywhere in the western suburbs of Melbourne and provide custom glass for residential. And commercial customers of Hopper’s Cross, Point Cook or Werribee, and the surrounding suburbs.

Whether you’re a resident, school, builder, interior designer, or architect, we have the solutions you’re looking for.


Why Spring Is The Best Time To Have Glass Windows Replaced

After the days and weeks of shoveling snow that has now melted, the smell of the morning dew starts to become stronger, signaling a new season that is upon us. Spring then greets you with a warm embrace that is enough to have caused the snow to melt in your front yard.

The smell of spring is very distinct in that it becomes welcoming once you have noticed the temperature rise a bit and the snow melting, and it does raise a lot of ideas of things to do.

It can be going back to outdoor sports or going on another trip, continuing with the side project that you have probably been planning, or completing some long overdue home renovations. One of these home projects could be replacing or having your windows repaired.

Repairing Vs. Window glass replacement

You may have probably considered having your windows repaired before coming to the conclusion of replacing your windows entirely. Still, we should always keep in mind that some repairs may only lead to short-term solutions.

Some factors that considered in a repair before replacing your windows could be small cracks, and slow-moving. Or stuck window sashes, or minor shoddy window exterior casing.

Then their instances that should considered: Water leakage, condensation, broken faux muntins or mullions, or significant structural damage. Short-term repairs can costlier in the long run than replacing your windows entirely. Weigh the pros and cons. Make your decision to opt for repair or window glass replacement services in Melbourne.

Why Spring?

Now, replacing your windows during springtime is a good idea, especially if it is past its due by seeing some telltale signs. These are such as decaying frames, condensation in the window panels, and higher energy bills. Or as simple as getting drafts in your home.

Having these nuances can cost you more over time. It’s better to have this addressed during the best time of the year, which is spring. Aside from the delightful weather that it brings, assessment for damages is better as compared to extremely cold or hot conditions.

In colder climates, your windows are more prone to condensation and cracking. In the summertime, frames tend to crack which can also lead to drafts. It has also proven that should you get your windows replaced by spring. You will save on energy costs a lot more throughout the year.

Your window glass replacement during spring would mean that the temperature maintained by the heater. Or air conditioning units of your house keep at optimum when the windows closed, hence a lesser impact on your energy bills.

During window glass replacement services in Melbourne in spring, you can opt to close doors to prevent the cool air inside the air from getting out. Depending on your location, summertime may bring unwanted thunderstorms, which could delay window replacement.

Installation Concerns

Spring installation is easier for contractors. They not delayed by snow or exposed to heat exhaustion. It also proven that installation during spring or summer is beneficial as caulk and paint adhere quicker.

Most home renovation companies give discounts or promotions during the spring as the season presents the best time for installation. The prices of a window installation significantly vary depending on the seasons.

The cost of window glass replacement services in Melbourne during spring compared to be comparatively cheaper than in other seasons, especially winter.

Wintertime would be more challenging as the temperature is not ambient for window glass replacement. Logistics for contractors would be more difficult.

Also, Installation prices can change depending on the season and other factors such as availability, competition, and materials.


Areas Of Your Home That Could Benefit From Having A Mirror Installed

Trying to decorate your home in a top-tier fashion is a task that is easier said than done. Depending on your own personal preferences, you will make decisions that may contrast with the advice given by leading interior designers – though there is nothing wrong with this, there are certain aspects that you will need to be careful of.

Case-and-point, it can be rather hard to determine where you should place your custom mirror glass in Melbourne. Economy Glass offer some much-needed insight on the options that are available to you, are the experts.


Unfortunately, the hallway that your home possesses may not blessed with an abundance of space. This means that you must work hard to maximize what you have to work with – this is where a custom mirror glass can truly come into its own.

The natural light that filters into this part of your home will subsequently reflect off of your newly-installed mirror glass. The knock-on effect of this is that you are left with a hallway that feels significantly larger than its realistic specifications.


If you were to take a moment to consider the traditional locations within which you would find custom mirror glass in Melbourne the first answer to come to mind would be the bathroom.

When you get ready in the morning, you will understandably want to check that your appearance unblemished, and perfect for you to tackle the day head-on.

Whilst you could simply choose to have the mirror glass in the bedroom, we believe that you can get more out of your investment if you were to erect your tinted mirror above the bathroom sink.


Although this is a somewhat less-conventional way in which to deploy a mirror, we argue that you need to give it a try. Were you to place an ornate acrylic mirror underneath a set of candles? For example, you will be able to completely transform the visuals of the room where this is located.

Creating a mirrored effect is something that all well-respected interior designers try to do, and now you can try your hand at it. We recommend purchasing a made-to-measure mirror glass, as this can easily ensure that it will fit on the table that you currently possess.

Living Room

When you are trying to formulate a plan in regards to how you are going to decorate your living room. The chances are that you will want this to be the focal point of your home. This means that you need it to make a statement, and be visually stunning; for this to become a reality, you need to take advantage of high-quality custom mirror glass in Melbourne.

Provided that you enlist the help of a premium glass company, you should have no trouble in creating an aesthetically pleasing wall that captures the attention of your guests, and routinely puts a smile on your face.

Have you been searching high and low for a company that creates custom-size wall mirror glass, but have yet to find one that can live up to your high expectations? Do you need to purchase a mirror cut to size, so that it can easily accommodated by your home?

If you find yourself in either of these situations, you could do a lot worse than solicit the services of experienced professionals.


How To Choose The Best Glass Company For Your Needs?

To find reputable Glass suppliers near me or the best glass company, you’ll want to do your homework and take your time. The company you choose should have a strong reputation, so that you can be sure the work will last once it has been completed.

When choosing a glass company in Melbourne or search the best glass suppliers near me for your glass work, you need to consider several factors. Ensure that the company you choose meets all your requirements by taking note of these.

Check The Licensing Of The Glass Company

A license may be required for those performing glass work in some areas. It is a good idea to check with your city for the licensing requirements since they vary throughout the country.

In some areas, they can even vary from city to city. Talk to the contractors you are interested in working with once you know what these requirements are.

To ensure they have the license that is legally required, you can request proof of their licensing.

Explore The Training And Background Requirements For Employees

Make sure the company evaluates its employees properly. If you need glass work done in your home or business, you want them to be trustworthy.

It is important that they have the proper training to complete the glasswork that you need so that you are confident it will be done correctly.

Make Sure They Have Experience Doing The Type Of Glass Work You Need

Commercial glass, auto glass, and shower glass are the most common types of glasswork.

It is important that you search the glass suppliers near me or glass company in Melbourne for hire for this type of work has experience doing the type of glass work you require.

You may not have the same experience with another service!

Check Their Availability

Running a business can be extremely time-consuming. There are many tasks that demand your attention on a daily basis, and the last thing you need is a glass company that won’t accommodate your timeline. Choose a company that runs flexible hours and can minimize disruptions to your daily operations.

Read Lots Of Reviews, Both Positive And Negative

A company’s reputation is easily discovered on the Internet. You should read at least 10 to 20 reviews for each company you are considering. By doing this, you will get a complete picture of their reputation.

Researching glass companies before hiring one to work on your project can seem like a lot of work. But, once you have long-lasting, durable, and functional glass work to admire for years to come. You’ll see that it was well worth the time and effort. You get what you put into it!

Excellent Interpersonal Skills

Even though glass replacement is a business transaction, you should still look for a company with friendly, personable service.

Especially since the technicians will be spending time in your home or business while they are working.

Choose someone you can feel comfortable interacting with, asking questions, and discussing the project as it develops.

When hiring a glass company in Melbourne, be sure to speak with them, either over the phone or (ideally) in person, to get a sense of their personality. It is important to know what glass company is the best near you and for that browser can be of great help. Just type “best glass company near me” or “glass suppliers near me” to find a healthy way of maintaining your home & office.

The Best Glass Splashback Colours For A White Kitchen


When it comes to kitchen colour, white is king.


It started back in the 1920s and 30s, when appliance companies didn’t offer any colours besides white.


Since then, kitchen trends have come and gone, yet a strong presence of white has always ranked at the top of Melbourne’s kitchen designers preferences.


There are many reasons for the white colour palette choice:

  • It provides the optical illusions of space and light, making it ideal for small spaces.
  • It is associated with the concepts of cleanliness, freshness and health.
  • It offers a clean palette, which enables designers to highlight other aspects of the space, such as the floors, light fixtures, benchtops or appliances.


Despite all these benefits, choosing a white colour palette for your kitchen also includes some stiff challenges.


Perhaps the biggest challenge is this: How do you make a white kitchen stand out in a stylish, timeless way that will appeal to buyers?


More and more, designers are answering this challenge by adding glass splashbacks to the kitchen design.


Pairing a white colour palette with a painted glass splashback accentuates all the benefits of a white kitchen, while adding a stand-out complement of colour and depth.


When you add in the durability and easy-cleaning of today’s painted glass splashbacks, the combination is hard to beat.


Even so, there are many choices to consider. Quality glass splashbacks can accommodate any colour choice. The question then becomes: what colour should you pick?


In this article, we’ll describe some of the best white kitchen glass splashback ideas to answer this question and inspire your next kitchen project.


1. Pairing with Stainless-Steel Appliances


In a recent Houzz Kitchen Trends survey of kitchen designers, a strong majority of respondents said:

  • The standard silver finish is the top colour choice for appliances.
  • They preferred white cabinets by a wide margin compared to the next closest colour.


Metallic glass splashback colours accent both trends very well; they match both the appliances and the white cabinets.


If you’re looking for a way to add warmth and a splash of colour, vibrant yellows and reds are popular choices.


This pop of colour accents both the cabinets and the stainless-steel appliances while adding a needed point of interest to an otherwise bland palette.


2. Pairing with Benchtops


When making kitchen design choices, the benchtop is one of the best places to start.


This kitchen component takes up a good portion of the budget. It’s also a key feature buyers look for when they tour homes.


For a long time, natural stone has been the most popular benchtop material choice.


Even in a kitchen with white cabinets and neutral floors, a natural stone benchtop made of marble or granite provides a visual anchor for the space.


A glass splashback painted with a neutral colour complements the natural stone benchtop look.


This also makes sense when considered with another 2017 Houzz kitchen trend: grey and beige were the two most-cited wall colours.


3. Pairing with Kitchen Floors


Bold, bright colours in the kitchen glass splashback can create a stunning visual contrast to stained wood floors.


A lighter green or grey contrasts well with darker stains.


Or, if you have a truly white kitchen with white tile flooring, a bold colour in the splashback creates an appealing focal point behind the cooktop.


4. Matching Unique Fixtures


White kitchens with glass splashbacks have the benefit of versatility.


With the right colour glass, this setup can strategically highlight desired features.


For instance, you can highlight coloured lighting fixtures with a matching splashback colour.


5. Making A White Kitchen Pop With A Printed Glass Splashback


Sometimes, paint doesn’t provide the level of customisation or personalisation a designer is looking for.


This often happens when the homeowner is designing the kitchen, they want a particular imprint on the space beyond colour.


A feature splashback solves this dilemma, and it’s a trend that’s gaining steam across Australia.


Whether you’re a fan of beach scenes, gardening or show-stopping patterns, a printed glass splashback enables you to decorate your white kitchen to reflect your unique style and personality.


6. When to Avoid a Painted Glass Splashback in a White Kitchen


According to Houzz, designers rank white as the 3rd most-desired wall paint colour behind grey and beige. If you are committed to white kitchen walls, we don’t encourage a glass splashback installation.


The tinting coming through the glass will make bright white splashbacks look pale blue against a white wall or white cabinetry.


Summary: Painted Glass Splashbacks Make White Kitchens Stand Out


Thanks to their reflective qualities and clean looks, painted glass splashbacks add a layer of depth and nuance to a selected paint colour.


At the same time, modern glazing techniques and the use of high-quality glass ensure that the selected colour palette won’t suffer degradation or look differently than intended.


With designers continuing to choose a white colour palette for most luxury kitchens, the benefits of a glass splashback are magnified.

  • They continue the theme of cleanliness and health.
  • They allow for a strong focal point or a calm accent colour.
  • They will compliment stainless-steel appliances.
  • They can pair with other special features such as floors, light fixtures or benchtops.


How Economy Glass Can Help


Thanks to our staff of experts, we use the cutting edge of laser measuring technology to design your splashback project down to the closest millimetre.


Our fabricators use only the highest quality glass with low iron content, so you can be sure your paint choice will look exactly as you envision.


And thanks to our large warehouse with all necessary processing equipment onsite, we can ensure top-quality delivery with some of the shortest turnaround times in the industry.


glass splashbacks

Why Custom Glass Table Tops Are So Popular Today

Read Our Custom Glass Table Tops Benefits


Why are more and more design and building experts recommending custom glass table tops to their clients today?


Glass isn’t just aesthetically pleasing. It’s also one of the most functional materials to use in modern living and office spaces.


Always elegant, no matter what style of the room, the timeless quality of the glass makes it an ideal glass table tops material. With almost effortless maintenance, design versatility and the peace of mind that it will look brand new for years beyond when other materials age, no wonder glass is increasingly being used for the surfaces we eat, cook and stack our favourite books and home decorations on – and just to relish the visual appeal.


With custom glass, cut and finished to your exact size needs and preferences, your tabletops, countertops and more can take on a whole new level of sophistication – and practicality. So, Take a look at all the benefits of custom glass table tops surfaces.


Glass Is Easy to Maintain



One of the strongest arguments for glass, in a variety of applications for luxury homes and commercial spaces, is easy maintenance. Where wood, cork, stone and that sleek white PVC mid-century table base will stain, and metals will attract dust and require regular waxing to retain their sheen, glass is resistant and impervious to almost everything. 


The overwhelming majority of table top choices are vulnerable to slow deterioration from the elements, general wear and tear and common marks and stains, like cup rings, dents and scratches.


Glass isn’t. It won’t stain or deteriorate.


With high-quality custom glass table tops, you’d have to take a hammer to it to get it to crack. And, the best feature of all?


It’s one of the easiest materials to keep flawlessly clean. A cloth and a basic glass cleaner are all you need. Spray and wipe for that gorgeous, crystalline finish.


No waxing needed. No refinishing to refresh the look of your glass surface. And No harsh chemicals to try and remove stains that have sunk into a porous surface.


Glass Table Tops Offer Longevity


Your beautiful glass table can last for years, and then some. If you’ve ever walked through a museum featuring glass relics from the Roman era, you’ll notice, despite being a millennium-and-a-half old, a lot of the glass plates, perfume bottles, drinking cups, vases and other pieces are left completely intact. That’s because glass is one of the most difficult materials to corrode.


You can have a custom glass table made for your home or office, and then pass it down to the next generation, looking as if it were made yesterday. This longevity adds value to your table. It also gives you the confidence that your custom-made glass furniture is worth every penny.


Glass Will Protect Your Other More Vulnerable Materials


A surprising benefit you may not realise until you have your glass table top sitting in your home for a few months – the material beneath your glass somewhat protected. The glass will shield the wood, stone, plastic or other material from spills, stains and even some dust accumulation, helping your expensive oak furniture, copper, iron or whatever else your table manufacturer from, remain in better condition than it would be without the protection of glass.


With a clear surface, a glass top will also allow your table base material to stand out. If you have ornately crafted, colourful or other eye-catching bases, glass is the perfect compliment to direct the eye where you want it to go.


Your Glass Table Is Sustainable


A unique advantage of glass furniture and architectural pieces, in general, is that glass is one of the most eco-friendly materials you can use. Your tabletop didn’t use up natural resources like wood or stone, nor is it a petroleum-based product, like most synthetic tables and counters are. It made from silica, in sand form, which is melted to a liquid, shaped and cooled.


Glass does take energy to manufacture as it has to heat to a very high temperature.


However, once it’s made it can repurpose into new applications over and over again. Not that your stunning custom table top won’t still be intact beyond your lifetime. But, with glass being one of the most flexible materials to reuse, it is one of the most sustainable options we have for building and interior design.


Glass Surfaces Open Up Small Spaces



For small breakfast nooks or cosy dens, a glass table top will help to open up your space. Because glass is translucent, allowing light to pass through, it serves as a functional piece without taking up ‘visual space.’ Pair with plenty of light and fresh, natural colours. And your glass table will turn a tiny room into an airy, welcoming environment.


Glass Table Tops Offer Aesthetic Freedom



Because of the clarity, purity, and the ‘virgin’ quality of glass, it looks appealing with any design style. This gives you the freedom to change the colour and overall ambience of your space. No matter what you do in the area around it, the glass will always look perfect.


Glass isn’t stylistically confined like other furniture materials are. Modern, Victorian, industrial or Mediterranean – your glass table will always suit its environment.


With custom table tops, you can also enjoy unique, endlessly-versatile features that perfectly fit within and enhance your home. An experienced glass company will come to your home to take precise measurements. They’ll work with you if you have a particular shape or size in mind. You can also customise the edges, with a polished edge for a clean look. Or a more intricate beveled finish if you want your glass table to have more personality.


Whether you’re looking for a glass top for your kitchen island, your dining room table, an elegant coffee table or an end table, custom glass table tops can help you achieve the character and aesthetic you want, whilst also providing you with a high-value, hard-wearing piece of furniture.


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