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Home Glass Replacement Services: Answers to Common Questions

In this article, I answer the most common questions relating to glass replacement services in your home.

What is the Most Feasible Lead Time?

The most common questions about glass replacement services in your home are usually based around lead times. When people break windows, they think it is of the utmost importance, and it is really urgent that they need to get that window replaced as soon as possible.

Now, as with a lot of glass products, we have stock glass in our factory, and we can cut fresh glass on the side of the truck and then replace the damaged one almost immediately.

But, when it comes to toughened safety glass or those odd items that we do not stock, we would need to order it. Sometimes, we have lead times of seven to ten days.

It is always quicker, so long as it is possible, that you can bring that frame into our workshop. If it is standard glass, we can repair the panel straight away.

What Kind of Information is Needed to Ensure Smooth Service?

One more important thing to take note of is that a lot of people come to us, requesting our services, without having the correct information, to begin with. This limited information makes it very difficult to quote your job. If you are reaching out to a glass replacement service, please ensure you include some helpful photos and some accurate measurements of the window or door that you need to be repaired. This helps us to have more of an idea of the work, and quote you quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money.

How Important is Clear Communication Between You and Your Glazier?

Over the years, we have done a fair amount of research on what a homeowner expects when a glazier comes into their home. First and foremost, they want you to be on time. They need to arrive when they say they will, and also keep you informed. Clear communication is of absolute importance here.

What Should You Expect Your Glazier to Be Like?

The glazier should be well dressed; they must be clean and tidy, and also provide homeowners with great and impressive knowledge and advice so that the homeowners can ensure that they have got the best product that should be installed in their windows, to ensure maximum security and safety.

In a Nutshell

The process for organising a glass and glazing replacement in your home is very easy with Economy Glass if you have the right information at hand. You have multiple options; you can pick up the phone and call us, reach us via email, or on one of our web forums; or you can even jump on our website and chat to somebody directly using our web chat feature.

Please, make sure that before you contact us, you have clear photos of the window or door that needs to be repaired. Also, ensure to have very accurate measurements before reaching out to us. This is an important thing to do as it allows us give you as accurate a quote as possible, avoiding any discrepancies during the progression of the job.

For more information, you can download our free guide or get in touch with us.

All You Need To Know About Glass Replacement for Schools

Glass replacement services for schools is very important for our business. In this blog, I am going to discuss everything you and your school need to know about glass replacements in the Western Suburbs.


First and foremost, one of the major things that your school needs to consider when working with a local glass and glazing expert is timing. It is of the utmost urgency to get the glass replaced as soon as possible after a school window breaks.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Secondly, you will need to think about compliance and make sure that the business you choose to work with has all the appropriate documentation and insurances to undertake work on your school premises.

Ensure Adequate Knowledgeability

The third thing to look out for in your local glass service expert is knowledge. The glass company needs to be able to provide you with enough knowledge that can help you minimise glass breakages in the future.

Strict Adherence to Laid Down Policies and Acts

Any contractor or glass and glazing company that works at your school needs to adhere to the appropriate policies and acts. The first policy is health and safety. Staying safe and healthy should be front and centre on the list of priorities.

This entails that you should have a professional company that is fully aware of the risks involved with the work that they are taking on and completing. Also, the glazing company staff should all have Working with Children and all other relevant police checks. This is very important because these guys will be working in your school with your children and students. Do not for any reason underestimate that.

Then there’s the matter of insurance. Ensure that all of their work is fully insured and that they are completely compliant. You’ll also need to ensure that your glass services expert adheres to the relevant glass and glazing standards or building standards associated with the work that they are going to undertake.

All in All

At Economy Glass, we believe that we are the leader in glass replacement services for schools in the Western Suburbs, and here are a few reasons why.

Firstly, we work swiftly to repair your broken windows as soon as is possible. We also prioritise school jobs over everything else in our company.

Secondly, we make sure that we adhere to all the standards and the compliance checks that we need to undertake work at your schools. Things like insurance, and others like working with children and police checks. Any policy at all that you need, our guys have it.

And the third reason is our knowledge. We ensure that we provide our clientele with the right advice at the right time.

Thank you for reading. I hope this has helped. For more information, please feel free to download our free guide or reach out to us.

Advantages of Installing a Mirror Glass Splashback

Have you ever really given thought to having a mirror glass splashback installed in your home? In this article, we are going to give you all the basic knowledge you need to have before installing your next mirror glass splashback in your home. Keep reading for more information.


The Uniqueness of Mirror Glass Splashbacks

Mirror glass splashbacks are taking the design world by storm right now because they are so compatible with almost every internal finishing and fixture.

Mirror glass splashbacks are so versatile in that they blend in perfectly with the design of contemporary or traditional homes. They work well with a blend of different colours, different styles, and furnishings.


Some Advantages of Installing Mirror Glass Splashbacks

Here are some of the advantages of installing a mirror glass splashback:

    • Mirror glass splashbacks are a preferred choice for people who want plenty of natural lighting
    • They are perfect for magnifying views
    • They blend with different styles and internal finishes to really make the design work.
  • They go well with kitchen stainless steel appliances and blend in to create a very lovely final effect.

If you need an experienced hand with a complex glass project, feel free to reach out to our customer-friendly team. We are always here to serve you.

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What You Need to Know About Printed Glass Splashbacks

Splashbacks are useful for protecting the walls in the different parts of an apartment from stains of all kinds, particularly the kitchen, laundry, and bathroom areas. Glass splashbacks are preferred for their toughened nature which allows for easy cleaning. They come in different designs, styles, and prints.


Have the possibilities of using a printed glass splashback in your home ever been something you’ve contemplated? You probably aren’t aware of the ways you can fully take advantage of a printed glass splashback, and I am going to shed some light on how you can use this to suit your personal taste and showcase your style. Keep reading.




Points to Consider Before Choosing an Image for a Printed Glass Splashback


The niggling question on most people’s minds is ‘what kind of image can I use for printed glass splashbacks?’ We are here to answer that question and put your mind at ease by assuring you, you can use almost any image, so long as it is of high resolution and in a digital format.  Some pointers to consider when choosing an image for your next printed glass splashback are;

  • Make sure you select high quality, high-resolution image
  • Consider how the image will lay out on your glass splashback after it might have been cropped.
  • If you are going for a wide and long splashback, you would not want a skinny, long image.


The possibilities and designs for a printed splashback are endless and are not limited to one photograph or image. People are branching out and replicating different substrate finishes such as stone, timber, and even marble. Others still are trying out geometric tile patent designs, which allows for easier cleaning and little chances of discoloured grout.




Where to Find an Image for Your Printed Glass Splashback


You will find some of the best images for your printed glass splashback online. Websites like Shutterstock and Getty Images offer customers a wide range of different prints and images that you can simply purchase and then download to use on your next project.




For those curious about what printed splashback costs, we can tell you that $1000 per square meter should have you covered.


So, do you need an experienced guy for a complex glass project? You can contact our ever-ready team to assist you; we are always at your service.


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The Versatility of Glass Splashbacks


Do you know how multifaceted glass splashbacks are in the home? Not only do they serve aesthetic purposes, but they are also awesome for guarding your home’s interior against stains of all kinds.




Most Economy Glass customers think splashbacks are meant for kitchen areas alone. If you’re one of them, you might need to have a rethink because splashbacks, particularly the glass types can be installed in the bathroom as shower liners, in laundry areas, and in bar areas. What’s more? It can equally serve as a durable and sophisticated material for decorating entrance ways.




They blend in with different styles of office furniture, can be used instead of the traditional whiteboards, and utilized while creating blueprints for lift wells. Glass splashbacks are your go-to option if you desire tough yet easy to clean surfaces.


Need an experienced eye for that glass project that you want to be done? Our team of friendly glaziers are keen on helping with its skilful execution. Reach out to us now.


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How to Use Mirrored Walls in Your Home

Mirrored walls are all the rave right now, have you considered installing one in your home?


In this guide I’m going to explain all you need to know regarding mirrored walls and how you can use them to great effect in your home.




Mirrors can essentially be supplied and installed in any location in your home. You’ve got the most popular places like your bathroom, your en suites, your toilets, but now people are starting to include full wall instillation in the living areas of their home with great effect.




The good thing about mirrors is they can reflect whatever’s in front of them. If you’ve got a nice statue or a nice outlook, a nice view this can be reflected in the mirror and bring that view within the home. You can also increase a depth of field within the room and make it look longer, you can make it look wider.


Mirrors are great at reflecting light into any room and this is a great addition if you’ve got a darkened room that needs brightening up.


There are two different edge finishes to consider when ordering your next mirror. A polished edge is the simple and most popular edge finish to any mirror. We simply grind the edges flat and this ensures that no light is reflected through the edge of the glass causing a sparkle after it’s been fitted.




A beveled edge refers to a slanted grind across the front face of the mirror and this can cause a picture frame effect.


This is definitely more popular within older homes, or where you’re trying to make that mirror stand out and give it a little bit more depth off the wall.




Another option with your mirrors is choosing between a tinted glass or a silver glass. Our stock mirrors come in gray tinted, bronze tinted, or silver.


Now as I’m sure you can understand silver is the most popular option. Grey mirrors are also starting to become popular among large wall installation. This creates a softer reflection that tends to blend in well with a lot of other interior furnishings.


If you’d like more information feel free to download our free guide on all things frameless glass.

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What You Need to Know About Table Top Glass


Have you ever considered using glass to protect your new table top? In this guide, I’m going to explain everything that you need to know about purchasing your new glass table top protector.




Glass table top protectors can be used on any new or existing table top. We simply cut and polish the glass to the shape of the table and the glass is then set on top of that existing table to act as a barrier between the timber. It simply acts as a barrier to protect your table against scratch or scrapes.


The most common question I get asked is, do you need tempered glass on your next table top? In fact, if your glass is sitting on top of an existing table and it’s fully supported all the way underneath we strongly suggest that you use a standard float glass. Float glass has a harder surface area and doesn’t scratch as easily as tempered glass. The other benefit is, if it does break it simply cracks in position and stays on the table.



With a tempered glass table top, it’ll explode and the glass will go all through your house. Tempered glass table tops are predominantly used where the glass is the main structural support of the table. A number of designer tables have tempered glass table tops where the legs are actually glued to the underside of the glass rather than sitting on top of a timber table top.


Glass table tops can be used for both indoor and outdoor tables but consideration needs to be shown to the glass type that’s used and the fixing method. Outdoor tables tend to blow away on windy conditions so this should definitely be considered if you’re wanting to install a glass table top onto an outdoor table.




Now I guess you’re wondering if your uniquely shaped table top can be cut. The answer is yes, we cut table tops of all different shapes and sizes. Sometimes there’s just additional processing steps that need to take place. With complex shapes, we need to template the table top using a timber MDF product to then transfer into a template for the C and C machine to be cut and polished effectively.



There are a couple of different benefits with your tabletop other than protecting the top of the table. For instance, if you use a black glass on a white table, this creates a great contrast between the furniture colour. The glass table top also creates a luxury feel that highlights the grain of the timber underneath and makes it pop or magnifies it slightly.




Glass table tops can be installed onto a wide range of different materials. In fact, we’ve installed them on stone, metal or more or less any other material you can think of. The main point to consider is that, that surface that the glass table top is sitting down on is completely flat and true. If the material that the glass is sitting on isn’t completely true or flat, this can cause the glass to rot or bow slightly.


Not only is this unsightly it can also cause issues down the track with the glass cracking or becoming under stress over time. If you would like more information, feel free to download our free guide on all things frameless glass.


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How to Choose Glass Splashback Colours

Are you considering a glass splash back for your kitchen? In this guide I am going to cover everything you need to know when considering a glass splash back for your kitchen, stay tuned.



The colour that you choose for your splashback can be accurately represented depending on the glass type that is chosen. Some glass types have more iron or less iron content in the glass which increases the tinted colour. To ensure that your colour is accurately represented in your splashback it’s always suggested that you use a low iron glass such as crystal clear, this glass has the iron content removed, minimizing the tinted effect that the glass will have on your paint colour.



When most people think of a glass splashback they envision a solid colour being painted to the back of the glass. We have a number of different paint finishes that should be considered on your next splashback. With advancements in paint technology, we now have pearl, satin, or metallic finishes that can add an everlasting effect to your next glass splashback.



When choosing your next glass splash back, there’s a few important points to consider to ensure that your splashback doesn’t lose its appeal over time. Savvy interior designers base their splashback paint colours based on an indoor, outdoor theme. There are a number of different things that you should consider when choosing your colour. Careful consideration should be shown to other internal finishings, the lights in the area, the layout, and also appliances.




You can’t just use any type of paint for a glass splashback, our glass suppliers use special primers, and special paint to ensure that this is an everlasting product, where you’ll have no issues down the track. The paint that we use for glass splashbacks is a special product that is painted on to the glass and then baked in an oven. This paint has everlasting effects and ensures that the colour won’t fade or change over time.


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Why Custom Made Are More Expensive Than Stock Standard Showers

In this blog I’m going to answer some common questions to help you make the right decision and ensure that you don’t go over budget when choosing your shower.

In a stock shower screen or a factory issued shower screens, the sidelights, door panels and return panels all come in set sizes.


In order to build that shower screen you need to take a multiple number of different sizes and try to configure them to suit that space.

With a custom shower screen we take your measurements completely accurately and then custom make each panel depending on where you want the joints to be and how you want the style to suit.


Another considerable difference with a frameless shower screen over a stock screen is custom shower screens can accommodate a floor that is out of level or a wall that is out of plumb.

Stock issued or factory shower screens can not do this, the glass comes square and the way that you allow for these tolerances is in your fittings, hardware or channels.


The price of a custom shower screen is more expensive than a stock screen simply because there’s a lot more work that’s involved.

With a stock screen you simply take the measurements and try and accommodate the individual panels to suit that neath or width.

With a custom screen we come to site, we measure your shower screen using a laser and we custom cut that glass with those tolerances that are required to insure that it fits perfectly.


Each panel of glass in a custom shower screen is cut to the millimeter and processed accordingly to insure that it fits the first time.

The main difference in quality between a stock and custom made frameless shower screen definitely has to do with the installation.

With a stock screen when the wall or floor is uneven or out of plumb or level this needs to be accommodated within the hardware or wall channel.

With a custom screen we can accommodate those tolerances or run outs within the glass when it’s measured.

This means that that has a consistent edge tolerance between the edge of the glass and the floor or the edge of the glass and the wall insuring that the glass will fit perfectly without needing to fudge it with any type silicone or sealants.

If you’ve got a uniquely shaped bathroom you’re always going to have to go with the custom made shower screen. In this instance I’d recommend that you get in touch with one of the friendly team so we can send a glazier out to do a site consultation and tell you what your options are. We can custom make a shower screen that’s made specifically for your space.

Considering your design requirements. If you’d like more information feel free to download our free guide “Latest Tips for Great Frameless Glass”. Alternatively feel free to reach out via email or phone to our workshop.

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2 Best Shower Door Pull Handles for Your Shower

Choosing the right shower door pull handle can make a huge difference for minimal cost. In this blog I’m going to discuss the top two shower door handle designs you should consider and why.

Now the most popular handle in our frameless shower screen range is SK40 pull knob.


These are a very simple and slimline handle that is unobtrusive and looks great with any frameless shower.

The other option is a Marsh or an H-shaped handle.


This is a beautiful H-shaped handle that is mounted on the front and back of the glass. It’s beautiful and sophisticated if you want something more.


The main thing to consider when choosing your shower door pull handle is the space in which the door arcs when it’s closed.

A number of larger pull handles, if the configuration of the shower is not appropriate, can clash with your towel rail or wall. In this case sometimes it’s better to go for a smaller option that is sleeker and less obtrusive.

If you’d like more information feel free to download our free guide “Latest Tips for Great Frameless Glass”. Alternatively, feel free to reach out via email or phone to our workshop.

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