Glass Lead Times Explained

Many customers are often shocked to hear about the lead time on glass replacement orders. They don’t understand why the replacement glass takes so long to reach them. Or the point of lead times on the glass. That’s what this article aims to inform you about.

Let’s say, for instance, you’ve recently broken an aluminum sliding door, and there is glass everywhere.

You’ve taken the dimensions, you’ve rung up your local glazier. And they have explained that there’s a five to seven-day lead time on that toughened safety glass.

This leaves you in a pickle. What do you do as regards safety in the meantime? How do you secure your property? And why does glass have a lead time?

In this article, I’m going to explain to you why a reputable glass and glazing company, would require these lead times to order your glass.

Before we delve fully into lead times, it is important to note that several different combinations of glass go into a residential home and it is impossible for glass companies to stock every single type.

Also, some kinds of glass need to made to order, so glass companies have to wait till there’s an order for that type and then place an order with their supplier.

So, if the aluminum window in your laundry or your rear sliding door breaks and the glass explodes and goes everywhere. The explosion is an indication of the need for toughened safety glass. We don’t have a toughening plant here at Economy Glass, so we need to order that panel from our supplier exactly to size.

It is also essential to note that once toughened safety glass has made, it can’t change, altered, or adjusted. So, it’s not something that can stock up; it has to made to order.

Different types of glass have different lead times. Lead times can vary from five days to two weeks or more.

These influenced by the type of glass, the size and location of the glass (these inform the type of glass to use. And whether or not the glass would be tempered), the color of the glass. And when you place the order (some times are busier than others).

While waiting out your glass lead time, you can contact us at Economy Glass to put in temporary safety measures.