3 Clever Uses Of Glass In A Small Bathroom

Often, when architects and builders design and build homes, the bathroom is the last on the list for size and light. Visit- products

That can mean that a great home can be accompanied by a rather small bathroom. And sometimes, rather small bathrooms can even be windowless.

If your home has a bathroom that fits this description, you have ways to improve it and bring the illusion of space and light into these bijou boxes. Discover three excellent ways that glass can enhance your bathroom and make it feel larger.

Create Reflection With Glass Splashbacks​

Glass splashbacks are an excellent choice for a bathroom that works on many levels. In a small bathroom with no natural light, you will want to reflect the light you do have around the room as much as possible. The reflective surface of glass bounces light around as well as gives the illusion of space.

Available in a variety of styles and colors, bath shower screens Melbourne or splashbacks can complement whatever decorative theme you choose.

Use them as surrounds for your bath and sink. You can also use glass for a bath panel—the glass will bounce light around the floor space giving your bathroom an airier, open feel.

The benefits of glass on bathroom size and lighting are matched by the ease of maintenance that these splashbacks provide.

By avoiding the usual grouted tiles, you limit the areas that normally attract mold and the ugly discoloration this brings. This means your enclosed, windowless space is a more pleasant and healthy environment to spend time in.

Create An Open Feel With A Glass Bath Shower Screens

Shower curtains or opaque enclosures act like walls, creating a barrier and making an already small space look even smaller. If your bathroom is windowless as well as small, a barrier can make it feel oppressive.

Chic and sleek, bath shower screens in Melbourne offer a myriad of benefits to a small bathroom. A clear glass screen allows light to flow organically throughout the whole bathroom.

Being able to see all four walls will make your room seem more spacious. A glass screen will also mean that your shower enclosure will not need separate lighting installed as you will benefit from the main bathroom lighting.

Whether you choose a frameless screen that appears barely there or a semi-frameless one with a classic look, you will be able to match a screen to your style and décor. A glass screen is also an excellent choice for durability.

Glass screens are built to resist shattering and scratches and only require light cleaning with a soft cloth.

Create Depth And Light With Large Mirrors

Mirrors are one of the most popular optical illusions designers use to transform the look and feel of a small room.

The reflection of opposing walls creates depth and gives a sense of space. Mirrors also bounce light around, brightening rooms that lack a natural light source.

Go for a large frameless mirror and bath shower screens above your sink. Large mirrors create the illusion of space far better than small ones.

A frameless mirror and bath shower screens in Melbourne will reflect other elements of the room, making it seem vaster—this type of mirror can also give your windowless bathroom the feel of a vertical window.