Powerful Cleaning Tips for Shower Screens In Your Melbourne Home

Keeping a home clean may seem to be a difficult task. However, the hectic schedule of daily life may not allow one to be as regular as it is required to keep a home spick and span. The most difficult part is to keep the bathroom tidy; especially the glass shower screens in Melbourne. It is not easy to maintain and shower screen clean.

Dirty Shower Screens

Before shower screen clean and attempting to maintain them, it is important to understand why it gets dirty. A glass shower screen may appear and feel smooth but glass is rough and porous. The microscopic divets of the glass may trap micro-particles of dirt, chemicals, shampoo, etc. These particles when accumulated and left for a long time can get hard to remove. No wonder, the smooth shiny glass starts looking scummy with time.

If this scum is not cleaned and removed on time, it can set hard and turn into a silicate-like substance. Hence, regular cleaning and certain preventative measures will help you to keep the shower screen clean and maintain it in the long run. This can also prevent permanent damage and dirt from occurring.

Cleaning Solution

Most people think that buying a fancy shower cleaning detergent is the best and only way to shower screen clean. This is not true. You can create a mixture of dishwashing liquid, bleach, and water at home. Fill this solution in a spritz bottle. You can use this solution regularly and refill as required.

Soaking is Important

Applying solutions made at home can help you to shower screen clean. Another solution is to clean using a mixture of baking soda, vinegar, and salt. This combo is very powerful enough to remove scum and grime. Simply coat the entire shower screen with a layer of this mixture. Allow soaking for about 15 minutes. This is an important step. Now, rinse it off with clean water and wipe it down. The shower screen clean at home in Melbourne will be squeaky clean soon after this procedure.

Old Toothbrush

Did you know an old toothbrush can help you to get rid of grime and dust buildup in the most awkward corners? All you need to do is sterilize an old toothbrush in boiled water and bleach. Now repurpose this as a tool for cleaning out corners. This will help you to shower the screen clean in the best possible manner.

Soft Sponges & Cloth

It is advised to use only soft fibre cloth and sponges to scrub glass clean. Old cloth may lead to abrasions. Invest in a fresh set of soft fibre cloth. It is important to replace them as soon as they start to wear out. It will protect shower screens from scratches and damage.

Furniture Oil

Washing and wiping down shower screens is not enough. Applying oil will prevent scum from forming. Furniture oil can actually avert this from happening. Hence, you can use it as an exterior coat. The process will ensure clean-looking glass and also extend its life.