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What You Need to Know About Table Top Glass


Have you ever considered using glass to protect your new tabletop? In this guide, I’m going to explain everything that you need to know about purchasing your new glass table top protector.




Glass tabletop protectors can use on any new or existing tabletop. We simply cut and polish the glass to the shape of the table. And the glass set on top of that existing table to act as a barrier between the timber. It simply acts as a barrier to protect your table against scratches or scrapes.


The most common question I get asked is, do you need tempered glass on your next tabletop? In fact, if your glass is sitting on top of an existing table. And it’s fully supported all the way underneath we strongly suggest that you use standard float glass. Float glass has a harder surface area and doesn’t scratch as easily as tempered glass. The other benefit is if it does break it simply cracks in position and stays on the table.



With a tempered tabletop, it’ll explode and the glass will go all through your house. Tempered table tops predominantly used where the glass is the main structural support of the table. A number of designer tables have tempered glass table tops where the legs actually glued to the underside of the glass rather than sitting on top of a timber table top.


Glass table tops can use for both indoor and outdoor tables but consideration needs to show the glass type that’s used and the fixing method. Outdoor tables tend to blow away in windy conditions so this should definitely consider if you want to install a glass table top onto an outdoor table.




Now I guess you’re wondering if your uniquely shaped table top can cut. The answer is yes, we cut table tops of all different shapes and sizes. Sometimes there are just additional processing steps that need to take place. With complex shapes. We need to template the table top using a timber MDF product to then transfer it into a template for the C and C machine to cut and polished effectively.


Table Top Glass


There are a couple of different benefits with your tabletop other than protecting the top of the table. For instance, if you use black glass on a white table, this creates a great contrast between the furniture color. The glass tabletop also creates a luxurious feel that highlights. The grain of the timber underneath makes it pop or magnifies it slightly.


Table Top Glass


Glass table tops can install onto a wide range of different materials. In fact, we’ve installed them on stone, metal, or more or less any other material you can think of. The main point to consider is that the surface that the glass tabletop is sitting down on is completely flat and true. If the material that the glass is sitting on isn’t completely true or flat. This can cause the glass to rot or bow slightly.


Not only is this unsightly it can also cause issues down the track with the glass cracking or becoming under stress over time. If you would like more information, feel free to download our free guide on all things frameless glass.


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Glass Table Top Price Explained


Wondering what glass table top price range to expect when you purchase a custom glass for your table? 


Adding a sleek, modern aesthetic to your dining room, kitchen, living room or other space, whilst also serving to protect the table underneath from dust, liquid damage and stains, glass is becoming a popular tabletop material in West Melbourne homes.


Considering the longevity you’ll enjoy from a piece of high-quality glass – the well-maintained glass will appear flawless decades after other materials like timber, metal and composites start to show their age – offer superior value. Still, you don’t want to overpay because you’re not familiar with the price range or what goes into the cost.


Here’s a comprehensive look at what goes into the price of a glass table top to help you make a better-informed decision about your glass purchase.


How Glass Size and Shape Impact Cost


Glass size does matter, although not as much as other factors that have to do with how the glass is manufactured and what steps are involved in creating your custom table top. A larger piece of glass will naturally be more expensive than a smaller piece.


A tabletop that is cut out of a piece of rectangular glass to create a specific shape, such as a round glass table top, will cost more and it will take longer to produce. This is because there is a lot involved in the process of creating a shaped table top.


The shape and exact dimensions need to be templated, scanned and then cut and polished with a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine. As a result, you’ll get a perfect shape and gorgeous finish, but it will cost slightly more than a standard square or rectangle table top.


Tempered Glass Table Top Price


Aside from the size and shape you want for your tabletop, the next most important feature is strength. Tempered glass, also known as toughened glass, is about four times stronger than standard glass. It goes through special thermal processing during manufacturing, or in some cases chemical tempering, to make the glass more resistant to pressure.


It’s less likely to break. But, because of the more complex manufacturing process, it also costs more. To get an idea of the price, a piece of 2000 x 1000 clear float glass with polished edges, 6mm thick and delivered to your home, will cost about $330. This price includes GST.


For the same size, thickness, and polish, a piece of toughened safety glass will cost approximately $490, including GST.


Choosing toughened or standard glass for your tabletop is probably the factor that will have the biggest impact on price. The question is, do you need tempered glass for added safety?


As a general rule, with float glass that is sitting directly on an existing table, you probably don’t need to use toughened glass. Quality standard glass isn’t going to break or crack from normal wear and tear, even with a well-used family dining room table.


If your glass is being set over top of a central base or needs to be balanced atop a unique table shape, it’s safer to use a stronger piece of glass in case the table top is ever knocked off balance and falls. This still isn’t likely as a table is a heavy, durable material but using toughened glass can be a smart precautionary measure. It will also give you peace of mind.


How Colour and Finish Impact Glass Price


Clear glass is the most popular option as it offers a timeless appeal that can pair well with any style of interior design. It’s also the least expensive option. Tinted glass, such as a grey tint or bronze colour, or frosted glass, can give your glass table an attractive and unique appearance, but glass colour will increase the price of your tabletop.


The finish on your glass table top can also affect the price. The most common finish a traditional polished finish. If you want something more intricate, a bevelled finish will increase the price of your tabletop.


Getting a Glass Table Top with Excellent Value


Glass offers so many different design possibilities, from the understated elegance of clear glass to unique custom pieces. That create a focal point in your home in West Melbourne.


With a glass table top, decide what you want regarding size, shape, colour and finish. And then you can discuss your desired features with the glass professionals.


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Why You May Have to Replace Glass Table Top


Glass has a long list of appealing characteristics, which is why it’s such a desirable table top material.


Easy maintenance, a look that never goes out of style and it’s not vulnerable to damage and decay from moisture, dust, and other unavoidable environmental factors.


But glass is glass, which means it can break, leaving you in the search to replace glass table top in Hoppers Crossing and the surrounding areas of Melbourne.

glass-table-top-replacementWhen looking for a new piece of glass to replace glass table top, which type of glass should you use so you aren’t shopping for a replacement again in a few months? 


How much will a glass table top replacement cost? 


Can you buy one that will fit your existing table base?


Most importantly, what can be done to prevent your table top from breaking again?


With the right piece of glass, custom-cut and finished and properly taken care of, you can enjoy a pristine glass table for years to come, with no second replacement in your future. Here’s a look at what you should look for in a quality replace glass table top and how you can keep your new glass in mint condition for decades.


Key Considerations For Replace Glass Table Top


You want to get a piece of glass that will last, at a great value. And, of course, you want it to look stunning atop your table base. The following considerations will impact the cost of your replacement, as well as the aesthetics and longevity. Before you order a glass table top to replace your broken one, consider these factors:


Glass Shape – Will you need a round replace glass table top? A rectangle piece of glass for a dining room table or another custom shape? The shape of your glass will impact the cost and how long it will take to make your replacement. 


In general, a rectangular glass table top replacement will cost less than a round piece of glass or any other custom shape. The higher expense is because custom shapes require the use of a computer-driven machine, called a CNC machine, to ensure an accurate cut and finish.


Glass Size

If you aren’t sure what the size of your old glass table top is, it’s worth having a professional glazier take measurements for you to determine the right size for your replacement. Getting to-the-millimeter precision is important to ensure your replacement glass will balance or sit on your table well – and that it will look attractive.


At Economy Glass, we’ll be happy to come out to your home to take accurate measurements for you, giving you one less thing to worry about.


Glass Type

You’re probably wondering if your glass would have broken if you had originally opted for toughened safety glass. It may still have broken, although it would have had more of a chance of staying intact. 


Toughened glass, also known as tempered glass, is about four times stronger than standard glass. That’s why toughened glass is often used for outdoor glass tables and for table tops that aren’t set on a flat surface but rather are balanced on a base. For example, a tempered glass patio table top replacement will cost more than a standard patio glass table, but it may be well worth it.


Common Causes of Broken Glass Table Tops


Once you have your new glass, the last thing you want is for it to break again. By knowing what is likely to cause your table to crack into pieces, you can take a few precautionary measures. Then hopefully, you’ll never need to replace glass table top again.


Heat Can Break Your Glass


One reason for a broken table is high temperatures. Glass is a good conductor of heat, so if you set a steaming pot of soup directly on your dining room table glass top, you can damage the timber surface underneath. Second, the high temperature may be enough to cause your glass table top to crack.


To prevent this from happening, always put a pot holder or other protective material in between your hot dishes and your glass table.


Wind Can Break Your Glass


Glass is the modern-day table top of choice for patio furniture. It’s organic, yet the sophisticated vibe is perfect for luxury outdoor living. However, most homeowners don’t realize that a big piece of glass with a large surface area, like a table top, becomes nothing but a giant sail in high winds. Therefore, if your outdoor glass table top is not secured firmly or sheltered during those windy months (along with your other patio furniture), the wind can knock it off its base, causing it to break.


Accidents Happen – Especially When Cleaning


The other threat to your glass table top is cleaning. Sometimes when people remove their table top to clean underneath it or move the table to clean the area around the table, the glass can fall or knock against another hard service.


When cleaning, be careful. If you need to move your glass table top for any reason and you aren’t sure if you can relocate it without causing damage, call your local glazier for help.


No one wants their beautiful glass table top to break. But, sometimes even with your best efforts, the unexpected happens. Not to worry. You can have replacement glass sized, cut, and finished to have it look exactly like your old one.


Or, you can even have it made to suit a new custom look, such as a different bevelled edge, or opt for a tempered glass table top this time to make damage that much less likely. And with care, and a quick call to your local glass company if you ever need help moving it around, this will be the last replace glass table top you ever buy.


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7 Rectangle Glass Table Top Ideas for Your Home

rectangle-glass-table-top-western-suburbs-melbourneFrom a sleek glass dining room table to dazzling coffee tables with a rectangle glass table top, a glass surface always adds a distinctively elegant look to any space.


As glass is the master of versatility when it comes to design, you have a sea of options for your table. Pair it with any other material, in whatever style décor you have n Melbourne; glass always looks perfect.


Here are some of the best examples of the iconic rectangular table top in use.


Take a look at these ideas to help you decide your ideal.


1. Glass and Dark Wood Dining Room Table


Both what goes underneath and on top of your piece of glass will draw the eye so think carefully about how the other colours and textures in the room flow around your tables top. With this glass dining room table, the rich dark wood beneath the glass helps to ground the airy teal blues and silvers of the room. Notice how the rounded corners of the wooden table parallel the rounded finish of the rectangular glass.


2. Tinted Glass with Metal



For a modern contemporary home, a clean glass table top set over steel or chrome legs looks stunning. The bluish tint of this piece of glass subtly complements the cool tones of the room.


3. Frosted or Textured Glass Table Top


Instead of using transparent glass, opt for custom-treated glass. As long as you have plenty of light in the room, preferably coming from various angles, a frosted or textured appearance creates an irresistible focal point.


With tons of natural light, bright pendant lighting, overhead flood lights, and the glow of a candlelight centerpiece, this rectangle glass table top has the chance to shine in a variety of ways.


4. Glass That Creates an Illusionary Impact


Depending on the way light hits the glass, it can create fantastic optical illusions. Take this custom-made wood and glass table for example. The glass is silver-leafed, so it acts to reflect light. As a result, when the lighting from above the table hits the glass, it makes it appear as if the glass is illuminated from below.


5. Industrial Chic with Float Glass



Turn a concrete, steel, or wooden rectangular coffee table into industrial chic art with a piece of clear float glass. The glass tables will protect the material underneath, keeping your tables in pristine condition for longer, whilst also adding a stylish aesthetic.


This look works well in any minimalist, modern, or industrial setting often seen in certain areas of Melbourne. You can have your glass custom-cut for a flawless fit over your coffee tables.


6. Mid-Century Glass Coffee Table



Want to elevate the look of your rectangular mid-century coffee table?


A tabletop will transform a standard table into a sophisticated focal point, adding light and dimension to your table. As a transparent surface, you can still see what’s stacked below the tabletop, making it great for displaying books or other design elements whilst still enjoying an uncluttered table surface.


7. Architecturally Unique Kitchen Table


Because glass is impervious to water, easy to clean, and one of the most durable design materials, it is a top choice for kitchen tables. This table marries function and style, whilst being a totally original architectural element.


With a table top, there’s no limit to what you can do. It can transform a traditional rectangular table, create an ambiance of elegance, add dimension, light, and visual intrigue – and it can even be custom cut and installed in such a way to perfectly complement your home in the most unique of ways.


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Why Tempered Glass Is Used for Table Tops


When it comes to glass tables, both indoors and outdoors in Victoria, Australia, using tempered glass table top is vital to being able to enjoy your table in the long-term, worry-free.


Some people try to reduce costs by opting for a standard piece of glass to use as a table surface. After all, you plan to use your table carefully, so it doesn’t necessarily need the same ultra-strong glass that’s used for shop windows, vehicle windshields, and mobile phone screens.


Or does it?


When you consider how problematic – and expensive – a broken glass table top could become, you’ll realize why using tempered glass table top is so important. It’s not just a case of taking extra precautions.


When you use glass as a design or architectural feature, you want it to last for years, even decades, without cracking. And, you don’t want to have to worry about the safety of you or your loved ones.


What Is Tempered Glass?


Tempered glass is basically glass that toughens. It’s about four times stronger than regular, or annealed glass. To make tempered glass, controlled heating and cooling treatments use during the production process to give the glass greater resilience.


The glass is first heated to an extreme temperature. Next, it put through a high-pressure cooling process, which cools the outer surfaces faster than the centre of the glass. As a result, the inside retains tension whilst the outer layer is in a state of eternal compression.


Chemical treatments can also be used to temper the glass, although thermal conditioning is more widely used because it is a less expensive process while still being effective.


Following this conditioning process, not only is the glassless sensitive to the environment or to impact, but also, if it does break, it tends to fracture into smaller, granular pieces. This makes it a much safer option than annealed glass, which shatters into jagged shards.


Because of these characteristics, tempered glass table tops offer greater longevity whilst also being a safer option – without sacrificing aesthetic style or customization potential.


When To Use Tempered Glass Table Tops For Indoor Tables


As long as your glass is sitting directly on top of an existing table, essentially covering the surface of another table tops material, such as wood or metal, you can simply use clear float glass. This because the secondary surface supports the structure of the glass, and the glass held in place by ridges around the edge of the table.


If the table not ridged, toughened glass should use instead. This is because, without the ridges, it is easier for the glass table top to be knocked off the surface. 

glass company


When you’re setting the glass on top of a centered base, whether it’s a piece of wood, pottery, composite material, or more glass, it’s always smarter to use a tempered glass table top. 


Even if you feel confident that the glass surface is secure, the right amount of weight or sudden pressure can disturb the balance of your table. If the glass moves and you have tempered glass, you don’t have to worry about it shattering into thousands of sharp, jagged pieces. Likely, your only problem will be repositioning it (tempered glass table top are usually surprisingly heavy!).


Tempered Glass Table Top for Outdoor Use


With outdoor tables, tempered glass is a must-have feature. Even if you live in an area with a mild climate, if the wind picks up which known in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne at certain times of the year, the wide flat surface of your glass table top makes it extremely vulnerable. Glass acts like a large sail when caught by the wind, and can propel great distances at high speeds.


Using toughened glass helps to avoid this problem. If the toughened glass properly attached to the table structure, it is less likely to break loose by the wind. In the event that the glass loosened, the strengthened material either will remain intact or break down into small granular pieces, which do not represent a laceration hazard.

tempered glass table top


There are plenty of balmy, sunny days to entertain guests and enjoy sunlit meals outside when you can leave your glass table set up ready for use, or simply to enjoy its aesthetic appeal.


Experiencing Your Own Glass Table Top


With a safer, stronger tempered glass table top, you can get the timeless look of glass plus peace of mind. Just be sure to work with a glass and glazing company that can give you the custom cut and finish you want. 


At Economy Glass, glass cut to size and polished in-house. We can also come out to your home or project site to take measurements to ensure your glass cut accurately to the millimeter. With professional measuring, cutting, and finishing, you’ll know you’re getting a piece of high-quality glass that will fit perfectly on your table.


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5 Tips to a Round Glass Table Top


From the modern dining room table to a stunning piece of outdoor furniture, with a round glass table top, there is more than one thing you can count on. You’re going to love the look, longevity and easy maintenance of your table – now and years in the future.


With a versatile aesthetic and a sense of refinement that never fades, glass is a popular choice for table tops. A round shape is often favoured for glass table tops, from the elegant living room coffee table to the perfect table for your sunny breakfast nook, for its soft ambience and ability to blend well with other textures, shapes and architectural features.


To get the most from your table top, whether you are looking for a new, custom-cut round glass top for your dining table or replacement glass for an existing table in your home, take a look at these industry insights into the iconic round glass table for your home in Melbourne, Victoria.


1. Measuring for Your Round Glass Top


The first step to getting the beautifully cut and polished glass that you want is, to begin with, precise measurements. In general, table tops are measured in relation to the table base or surface they will be going on.


If you aren’t sure how to measure your table to determine the right diameter or aren’t comfortable with taking precise measurements, ask a glass and glazing company to come in and take the dimensions for you. They’ll use a laser to determine the right size down to the millimetre. This means your finished top will be cut to size to the same level of accuracy.


2. Round Table Tops Are CNC Cut and Polished


With a square or rectangle glass table, it’s possible to do a manual cut. With shaped glass, such as a round or oval glass top, a glazing company will use a CNC machine to do the cutting. CNC stands for computer numerical control. It essentially utilises computer programming to get a flawless custom cut and gorgeous, polished finish.


Your glass will be templated, scanned and then cut to size and polished using advanced digital technology. This yields a greater level of accuracy and a higher quality product.


3. Shaped Glass Takes Time


Because of this need for high-tech machinery, expect your round table top to take some time and to cost more than a standard cut. At Economy Glass, round glass tops for dining, living room and kitchen tables are a frequent request.


With approximately five to seven days of lead time to create the digital template and to complete both the CNC cut and polish. So, We are usually able to finish a custom project in a timely manner.


4. Ordering a Round Glass Table Top Replacement


What if you are ordering a replacement piece for a table you already have?


You can take the measurements of the existing glass you want to replace and use those for the new piece of glass. However, again, if you aren’t yourself a builder, designer. Or an experienced DIY-er who is comfortable taking precise measurements, don’t hesitate to ask for professional help.


After all, you want your finished round glass top to perfectly fit on your table. Depending on the style and shape, being a few millimetres off can diminish the usual pristine aesthetic that glass typically offers.


5. The Right Glass Will Last a Lifetime



With the right measurements and by working with a glass and glazing company that uses the proper machinery to create the beautiful custom cut and polish you have envisioned, you’ll enjoy a timeless piece of furniture for decades.


Not only will it be a functional, hardwearing table top. But, it will also double as a stunning design element for any room in your home. Or even for your outdoor living area.


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Expert Tips to Get Your Glass Table Tops Cut to Size


With a refined aesthetic and timeless appeal, glass tabletops are one of those design features that are guaranteed to look stunning in any room. But, there is one important prerequisite. The glass for the tabletop needs to be cut to size and finished with the hand of a professional glazier.


When glass is cut to the right dimensions to suit your space, and it has the essential features of quality and craftsman knowledge – the right type of glass and finish are used to suit the surroundings – you can’t go wrong with glass tabletops.


This is true whether you’re envisioning a dining room table or a unique, eye-catching living room coffee table with a surface made from crystal clear float glass.


Here are the steps to take that will ensure your glass tabletops are cut to size, from the initial measuring and planning through to the completion of your table.


Choose the Right Style of Glass to Have Cut


Depending on the finished look that you want from your table. There are various styles of glass you can use, such as frosted or tinted glass. However, by far, the most common request is for clear glass.


This is because transparent glass is so incredibly versatile. You can have a piece of clear float glass custom cut to fit with an existing table base. Anything from vibrantly colored pottery or a metal table to natural wood. You can even have glass cut to the right size to fit. With a custom-made table base or to neatly cover an existing table surface.


The beauty of using a clear glass top is that it will bring the eye to the table base, and provide a functional (and flawlessly beautiful) surface, without making your space feel cramped or overstyled.


Consider Toughened Glass for Your Table


Unless your table is ridged and the glass is neatly set within the table structure, it’s always smart to have your table top cut from toughened safety glass.


Toughened glass undergoes special thermal and/or chemical treatments during the manufacturing process. As a result, the glass has different properties than standard glass. Toughened glass is much stronger so it is extremely difficult to break.


Known as safety glass, its properties cause it to hold together and ‘web’ into cracks, rather than breaking into shards, if it is ever exposed to enough force. This means, you not only get to enjoy a gorgeous table with custom-cut toughened glass. But you will also enjoy peace of mind.


Have Your Table Glass Professionally Measured


You can have your glass table top specially cut and sent to your home or business – Economy Glass delivers anywhere in the western suburbs of Melbourne with a convenient three to five-day turnaround time.


You may also want to have a professional come out to your property to take accurate measurements for your table, which Economy Glass can do as well. There’s a huge advantage to having an expert measure your table.


With the right tools, such as a laser for measuring, and a working knowledge of how glass tabletops are cut and sized, an experienced glazier will be able to take precise dimensions. This means your tabletop will be cut accurately to the millimeter.


There’s one thing you don’t want to do.


That is to order a piece of quality glass, cut to size based on the existing table’s manufacturer’s specifications. Or your own measurements, only to find out the dimensions are off. Especially if you are placing the glass surface over another table surface, such as a wooden table. A slight discrepancy in size can ruin the fluid perfection that a well-cut glass tabletop should provide.


With guaranteed, to-the-millimeter precision, you’ll enjoy a perfect fit as your glass surface will be elegantly balanced both visually and physically.


Have Your Glass Tabletop Cut and Polished Together


For optimal results, you should have your glass tabletops cut at the same location it will be polished. This way, your glass isn’t being moved from one studio or warehouse space to another.


Also, the same glaziers who took your table measurements. And who understand your design vision and expectations will be in charge of each stage of the process.


You can feel confident that your table top is going to look flawless. When you have one company managing the professional cut as well as the polishing and edging. This is key to getting exactly what you want.


With glass, you can do almost anything with your table.


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Why Custom Glass Table Tops Are So Popular Today

Read Our Custom Glass Table Tops Benefits


Why are more and more design and building experts recommending custom glass table tops to their clients today?


Glass isn’t just aesthetically pleasing. It’s also one of the most functional materials to use in modern living and office spaces.


Always elegant, no matter what style of the room, the timeless quality of the glass makes it an ideal glass table tops material. With almost effortless maintenance, design versatility and the peace of mind that it will look brand new for years beyond when other materials age, no wonder glass is increasingly being used for the surfaces we eat, cook and stack our favourite books and home decorations on – and just to relish the visual appeal.


With custom glass, cut and finished to your exact size needs and preferences, your tabletops, countertops and more can take on a whole new level of sophistication – and practicality. So, Take a look at all the benefits of custom glass table tops surfaces.


Glass Is Easy to Maintain



One of the strongest arguments for glass, in a variety of applications for luxury homes and commercial spaces, is easy maintenance. Where wood, cork, stone and that sleek white PVC mid-century table base will stain, and metals will attract dust and require regular waxing to retain their sheen, glass is resistant and impervious to almost everything. 


The overwhelming majority of table top choices are vulnerable to slow deterioration from the elements, general wear and tear and common marks and stains, like cup rings, dents and scratches.


Glass isn’t. It won’t stain or deteriorate.


With high-quality custom glass table tops, you’d have to take a hammer to it to get it to crack. And, the best feature of all?


It’s one of the easiest materials to keep flawlessly clean. A cloth and a basic glass cleaner are all you need. Spray and wipe for that gorgeous, crystalline finish.


No waxing needed. No refinishing to refresh the look of your glass surface. And No harsh chemicals to try and remove stains that have sunk into a porous surface.


Glass Table Tops Offer Longevity


Your beautiful glass table can last for years, and then some. If you’ve ever walked through a museum featuring glass relics from the Roman era, you’ll notice, despite being a millennium-and-a-half old, a lot of the glass plates, perfume bottles, drinking cups, vases and other pieces are left completely intact. That’s because glass is one of the most difficult materials to corrode.


You can have a custom glass table made for your home or office, and then pass it down to the next generation, looking as if it were made yesterday. This longevity adds value to your table. It also gives you the confidence that your custom-made glass furniture is worth every penny.


Glass Will Protect Your Other More Vulnerable Materials


A surprising benefit you may not realise until you have your glass table top sitting in your home for a few months – the material beneath your glass somewhat protected. The glass will shield the wood, stone, plastic or other material from spills, stains and even some dust accumulation, helping your expensive oak furniture, copper, iron or whatever else your table manufacturer from, remain in better condition than it would be without the protection of glass.


With a clear surface, a glass top will also allow your table base material to stand out. If you have ornately crafted, colourful or other eye-catching bases, glass is the perfect compliment to direct the eye where you want it to go.


Your Glass Table Is Sustainable


A unique advantage of glass furniture and architectural pieces, in general, is that glass is one of the most eco-friendly materials you can use. Your tabletop didn’t use up natural resources like wood or stone, nor is it a petroleum-based product, like most synthetic tables and counters are. It made from silica, in sand form, which is melted to a liquid, shaped and cooled.


Glass does take energy to manufacture as it has to heat to a very high temperature.


However, once it’s made it can repurpose into new applications over and over again. Not that your stunning custom table top won’t still be intact beyond your lifetime. But, with glass being one of the most flexible materials to reuse, it is one of the most sustainable options we have for building and interior design.


Glass Surfaces Open Up Small Spaces



For small breakfast nooks or cosy dens, a glass table top will help to open up your space. Because glass is translucent, allowing light to pass through, it serves as a functional piece without taking up ‘visual space.’ Pair with plenty of light and fresh, natural colours. And your glass table will turn a tiny room into an airy, welcoming environment.


Glass Table Tops Offer Aesthetic Freedom



Because of the clarity, purity, and the ‘virgin’ quality of glass, it looks appealing with any design style. This gives you the freedom to change the colour and overall ambience of your space. No matter what you do in the area around it, the glass will always look perfect.


Glass isn’t stylistically confined like other furniture materials are. Modern, Victorian, industrial or Mediterranean – your glass table will always suit its environment.


With custom table tops, you can also enjoy unique, endlessly-versatile features that perfectly fit within and enhance your home. An experienced glass company will come to your home to take precise measurements. They’ll work with you if you have a particular shape or size in mind. You can also customise the edges, with a polished edge for a clean look. Or a more intricate beveled finish if you want your glass table to have more personality.


Whether you’re looking for a glass top for your kitchen island, your dining room table, an elegant coffee table or an end table, custom glass table tops can help you achieve the character and aesthetic you want, whilst also providing you with a high-value, hard-wearing piece of furniture.


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