How to Clean Your Shower Glass


Limescale chalky, off-white deposit that is often found on the inside of your shower screens. If you have ever tried to scrub away limescale, you’ll know that it is incredibly difficult to remove. When If it is not cleaned constantly, the limescale will start to build up and will eventually etch itself into the glass and become almost impossible to clean.


If you were to look at the surface of the glass under a microscope, you would see that it has a fine and porous surface that the water sticks to. The deposits will fill up the small pits within the surface, making it even more difficult to shower glass clean.


So, what’s the shower glass clean solution?


Rather than finding a solution for cleaning limescale deposits – the question you should be asking is how to avoid having to clean them in the first place. That’s where Nano Coating can help.


What is Nano-Coating?



This is a hydrophobic coating that will repel water and will prevent the limescale from adhering to the glass in the first place. It will also stop other foreign matter from building up on the glass surface. When your shower screen has a nano-coating. This will prevent limescale build-up and eliminate the issue of not being able to clean your shower glass back to a new state.


Of course, the best results with nano-coating are when it applied to a brand new shower screen. So, that the glass can seal and will not affected by limescale. 


At Ecotech Glass, we apply this coating free of charge on every frameless shower screen. We also provide a 10-year warranty on every nano-coated shower screen we have to offer. This special coating will keep the shower glass cleaner for longer.


How Does the Nano Coating Work?



Enduroshield is the brand of nano-coating we choose to use in Melbourne and you can read more about it here.


This protective shield offers stain protection and will reduce your cleaning efforts by up to 90%. It invisible and lasts a long time and it applied by a simple process. All you need to do is to spray the liquid coating onto a new glass surface. If your shower glass clean- So, you can create a permanent bond with the glass.


The invisible coating is only two molecules thick and it will protect the surface against any stains. And scratches while maintaining the integrity of the surface. The molecules will seal the porosity of the glass surface so that contaminants will not penetrate. This type of coating used in many modern building projects, including shopping centres, casinos, public amenities, residential homes, bus stations, commercial buildings, and more.


The coating can easily added to the surface and it takes minimal time and effort to install. It can use on a huge range of surfaces, from stainless steel appliances to shower screens to bathroom tiles to windscreens and side windows – and much more for shower glass clean.


This coating long-lasting and reliable and it has a 10-year warranty when it is applied to new glass. And a 3-year warranty when applied to stainless steel, existing glass surfaces, grout, and tiles. Over the years it will save you so many hours of scrubbing away at your shower, which is a huge relief!


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