Custom Finishes For Your Frameless Shower


A frameless shower is one of the most beautiful options for your bathroom. This style of a shower is sleek and minimalist and lacks the frame and hinges that traditional styles of showers have. It feels spacious and modern and will make a small bathroom feel even bigger.


Electroplating different metal finishes can allow you to create a truly elegant and beautiful custom frameless shower finish in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne that looks luxurious and unique.


When you pay attention to the little details such as the finish of the metal in your shower design, you will give your bathroom more of a special touch. The versatility of a frameless shower means that here at Economy Glass we can create nearly any design with any style of finish you can imagine.


So what are some of the most beautiful metal plating finishes that you can choose for your frameless shower?


Burnished Nickel

This subtle and sophisticated finish would look great in a bathroom with a lot of natural materials such as stones and wood. It is made via a tumbling process, which gives it a unique texture unlike satin nickel or bright nickel. It’s tumbled finish makes it perfect for using in small parts of your shower frame.


Silk Sapphire

This is a very modern style finish with a lovely glossy appearance. If you choose this style of finish you will enjoy the enhanced durability of a chrome top coating.


Standard Rich Gold

If you are really looking to create a luxurious feel in your bathroom, why not consider using a finish made with 23-carat hard gold. It is hard wearing and durable, yet looks opulent and beautiful.


Brass Gold



A different option for those who like gold. This finish is made with 22-carat gold with a colour that is closer to that of brass. This is the ideal finish for those who love the look of brass but don’t want to have to polish it every day.


Rose Gold

Rose Gold has been a very hot trend in the world of jewellery and fashion recently. So, why not carry that trend through to your shower frame as well? A rose gold finish will look similar to light copper, but it is actually an alloy of gold with a small amount of copper. This finish is not as hard-wearing as standard gold, so it is recommended that you add a clear lacquer to the top to make it more durable.


Matte Gold

Sometimes you want to use gold in your design, but you don’t want it to be too shiny. A matte gold look will give the warm colour of gold but with a subtle, matte tone.


Black Chrome



You could opt for the typical bright chrome style, but why not consider an unconventional black chrome finish? This type of finish is usually seen in tapware and automotive settings. But, it can also look very stylish and modern in a shower door.



Silver is very popular in jewellery, but why not use it in your frameless shower screen? It will add a unique glimmer that will bring glitz and glamour to your bathroom. In order to prevent oxidization, add an anti-tarnish solution.


Antique Copper

If you are going for a vintage look in your bathroom, consider using metals in your frameless shower design that look like they are already aged and antique. An antique copper finish is oxidized in a special solution. And then is rubbed back in order to highlight the edges.


These are just a few of the custom metal finishes that are possible for your frameless shower in Melbourne. The metal finish you choose will depend on your personal taste as well as the overall look of your shower. There are many other types of metal plating finishes available, so take a look to determine which option is best for you.


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