Answers to Your Frameless Shower Screen Price Questions


With any home building or renovation project in Melbourne, one of the most common questions and concerns relates to price.


This holds especially true with glass fittings – particularly when it comes to frameless shower screen price.


The truth is, as you probably expected, a customised frameless glass sliding door or screen is higher in price than a prefabricated one. But, as any savvy custom home builder knows, price isn’t everything.


Sure, you want to maximise your budget and complete your projects as quickly and inexpensively as possible, but a considered approach is necessary.


Trying to save a little bit of money with a factory size shower screen will likely cost you more time and energy in the long run.


To learn more about what this means for your own project, check out the answers to a few of the most common questions about glass doors and screens.


Question: What is the difference in custom and factory-issued frameless shower screen prices?


To put it simply, you will spend more to have a custom fit-out compared to a standard factory shower screen. However, it is important to understand the expense.


A few questions you should ask yourself include the following:

  • What are the exact dimensions of your bathroom (walls, tub/shower space)?
  • Are other installations also standard factory models?
  • Are there any variations in your bathroom like slight unevenness?


In nearly every glass shower door installation, you will inevitably run into complications with measurements and fittings.


A prefabricated model has no wiggle room in cases where everything does not match up directly. However, customising the project will ensure a perfect fit for your bathroom.


Question: Why is the cost for a custom frameless shower screen so much higher than a factory model?


When you opt for a factory model, here’s what you get:

  • Frameless Shower Screen


You won’t receive anything other than the product itself. While you may have an installer on-hand or be equipped to do it yourself, are you ready for any complications or problems during the process?


When you choose a custom frameless glass sliding door, here’s what you get:

  • On-Site Measurements
  • Advice on the Best Glass Options
  • Custom Manufacturing of Glass Screen
  • Professional-Grade Installation of Frameless Shower Screen
  • Frameless Shower Screen


This illustrates precisely why the cost of a frameless shower screen is higher when you opt for the custom installation option. The value is derived from the comprehensive care and service you experience alongside a high-quality product.


Question: What is the difference in quality between custom and pre-fabbed frameless sliding shower screens?


Quality counts – both in the glass itself and in the installation. Customised frameless glass shower screen installations showcase better quality in the following ways:

  • Better Fit with More Precise Measurements
  • Expert Installation from Experienced Professionals
  • Custom Glass and Glaziers Based on Your Exact Space


For instance, imagine you are installing a shower screen in your bathroom. Everything is going smoothly, but then you notice a 35mm discrepancy in the measurements.


This may not seem like a significant difference, but it it is. Over time, this gap can cause water seepage, mould, and damage to the shower screen itself or to the existing bathroom fittings.


A custom installation, on the other hand, will be measured on-site to directly match your wall – gaps and unevenness included.


So, although you have to pay a higher price, you are saving yourself a lot of trouble down the road.


Question: What if you have a uniquely shaped wall or bathroom layout?


No two bathrooms are alike, which makes this custom glass shower screen installation question a common one.


Many custom home projects also include custom designs in bathroom layouts, wall dimensions, and other factors.


How can you hope to install a factory shower screen in these situations? You have two options to consider:

  1. Reconfigure your bathroom walls and layout to accommodate the factory-issued sliding glass screen.
  2. Have a custom screen installed that perfectly fits the space.


Despite the higher price to have a frameless shower screen custom-installed, think about this from a practical standpoint. In all likelihood, you’ll face more of a time commitment (and sometimes a higher cost in the long run) by opting for the cheaper factory alternative. In the case of a unique or unusual space, a custom screen is a necessity.


For example, take this curved shower door:


A curved glass door may not fit the way you envision it if you opt to use factory-issued screens. However, custom measurements taken on-site alongside a specifically manufactured door will ensure a perfect fit.


For many home builders, the peace of mind comes in the form of quality over price. Paying a higher premium now ensures consistent quality and a screen that’s built to last a lifetime.


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