Why Do We Get the White Staining on Our Shower Glass? How Can It be Prevented?

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Glass shower doors look great when they’re new and clean but over time they can accumulate stains that become hard which can, in turn, look like a white haze. When it does affect the glass, the shower’s attractiveness starts to fade.

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Why Hazy Spots Appear

Those white, hazy spots you see on the surface of your glass shower are caused by a build-up of minerals found in your water. When droplets of hard water evaporate or dry on the glass surface, alkaline and other minerals left behind, forming what you now see as white stains. On vertical surfaces, these spots look like overlapping shingles or scales. Thus, they often referred to as the “lime scale.”

Limescale is problematic for a lot of reasons. But in the bathroom, these dried-up minerals give residues of soap something extra to stick to, causing the build-up of soap scum to occur much faster. And we all know how menacing soap scum is. A combination of minerals, fatty acids, and body oils gives soap scum its familiar filmy or crusty lather and the ability to stick to marble, tile, and glass-like superglue.

How to Remove Remove Water Stains From Glass 

Remove water stains from glass, These hazy spots are notoriously difficult to remove. It is quite astonishing how there are tons of cleaning products that specifically made for this job yet none of them seem to actually work.

But don’t lose hope because effective lime scale cleaning methods do exist.

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Abrasives: Use the plain old elbow grease along with some help from non-liquid cleaners like baking soda and SOS pads to remove small-scale hard water deposits.

Lemon juice or Plain white vinegar: For older, larger stains, try spraying the area with vinegar or fresh lemon juice. Let it sit for about 15 minutes before scrubbing it away with a soft-bristled brush. If the glass shower still has visible white stains, sprinkle baking soda on the spot. And scrub the remaining stains away. Rinse and dry the area thoroughly afterward.

If the stubborn hazy spots still won’t go away no matter how hard you try to remove them, consider having the glass shower professionally cleaned.

Prevent It from Ever Happening Again

Although tricky, preventing stains from hard water is actually far easier than cleaning up. The messes and problems it could cause. The single most effective way to do so is to maintain the glass dry at all times. Invest in a squeegee or use a micro-fibre cloth to dry off. The glass surface right after taking a bath or shower.

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You may also want to consider having the glass treated with a glass treatment spray. So the water can bead up and easily run off its surface. Regular wiping will keep your glass shower stall clear and shiny for longer.

Never underestimate the importance of keeping your glass shower dry. While it may take up some of your time post-shower. It is certainly a lot less than having to spend hours on end trying to make your shower look like new again.

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