Toughened CIP Laminated Glass

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CIP Laminated Glass is a particular type of laminated glass.  Generally, laminated glass is produced via one of two methods.

The first of these methods and which is in fact the more common method produces a glass known as Poly Vinyl Butryal (PVB) Laminated Glass whereby a thin layer of PVB is sandwiched between two layers of glass using the process of heat and the application of pressure. This product is commonly used in door panels, windscreens in cars, and larger floor to ceiling glazing in residential homes.

The second method however is achieved by holding two separate sheets of glass together, parallel to one another and then pouring a resin into the very thin space between the two panes.  Then, using the application of Ultra-violet (UV) rays, the resin is cured and solidifies itself into a hard plastic state that quite naturally at this point, bonds the glass sheets together.  This produces what is known as CIP Laminated Glass.

With Toughened CIP Laminated safety glass the panes on either side of the interlayer are a toughened/ tempered safety glass adding considerable strength and a great product that can be used in a variety of applications

CIP Laminated Glass is much stronger than your normal laminated safety glass through its solidified interlayer; thus when something impacts the surface of the glass, rather than smashing to smithereens, the interlayer tends to absorb the damage and what damage there is, tends to cause a splintering effect rather than an outwardly shattering shower.

CIP laminates are used in the following applications

Balustrades – The safety features of this glass type ensures that a hand rail is not required. Whilst it is considerably more expensive that normal toughened safety glass normally used it ensures lines are much cleaner with minimal visual disturbance caused by handrails and other fixings required to meet Australian standards

Overhead glazing – Commonly used for large overhead canopies and roof glazing applications this specialty glass will ensure that if broken the panel will not come crashing down.

Floors – Because of its very high strength and load capacity CIP toughened laminates are always used in flooring applications. It’s always scary walking on glass floors but rest assured this glass is much stronger than many other building products on the market!

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