Tips to Using Mirrors in Small Spaces

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Want to use mirrors in small spaces? When you rent or own a small space you may be left wondering what you can do to enhance the rooms décor without creating too much clutter or crowding. With smaller rooms you must be careful to add the right impact in amounts that will make the room stand out even though it is small in size.

Mirrors are an excellent choice when choosing to decorate any interior for use mirrors in small spaces as they can add a lot of benefits to the room whilst providing subtle impact.  When a large mirror gets added to a small area it creates the illusion that the room has more depth and size. Mirrors can also help reflect light, and light by itself brings a new dimension to a room. When installing a mirror into a small room it wise to put it either across from a good piece of artwork. So, that the artwork better reflected in the room or across form a window. So, you can help bounce light into the room.

Putting a mirror behind a light source is also another good tip. It is amazing how different a room can look. And feel just by adding a few small mirrors with candles in front. This can create a surreal feel as well as make the room more inviting.

Although mirror walls often frowned upon and seem dated. If done properly a mirror wall can give a small space a brilliant appearance.

Although mirrors are very beneficial, here are a few things to not do when adding a mirror to the room.

Never place a mirror on the ceiling, a mirror on the ceiling often perceived as tacky.

Do not place mirrors in any random location, always be careful. And be aware of the surroundings of where you are placing your mirror. Always try to keep things symmetrical and in line to avoid visual disturbance.

There is no end to the benefits your room will receive when a mirror added in the correct spot. Just one mirror alone can break up the feeling of clutter and amplify the room’s light. It is always best to experiment with your mirrors. And find out which mirrors will work well for you or alternatively…

Ask the professionals, we install mirrors of various sizes and shapes every day.. In fact, we install thousands of mirrors every year so if in doubt don’t hesitate to contact us for the very best advice and service. Economy Glass is your mirror specialist.

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