How to Clean Your New Glass Products

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Glass makes everything look modern, stylish, and sophisticated. But like anything, it can easily collect dirt, dust and grime. To make sure it stays looking new and shiny, it does need some level of care and maintenance–a task many people do not look forward to doing.

Part of what makes glass cleaning a frustrating and tiring job is that homeowners insist on using the infamous newspaper and spray cleaner method. This is not a good idea as rubbing the glass with wadded-up paper towels or newspaper only moves the dirt around and produces static electricity, causing streaks and attracting more dust.

In order to keep your glass products in tip-top condition, you can’t simply spray on a bit of polish or glass cleaner and wipe it with crumpled paper. You’ll require the right tools and the right set of knowledge to make your glass products sparkle like new.

Below, we give you some simple tricks to ensure you don’t leave behind streaks, stains, and lint on glass surfaces.

Get Rid of Loose Dirt

Prior to cleaning your glass products, make sure to remove as much loose dust and dirt first. If you don’t, this loose debris could potentially cause scratches and streaks.

Use a Strip Applicator for Picture Windows

Large glass surfaces call for large tools, such as a strip applicator. So, This tool has a long cloth head that soaks up soapy water and effectively knocks dirt and grime lose without leaving scratches on the glass. Partner it with a cleaning solution made of warm water and dishwashing liquid.

For glass products with smaller surfaces, a handheld hog-bristle brush or sponge will do the trick. Opt for a natural one instead of synthetics. They are firmer and more absorbent.

Wipe Clean with a Squeegee

Instead of rinsing the glass with water, wipe it clean with a squeegee. So, Before having another go at it, wipe the tool’s blade clean with a microfiber cloth or lint-free rags, such as old linen napkins or cloth diapers, to avoid streaks and watermarks.

Swipe from Top to Bottom

Whether you are cleaning shower screens, windows, doors, or mirrors. It is important to note starting from the top and working your way down is the way to go it. And make sure to wipe it clean in one go. Otherwise, you risk leaving streaks along the glass.

Dry off the Drips on the Glass’s Edges

Remove any remaining soapy water on the edges of the glass and along the windowsill using a wrung-dry microfiber cloth or chamois.

To remove stubborn stains and spots that normal glass cleaning can’t. Gently rub it with either a fine 0000 steel wool. Or a wet towel dipped in a cleansing powder that contains oxalic acid. Adding a coating of surface protectant after “super cleaning” it will get rid of the stains for good.

If a good, meticulous cleaning just isn’t enough, consider having it professionally cleaned, repaired, or replaced.

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