Ecoshield Nanocoating – Why you should be using it on your next appropriate glass installation.

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Nanotechnology deals with the study of molecular and atomic particles, a world that is measured in nanometers (billionths of a meter or 10-9) and is 1000 times smaller than the human eye can see.

Nano coating technology research has come a long way since its first inception back in 1975 and ever since then consumer interest in such goods that incorporate nano coating’s protective features has steadily grown and now millions of items per year are being produced and utilized.

Ecoshield is a special nanotechnology product with a long-term hydrophobic effect on glass surfaces. This is not a sealer that forms a film. But rather is a modification of the surface on a molecular level to provide an easy-to-clean surface effect.

The particles themselves automatically bond at the nano level where liquid meets the glass. And this results in total and complete protection that outstrips all other previous and competing technologies.  It goes without saying of course that because nanotechnology is exactly that, the correspondent coating particles are not visible to the naked eye and so it doesn’t compromise the natural transparency of the glass.

The hydrophobic product works by repelling water and prevents the adhesion of foreign matter on the surface. (Easy to Clean/self-cleaning effect). An ultra-thin and invisible coating appears on the glass surface. As a result, dirt particles cannot penetrate the matrix of the surface. Water runs off easily from the treated surface. And all dirt particles washed off by rain or when rinsed with water

Why should you use it?

There are in fact many benefits, not the least of which is nanocoating’s durable longevity; nano coatings are of a long-lasting nature and so the glass that has this technology applied won’t require constant maintenance throughout its lifetime.

The fact that the particles themselves bond at the nano level also lends incredible strength and integrity to the glass that utilizes nanotechnology.  Inorganic and UV resistant, common cleaning methods such as pressure washers and surface cleaning agents will not weaken its durability or cause disruption to its organizational integrity. The surface even repels dirt and dust, frost, and rain.

On those rare occasions that such elements as dirt and dust do become attached. They can easily remove with a quick application of rinsing using clean water and a soft sponge. The coating is much, much smaller than the human eye can detect. Hence the coating is 100% transparent. Coated glass surfaces are not slippery and do not appear oily.

Never a need to use aggressive cleaners and mild detergents. That sometimes use and needed in many reduced volumes making your shower environmentally friendly. Taking all these benefits together then, it is easy to see why nano-coating is now the number one glass technology. And why you should be using it to protect your glass products and save you valuable cleaning time!

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