Double Glazing Is It Worth It?

Are you battling with sound issues, condensation in winter, or high heat in summer? Is your air conditioning running 24/7 in summer? In this article, I’m going to talk about a possible solution: double glazing. It’s not so common here in Melbourne, but in my hometown back in Southland, New Zealand, You would be crazy not to have it.

Double glazed windows involve bonding two glass panels together with a space between them. This space is then filled with argon gas and hermetically sealed. This is the only physical difference between
double glazed windows and single glazed glass, but when it comes to benefits, they’re worlds apart.

Benefits of Double Glazing

There are many benefits to double glazing:

1. Energy Efficiency: A lot of energy goes into heating and cooling devices; by acting as thermal barriers, double glazed windows and doors help you save north of 20% of energy.

2. Temperature Control: The space between both panels is a thermal barrier between your house and the outdoors. Their nature makes them better insulators, and they’re better equipped to keep the temperature of your home steady. Their temperature control feature makes sure your home is warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

3. Reduced Noise Levels: The insulating function of double glazed windows glass isn’t limited to temperature control. The space between the two panels also acts as an acoustic control device, making them semi-soundproof. They help to limit neighborhood noises, keeping them outside where they belong.

4. Reduced Condensation: Double glazed windows and doors reduce the risk of condensation. Since the inner panel stays at room temperature, there is no cold glass to aid condensation.

Conclusion Double glazed windows

Many customers often ask if they can install double glazing mainly to try and reduce noise after building a new home. Unfortunately, in Australia, A majority of the aluminum extrusions that are used by window manufacturers cannot be retrofitted with double glazing.

So, the decision to install double glazing and doors has to be taken before your home is built. And before you’ve confirmed the window types.

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