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How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Broken Window?

The Cost of a Broken Window

A broken window can leave your home exposed to the elements and exposed to risk of a break in. Replacing or repairing a broken window as soon as possible will help keep the cold of winter at bay and improve the security of your home. This applies whether is it the glass that is broken, or if it’s the frame or seals that requires repair.

In this post, we’ll go over the average cost of fixing a broken window, how to save money and even how to undertake some DIY repairs yourself.

Finally, we’ll answer a few of your frequently asked questions.

The cost to repair a standard window with no special glass requirement ranges between $250-$400.

How Can I Repair or Fix a Broken Window while Saving Money?

You can fix minor scratches on your window’s glass by yourself. You’ll just need some cerium oxide glass polish and a strong felt or leather buffing pad.

Don’t delay. Make an appointment as soon as you notice an issue with your window frame or glass. Delays can cause the repair to turn into an emergency, adding additional costs.

Lastly, check that the problem isn’t the window lock. Replacing that instead of the frame can save you money.

Sometimes, however, you just need a professional glazier. If so, contact Economy Glass.

Do I need to Repair or Replace my Broken Window?

Broken Glass


As we’ve already mentioned, you may take care of minor scratches yourself. However, if the scratch is large, get in touch with an expert because the glass may need to be replaced.


If you feel a draught when the window is closed, it may be because the seal has rotted. It will need to be replaced.

Blown Windows

If your window frame has a gap between the glass panes, moisture will get in between the panes and cause misting.

Broken Glass

You will need to replace your window if the glass is broken rather than scratched.

Broken Window Bars

If the window bars between each pane are broken, you will need to replace your window.

Window bars keep the glass panes in place. If they are broken, the glass can crack and fall out.

Window Seals or Gasket Failure

If your gasket or seals have failed, there may be an issue with the frame, or the seals may have worn out. Condensation and mould can also weaken the seals.

Rotten Timber Frames

If the timber frame is rotten or the uPVC is discolouring, water will enter via the rotting or warped frame from the outside, and damp issues may result. Additionally, security is compromised because the frame may be easily broken into.

What’s Involved in Repairing or Replace Broken Window?

Generally, window repairs involve:

  • Glass
  • Site Survey
  • Labour
How to fit a new pane of glass. given that you have a measured, new piece of glass to fit.
  • You must first take out any broken glass from the window frame.
  • Put on safety gloves, and beginning at the top, gently knock out any remaining glass with a hammer.
  • With a chisel, remove all the old putty, brushing away any dust and dirt.
  • Add new putty into the window rebate. Use your thumb and firmly press it in.
  • The putty should be around three millimetres in thickness.
  • Place the new pane of glass at the bottom of the frame now. Push the glass into the putty after working around the edges.
  • Place glazing panel pins flat against the surface of the windowpane at intervals of around 200mm to secure the glass.
  • Add more putty, pushing it along the edge of the window rebate. With the use of a putty knife, carefully apply the putty to the desired location.
  • To create a flat surface, wet the putty knife and smooth over the putty. Make sure to also smooth the putty in the angles of the frame.
  • Leave to cure for about two weeks. You can paint the window frame after this time.
How Can I Locate and Hire a Glazing Company in Western Suburbs?

Start by asking family, friends, and work colleagues. A good referral is invaluable.

Conduct an internet search and choose a glass company near you. 

You can also contact Economy Glass for quality glass products, glass repair & replacement services in Melbourne.  Economy Glass is an expert glass company with years of experience in glass installation and repairs, serving WERRIBEE and Melbourne’s Western Suburbs.

Why Spring Is The Best Time To Have Glass Windows Replaced

After the days and weeks of shoveling snow that has now melted, the smell of the morning dew starts to become stronger, signaling a new season that is upon us. Spring then greets you with a warm embrace that is enough to have caused the snow to melt in your front yard.

The smell of spring is very distinct in that it becomes welcoming once you have noticed the temperature rise a bit and the snow melting, and it does raise a lot of ideas of things to do.

It can be going back to outdoor sports or going on another trip, continuing with the side project that you have probably been planning, or completing some long overdue home renovations. One of these home projects could be replacing or having your windows repaired.

Repairing Vs. Window glass replacement

You may have probably considered having your windows repaired before coming to the conclusion of replacing your windows entirely. Still, we should always keep in mind that some repairs may only lead to short-term solutions.

Some factors that considered in a repair before replacing your windows could be small cracks, and slow-moving. Or stuck window sashes, or minor shoddy window exterior casing.

Then their instances that should considered: Water leakage, condensation, broken faux muntins or mullions, or significant structural damage. Short-term repairs can costlier in the long run than replacing your windows entirely. Weigh the pros and cons. Make your decision to opt for repair or window glass replacement services in Melbourne.

Why Spring?

Now, replacing your windows during springtime is a good idea, especially if it is past its due by seeing some telltale signs. These are such as decaying frames, condensation in the window panels, and higher energy bills. Or as simple as getting drafts in your home.

Having these nuances can cost you more over time. It’s better to have this addressed during the best time of the year, which is spring. Aside from the delightful weather that it brings, assessment for damages is better as compared to extremely cold or hot conditions.

In colder climates, your windows are more prone to condensation and cracking. In the summertime, frames tend to crack which can also lead to drafts. It has also proven that should you get your windows replaced by spring. You will save on energy costs a lot more throughout the year.

Your window glass replacement during spring would mean that the temperature maintained by the heater. Or air conditioning units of your house keep at optimum when the windows closed, hence a lesser impact on your energy bills.

During window glass replacement services in Melbourne in spring, you can opt to close doors to prevent the cool air inside the air from getting out. Depending on your location, summertime may bring unwanted thunderstorms, which could delay window replacement.

Installation Concerns

Spring installation is easier for contractors. They not delayed by snow or exposed to heat exhaustion. It also proven that installation during spring or summer is beneficial as caulk and paint adhere quicker.

Most home renovation companies give discounts or promotions during the spring as the season presents the best time for installation. The prices of a window installation significantly vary depending on the seasons.

The cost of window glass replacement services in Melbourne during spring compared to be comparatively cheaper than in other seasons, especially winter.

Wintertime would be more challenging as the temperature is not ambient for window glass replacement. Logistics for contractors would be more difficult.

Also, Installation prices can change depending on the season and other factors such as availability, competition, and materials.


6 Reasons Why You Need To Invest In Window Glass Replacement

When did your home get its current set of windows? If you don’t replace your windows, the years will pass.
There are, however, some undeniable benefits to replacing old leaky windows with energy-efficient ones.
Check out the top 7 benefits of replacing your home’s windows by hiring a glass replacement service in Melbourne, if you are undecided!

1. Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Replacement windows will make your home more energy efficient, which is not only better for the environment, but also better for the wallet.

Your HVAC system will be less stressed by many types of windows, which help insulate and regulate temperatures. Window systems can help you save up to 30% on your home’s heating and cooling costs!
For the greatest amount of energy savings, vinyl windows are preferable to fiberglass, aluminum, or wood windows.
The gas fills between the panes of multiple-pane glass, further reducing the potential transfer of heat.
If you are looking for top-rated energy-efficient window manufacturers in your area, check out the Energy Star website.

2. Increase The Value Of Your Home

The most effective way to quickly increase the value of your home if you plan to sell it or flip it in the near future is to replace old windows.

Windows can offer a 90% return on investment when it comes to curb appeal. Invest wisely when replacing windows. Make sure that the provider of glass replacement service in Melbourne is well established, offers lifetime warranties, and that the products and installations are reputable.

3. Maintain Consistent Indoor Temperatures

Up to 70% of solar heat gain can be blocked by new, energy-efficient windows, helping to keep your home consistently cool and keep your HVAC system working efficiently.
Are you concerned about your furnace working overtime in the winter and costing you money in the form of utility bills? Watch out for i89 glass coatings; they help trap heat, saving energy.

4. Protect Your Furniture

Sun damage can wreak havoc on the colors of your furniture, carpet, and curtains. Consider LowE glass coating for your replacement windows to reduce color fading by up to 75%.

5. Block Noise And Keep Your Privacy

For those living in busy cities or intersections, outside noises can be a real source of distraction in the home.
An old, dated window does little to keep outside noises out and inside noises in. So, By choosing multi-pane glass for your home, you will be able to minimize conductive and convective heat losses.
You’ll be able to live in peace and privacy since sound transmission from the exterior to the interior will greatly reduced.
Experienced professionals offering glass replacement service in Melbourne can help your acoustic rating, such as thick or laminated glass if you live in an especially noisy area.

6. Added Security

Unfortunately, older conventional windows provide little protection for your home. Today’s windows equipped with better hardware that is virtually impossible to open from outside.
The best windows for a truly secure home laminated glass windows. They can withstand up to 40 hits from a baseball bat before losing their structural integrity.
Additionally, multi-point locks provide added security and protection.

Finally, make sure you hire experienced professionals from Economy Glass to help you with glass replacement service in Melbourne.