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A Simple Glass Cleaning Trick for Really Grimey Glass


When it comes to glass features in your homes like window glass and sliding doors, especially with the surfaces that face the outdoors, let’s face it, they can get really dirty. All the dirt particles and pollutants in the air can start to take up residence on your beautiful glass. The grease and debris that can end up on your glass splashback in the kitchen and the mineral buildup and soap scum on your frameless glass shower can also become frustrating problems.

When you find you have a really dirty glass, you have two problems. One, you aren’t getting the clarity and beauty your home’s glass products should provide. And two – you have a rather tough cleaning job on your hands!

To make your life easier – and to help you enjoy that crystal clear you should see with your windows, shower screens, and other features – here’s a simple glass cleaning trick you can use to achieve fantastic results.

Start with the Right Glass Cleaning Supplies

In order to clean your glass and remove all that grit and grime, we recommend using a good quality scouring pad. We have specially formulated polishing pads that we use on glass surfaces before applying an EnduroShield treatment, which is used to protect glass surfaces from buildup. These scouring pads are a little pricier, but they do the job well when your goal is to get rid of every little speck of dirt and buildup on the glass.

You can use a similar product or any other high-quality polishing pad – the ones we use are made from fine steel wool, and they are designed for glass surfaces. The reason they’re so effective is they help you get a thorough clean, but they aren’t too abrasive for glass surfaces as long as you don’t use harsh scrubbing. Make sure you don’t use something that will scratch your glass! You can also use quality cleaning rag. Just make sure you are using a clean, lint-free sponge, cleaning pad, or rag.

Next, you just want to use a good glass cleaner. It’s better to avoid harsh, chemical-heavy cleaning products, but what you do want is a product that will get really soapy and wet on the glass surface when you spray it on. This lubrication will help to draw up all the dirt and muck. It will also stop your scouring pad or rag from scratching the glass with the grit that you’re trying to remove. We use a citrus-based glass cleaner, but you can also use a truck wash or any other similar product.

Easy Steps to Achieve Beautifully Clean Glass

Now, it’s time to work our magic.

  • First, wash the glass with fresh water to rinse off any surface dirt.
  • Next, spray the glass with your glass cleaner. You can use a generous amount – remember, you want that nice wet and lubricated surface.
  • Now, take your scouring pad and lightly go over the glass, trying to polish away all the dirt and grime. To do this, use a simple, circular movement, making circles all the way from the top and working your way to the bottom.

The trick is to make sure you use this circular motion over the entire glass surface. This way, you won’t miss any spots. Also, you don’t want to apply a lot of pressure – just a consistent, gentle pressure for your scrubbing motion.

When you do this, you can usually hear the muck and residue lifting off the glass. Be sure to make sure the pad you are using is not scratching the glass though! You’ll also notice a nice foam building up over the surface where you’ve scrubbed. This lets you know you’ve cleaned the glass in its entirety.

Now, you’re ready to clear off all your cleaning product and reveal that sparkling glass underneath. To do this, take a basic household squeegee. This is a much softer sponge that will help to soak up all the moisture and cleaning product.

Start at the top and wipe across the glass, removing all your residue. Do this same step all the way to the bottom, starting at one side and wiping across. That’s all there is to it! You can clean the glass with some freshwater, and the job’s done.

This is a really simple way to deal with even the toughest glass cleaning jobs. It’s great for glass windows, sliding doors, and other glass features that are regularly exposed to muck and dirt.

What about Routine Glass Cleaning – Do I Need to Use the Glass Cleaning Trick?

This glass cleaning trick is perfect for glass that needs a lot of tender loving care. With glass surfaces in the home that don’t see a lot of dirt, like mirrors and balustrading, or for window and shower screen glass that doesn’t look particularly dirty, you don’t need to use the scouring pad and the squeegee, nor do you need to wash the glass off with fresh water to get started. You can simply spray with a gentle glass cleaner and then use the same circular motion with a clean rag, such as a detail rag. Then, instead of wiping away the product and residue with a squeegee, use a clean microfibre cloth to soak up any moisture and to buff the glass.

What if I Can’t Get My Glass Fully Clean?

The thing about glass is that when it’s clean, it will always look like new. If your glass looks mucky or discoloured even after you clean it, it may have some intensive buildup on the surface. If you find that you have soap scum or other stains that you simply can’t get rid of, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We have a few other glass cleaning tricks up our sleeves!



How the Experts Clean Glass

Keeping the glass in your home flawlessly clean will help you get the most out of all your beautiful glass surfaces. Fortunately, residential glass products tend to require minimal maintenance, but you’ll still want to keep your glass dirt and smudge-free so you can enjoy them. From glass mirrors to splashbacks and balustrading, here’s a detailed look at how to clean glass like an expert.

What You Need to Keep the Glass in Your Home Looking Spotless

There’s nothing more stunning – or more serene – than clean glass. Without any smudges or accumulated dust and grime, your home’s glass features can interact with the light the way you want them to, whether you’re after a brilliant reflective surface for your glass mirrors or the minimalist aesthetic of crystal clear glass balustrades and shower doors.

When I or my team clean glass, we like to have specific tools to ensure a perfect finish. After all, when it comes to cleaning glass, subpar doesn’t cut it because even a minor smudge or mark can stand out, ruining the pristine feel of the glass.

Working with different types of glass and glass cleaning supplies over the years, we can say for sure that the quality of your cleaning materials matters. We like to use high-quality cleaning rags and a premium citrus-based glass cleaner that we’ve found to be really effective.

  • Glass cleaning rags – We use two different rags. The first is a general detail rag and the second is a microfibre cloth.
  • Glass cleaner – Our glass cleaner of choice is a simple housemade blend of water and a citrus-based product.

5 Steps to Cleaning Your Glass Like a Pro

With these steps, you’ll be able to achieve an outstanding finish with every type of glass you own. You can use the same process whether you’re working with glass table tops, bathroom mirrors, glass pool fencing, or anything else – this process works well for both indoor and outdoor glass features.

1. Apply a generous amount of glass cleaner to the glass. The goal is to completely cover the surface. If you’re worried your glass cleaner is going to run onto the flooring, your mirror frame, or another surface, you can cover it before cleaning.

2. Let the glass cleaner sit for at least 10 seconds, although 30 seconds or even a little longer is better. As the glass cleaner sits on the surface, it will lubricate the glass and slowly start to remove any accumulated grime.

3. Lubricate your first cleaning rags – the detailing cloth – by spraying some of your glass cleaner on it. This will create a smooth surface that makes it easy to remove spots on the glass.

4. Take your lubricated cleaning rags and start wiping across the surface, cleaning from side to side. Keep doing this until every part of the glass is cleaned – you really want to make sure you don’t miss any spots. These rags aren’t the best at sucking up all the excess moisture and residue that’s left from your cleaning product, but this isn’t their job anyway. The next step – the secret trick glass experts use – will take care of the residue.

5. Next, use your dry microfibre cloth and wipe all the remaining residue off the glass. To do this, start at the top and then buff the glass in a circular motion. Work your way all the way down to the bottom with the same circular technique. As you buff the glass, you’re picking up any leftover moisture and you’re getting the glass completely spot-free. It’s this step that creates that desired sparkling clean look.

Expert Glass Cleaning Tips

Here are some pro tips that can help to make cleaning your glass even easier.

It’s really important to use the right cleaner to help you get that streak-free finish. Some cheap glass cleaners can leave you with unwanted streaks. A cleaner with a citrus or vinegar base will help to keep your glass streak-free.

Make sure you’re using a new, clean microfibre cloth when you buff your glass. When you wipe the glass with a circular motion to pick up any leftover glass cleaner residue, if there is any dust or grime on your microfibre cloth, you’ll end up depositing it onto your freshly cleaned glass!

Once you’re done, you can look at the glass from a 45-degree angle to make sure you didn’t leave any streaks or marks. From this angle, you’ll see extra light on the glass, which can help to illuminate any remaining spots or streaks. If you do notice anything, you can simply spray the spot, and follow the same process, wiping first with the detailing rag and then buffing with a clean microfibre cloth in a circular motion.

How Often Should You Clean Your Glass?

You can clean the glass in your home as often as you’d like. One of the advantages of glass is that it’s incredibly long-lasting and it ages well unlike other materials like timber and some synthetics. You won’t harm it if you want to clean it all the time.

On the other hand, internal glass products don’t need to be cleaned frequently. Features like balustrading and living room mirrors often stay clean for longer periods of time. As a rule of thumb, you can clean glass as part of your normal house cleaning routine, or even less if you don’t notice any marks on the glass. For glass that’s more heavily used or that’s vulnerable to accumulating dust, like kitchen splashbacks, bathroom mirrors, and glass table tops, you may want to clean more frequently. Outdoor glass features like pool fencing can benefit from a more aggressive cleaning schedule as they have more potential for dirt and smudging. Now that you know how professional glaziers clean their glass products, you can keep all the glass in your home eye-catchingly clean! The best part is, you can restore that pristine, like-new aesthetic in just a few minutes …now if only cleaning the stove was that simple. 



EnduroShield Easy Clean Glass Coating

Are you tired of your shower screen looking dirty no matter how much effort and cleaning materials you put into getting it clean? If you are, we have a glass coating product that can help you out. Our product is called EnduroShield, and in this article, I’m going to tell you about its high-performance coating work, how you can cut your cleaning time in half, and reduce elbow grease exponentially.

Daily, we get queries on how to clean glass properly and what products to use; our answer is always the same. We use a basic glass coating that we’ve been using for years over because many tests found it to be the best product.

So what’s our ticket to the easy life and keeping your glass clean? ENDUROSHIELD.

Enduroshield is a High performance Nanocoating protective layer that we apply to the glass surface.

Once the EnduroShield glass coating has been applied to the glass, it is incredibly easy to clean. It is not a never-clean product, it just makes cleaning much easier than it is without it.

EnduroShield is an easy clean coating for glass that repels dirt and grime, this means that once the coating is put on a glass surface, it makes it 10x easier to clean and reduces cleaning time by 90%.

All you need to clean a glass surface protected by EnduroShield is a hot, soapy sponge, some fresh water, and a squeegee, and your glass will stay good as new for at least 10 years. All it costs is a couple hundred dollars to get 10 years’ worth of protection for your shower screen, now this is a deal you shouldn’t pass up.

I’ve focused on shower screens in this article, but EnduroShield can be used for a wide range of glass, ceramic, porcelain tile, grout, stainless steel, and chrome surfaces. If you think you’ll need it for your next glass project, don’t hesitate to contact us.