Argon Gas – Why Do We Use It in Double Glazed Units

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Argon glass has recently began to get notice as an energy efficient tool anyone can take advantage of for their home. Argon is a colorless and odorless gas. Its symbol is Ar on the periodic table. It also makes up about one percent of the atmosphere. It has long been used in other home products, such as fluorescent tubes and electric bulbs. The Australian government has a rating system that assigns a grade for energy efficiency to windows. Those double-glazed windows made with argon gas have been getting some of the highest ratings for energy efficiency.

A double-glazed window is a window that is created with a set of two glass window panes. The window panes place separately in the window frame space and there is air in the space between the two panes. The space between the two panes known as the cavity. Normally, the air vacuum and sealed in the cavity. This helps for both insulation and reducing noise from outside. In recent years, some double-glazed windows made with different inert glasses. Argon is the most popular and widely used. It is perfectly safe to use argon gas as a substitute for air in the double-glazed window pane.

Normal air is mainly nitrogen and oxygen. However, argon is already present in the air naturally. This new idea of filling the cavity of double-glazed windows with argon gas may be slightly higher price-wise than traditional air-filled double-glazed windows. However, when argon glass used then energy efficiency savings come into play! Savings of up to 30% can achieve on household energy bills when going with argon gas in a double-glazed window. This means that even if a little more cash shelled out when the windows place in the home the savings will continue year after year. This also means that the home will retain heat in the winter and a/c in the summer better than other windows.

Another important factor to note in choosing argon gas in double-glazed windows is that the gas will not leak. Also, unlike plasma televisions that need plasma refills every few years double glazed windows filled with argon gas do not need to refill for the life of the window. Low maintenance is always a plus when choosing any product for a home!

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