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How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Broken Window?

The Cost of a Broken Window

A broken window can leave your home exposed to the elements and exposed to risk of a break in. Replacing or repairing a broken window as soon as possible will help keep the cold of winter at bay and improve the security of your home. This applies whether is it the glass that is broken, or if it’s the frame or seals that requires repair.

In this post, we’ll go over the average cost of fixing a broken window, how to save money and even how to undertake some DIY repairs yourself.

Finally, we’ll answer a few of your frequently asked questions.

The cost to repair a standard window with no special glass requirement ranges between $250-$400.

How Can I Repair or Fix a Broken Window while Saving Money?

You can fix minor scratches on your window’s glass by yourself. You’ll just need some cerium oxide glass polish and a strong felt or leather buffing pad.

Don’t delay. Make an appointment as soon as you notice an issue with your window frame or glass. Delays can cause the repair to turn into an emergency, adding additional costs.

Lastly, check that the problem isn’t the window lock. Replacing that instead of the frame can save you money.

Sometimes, however, you just need a professional glazier. If so, contact Economy Glass.

Do I need to Repair or Replace my Broken Window?

Broken Glass


As we’ve already mentioned, you may take care of minor scratches yourself. However, if the scratch is large, get in touch with an expert because the glass may need to be replaced.


If you feel a draught when the window is closed, it may be because the seal has rotted. It will need to be replaced.

Blown Windows

If your window frame has a gap between the glass panes, moisture will get in between the panes and cause misting.

Broken Glass

You will need to replace your window if the glass is broken rather than scratched.

Broken Window Bars

If the window bars between each pane are broken, you will need to replace your window.

Window bars keep the glass panes in place. If they are broken, the glass can crack and fall out.

Window Seals or Gasket Failure

If your gasket or seals have failed, there may be an issue with the frame, or the seals may have worn out. Condensation and mould can also weaken the seals.

Rotten Timber Frames

If the timber frame is rotten or the uPVC is discolouring, water will enter via the rotting or warped frame from the outside, and damp issues may result. Additionally, security is compromised because the frame may be easily broken into.

What’s Involved in Repairing or Replace Broken Window?

Generally, window repairs involve:

  • Glass
  • Site Survey
  • Labour
How to fit a new pane of glass. given that you have a measured, new piece of glass to fit.
  • You must first take out any broken glass from the window frame.
  • Put on safety gloves, and beginning at the top, gently knock out any remaining glass with a hammer.
  • With a chisel, remove all the old putty, brushing away any dust and dirt.
  • Add new putty into the window rebate. Use your thumb and firmly press it in.
  • The putty should be around three millimetres in thickness.
  • Place the new pane of glass at the bottom of the frame now. Push the glass into the putty after working around the edges.
  • Place glazing panel pins flat against the surface of the windowpane at intervals of around 200mm to secure the glass.
  • Add more putty, pushing it along the edge of the window rebate. With the use of a putty knife, carefully apply the putty to the desired location.
  • To create a flat surface, wet the putty knife and smooth over the putty. Make sure to also smooth the putty in the angles of the frame.
  • Leave to cure for about two weeks. You can paint the window frame after this time.
How Can I Locate and Hire a Glazing Company in Western Suburbs?

Start by asking family, friends, and work colleagues. A good referral is invaluable.

Conduct an internet search and choose a glass company near you. 

You can also contact Economy Glass for quality glass products, glass repair & replacement services in Melbourne.  Economy Glass is an expert glass company with years of experience in glass installation and repairs, serving WERRIBEE and Melbourne’s Western Suburbs.

Broken Glass And Your Insurance Claim

kitchen glass splashbacks

SOURCE: Economy Glass

Did you know that windows with high concentrations of rental properties tend to break more often? This is because such neighborhoods are typically located near college campuses and nightlife destinations. These residences consider areas with relatively high rates of property crime. As a matter of fact, broken windows are often caused by drunken vandals or disputants who get agitated or violent.

Broken Glass Insurance Claim- Replacing a broken window is a relatively common repair. These are just windows– unnoticeable in your everyday life. However, the cost of repairing and replacing a broken window can be expensive. The total cost of a broken window can easily exceed $500. This prompts many homeowners to contemplate making claims against their homeowners’ insurance policies to secure window replacement costs.

The insurance provider will often assess the amount of damage based on the window’s glass, frame, and surrounding structure. How the window breaks will be the insurance provider’s primary focus. For an instance, there an additional cost for cleaning up the affected carpets, floors, and furniture if the window shatters into the house. Any injuries associated with the broken glass will evidently inflate the broken window’s costs by an order of magnitude.

If one of the windows in your home has been broken in the past, it is necessary to ask your insurance provider whether your window’s cleanup and repair costs will covered by your policy. This is because such an incident may repeat itself.

In insurance, there are open-peril policies and named-risk policies. Open-peril policies cover any cause not specifically excluded from your policy while named-risk policies only provide coverage for causes listed in your policy.

Generally, every homeowner’s insurance policy covers certain “acts of God”. These “acts of God” refer to storm-related wind damage, flying debris, and other unforeseeable occurrences. Furthermore, most insurance policies cover random human-generated incidents. Therefore, if an out-of-control vehicle drives through the first floor of a house and breaks its window. A client does not need to personally pay for the repairs.

On the other hand, there a big probability that an insurance policy will not cover broken windows arising from your own negligence. Failure to cull a tree limb that strays too close to your window makes you liable for any caused damage. The insurance providers will also refuse to cover cleanup and repair costs on any window that broken from the inside of your home.

It is noteworthy to remember that many rental owners’ insurance policies do not cover the cost of non-structural repairs like rental properties. Consequently, the landlord’s insurance company could deny any claim on the property. This is when the landlord would ask a tenant to cover the cost of the damaged window in his room. If the tenant deems this request to be unfair, he or she may need to bring a small-claims court case against the landlord or withhold rent payments until the situation resolved.

Despite all the hassles of maintaining and replacing windows. It is necessary to do so since windows aid the ventilation of the house. It is good to choose the best company for window repairs so that, with or without a grant of a broken glass insurance claim, the quality of window repairs will not be compromised.

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