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The Benefits of Double Glazing (Infographic)

Heat loss and heat gain through windows is inevitable, but there is an effective way to keep your home warm or cool while also being energy efficient. We’re not talking about covering up your windows with thick curtains or drapes, neither do we mean setting your A/C to it’s coldest temp.

Specifically engineered to reduce heat loss from indoor environments, double glazing is the eay to go. Beyond solar gain and heat loss reductions, double glazed glass doors and windows offer tons of other benefits.

The following are some of the advantages you would be looking at when you install double glazed windows and doors in your home:

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The Benefits of Double Glazing

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If you are on the market for new windows or upgrading your old windows chances are you will hear the words “double glazing”.  When a person first hears the term “double glazing” they may attempt to interpret this into something different then what it actually means.

What are double glazed windows?

The phrase double glaze simply refers to two panes of glass with a very small space in between them. The space is tightly sealed to ensure no moisture or air movement can get between the two panes.

How do double glazed windows work?

Double glazing is when two panes of windows are brought together in a unit and then sealed through a special process. The space between the two panes of windows is very small and traps still air which creates insulation for the windows.

How effective is double glazing?

Glass is known to be a good heat conductor it often attracts the heat within a room and transfers it through the glass, which is a good thing for warmer weather but in weather much colder this could lead to a lot of heat loss. However, with a double glazed window heat gets attracted to the window but will not be transferred out of it because of the layer of protection added by the space of air in-between the two window panes. This is also beneficial in holding colder air in for rooms that have air conditioning. Double glazing isn’t only beneficial for cold weather!

Why Double Glazing is Worth the Extra Cost

Double glazed windows may end up exceeding your initial intended window budget, but the extra cost of double glazed windows is well worth it. Houses in which have double glazed windows installed are 50% more energy efficient then homes with single pane windows. The home will create less draft and stay at a much more comfortable temperature with minimal fluctuation. Other added benefits include noise reduction as well as UV and fading reduction. Homeowners who switched to double glazed windows often notice a huge difference in their electric or gas bills almost immediately as it takes much less energy to heat your home in winter or cool your home in summer.

Although it is entirely up to the buyer on what type of windows they go with, it is now highly recommended for homeowners to be upgrading their houses to be more energy efficient.

There are now great products on the market such as Thermawood which means you no longer have to replace the frames. This system enables you to now fit your existing windows with retrofit double glazing which is great to ensure you don’t compromise the appearance or the character of the home.

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