Custom Glass for Bathroom Renovation Companies

Glass Services for Bathroom Renovation Companies

If you’re looking for local Bathroom Renovation companies to streamline your process for all glass and glazing-related needs, we can help you out. Here at Economy Glass, we believe in quick, safe, and sturdy work so you can rest assured that we are going to provide you with the best quality glass and glazing services in good time.

Here’s why you should trust us:

We’re Reliable

In all our years in business, one thing has stood true: customers love service providers they can rely on. You can rely on us to provide the best quality service in good time. We only use quality products and we implement best practices in our finishings so your customers are happy. Just like yours, our reputation matters to us and we wouldn’t do anything to jeopardise it. If you’re looking for a reputable and reliable local glass and glazing company for your next project, then feel free to get in touch. We’d love to work with you.

Attention to Detail

As traders, we understand the importance of paying attention to the little things in order to ensure that a job plays out according to plan so the customer gets his delivery at the right time. Once we have our initial consultation with you and determine what you require and how you want the job to play out, we make sure to adhere to that protocol.

Feel free to walk into our shop and we’d be glad to speak to you. We’re located at 415 Old Geelong Road in the service lane on the left-hand side, heading east towards Melbourne. We’re the big yellow building. You can’t miss us.


Glass & Glazing Services for Home Builders

Glass Services for Home Builders

Glass Services for Home Builders. Are you a custom home builder that’s looking for a reputable glass company to partner with on any upcoming projects? Here’s how working with a reputable glass company can help save you loads of stress, time, and money on your next project.

What We Do

Here at Economy Glass, we love working with local home builders for all their glass-related products. We’re a one-stop shop for all glass services-related products under one roof. Also, we love to offload all of our decades of knowledge and design advice to help you provide your customers with the very best products. As tradies, we understand the importance of small details and great service for your customers. So, We work towards ensuring that the right design and the right product installed at the right time and in the right place.

Working with us means that you can tap into our wealth of knowledge and expertise to give your customers the home they deserve. We’re a one-stop shop for all your glass and glazing needs. So, not only are we more convenient, we save you time and money. Further, you can rest assured that our team of professionals will deliver a top-notch job with no supervision from you so you can focus on other aspects of the job.

How We Work

Armed with over three decades worth of experience, we provide a wealth of advice and knowledge. Economy Glass acts as your partner and your sounding board. So, that we can apply our years of experience on complex installations, and ensure that we can resolve all those small details or issues that you may have in your next build.

We use high-quality products from local suppliers and ensure that our lead times are consistent. We work to ensure that you won’t have any issues with items breaking down or any such defects.

Glass Services in Melbourne

Economy Glass provides automation throughout the job, continually updating you on job progress. We also provide photos and documentation on every job. So, if you need those details down the line, they’re only one phone call away. We’ve got a quote acceptance process as well, which makes it easy for you to accept our quotes and work with us.

We love working with custom home builders; the relationships that we build, and more importantly, the places that we work on. We’re in awe of the projects you win, and we love doing the lovely clean and design work that just brings it all together. So, if you need a glass company for your next project, then feel free to reach out and get in touch. You can speak to one of our agents via our contact page or walk into our showroom.

We’re easy to find. We’re located at 415 Old Geelong Road, on the left-hand side, in the service lane, heading east towards Melbourne. Alternatively, punch Economy Glass into Google or Apple maps, and it’ll bring you straight to our showroom. We’re the big yellow building. You can’t miss us.


Custom Mirror & Splashbacks for Cabinet Makers

Glass Services for Cabinet Makers

Are you a local cabinet maker based in Hoppers Crossing or Werribee or Melbourne area? Do you often get asked to quote splashbacks, mirrors, or other glass-related products in your joinery package? Well, we can help with that. Partnering with us at Economy Glass would be beneficial to your company and ours. We can provide you with a quote for the glass-related products and their installation. We’ll work to ensure that your customer gets the best service.

Why Should You Partner with Us?

All our splashbacks manufactured from high-quality products, using an automated paint line, CNC cutting, and processing. We use toughened safety glass on all of our splashbacks to ensure the longevity of the product, and that there are no issues down the track. We have a wide range of colors, using any of the Dulux range or finishes. Moreover, other minor details such as cut-outs, notches, or power points can accommodated.

Our splashbacks measure using laser equipment, and drawn to perfection, ensuring that we can provide you and your customer with consistent lead times. You can rest assured that the job will complete on time, and on budget. All final installations done using mildew-resistant silicone. Once the job finished, we take photos and then relay them back to you as the main contractor.

There are many benefits of working with a local glass company, but one readily comes to mind. Partnering with us takes the pain and organization of the job away from you and ensures that all of the technical aspects of the job covered by people who know it best. We’re in the glass game, and we want to provide your customers with all the information that they need to make a reliable and great decision on their splashback.

How it Works

To start a job, send the relevant measurements and other details so that we can provide you with a quick and accurate quote. As a cabinet maker, you can take some measurements and photos while finishing up your cabinetry and send them to our email address, and we will have a quote back to you the same day.

You can then build this price into your quotation and send it off to your customer. If the customer accepts it, then our great partnership begins. Once you’re done installing all your cabinetry, give us a call, and we’d send a member of our team in for the site consultation with your client to ensure that we meet their specific needs.

If you’re a cabinet maker in the local Hoppers Crossing or Werribee area, and you’re looking for a reliable glass company to help you on any projects, whether it be splashbacks, mirrors, or other glass-related products, then feel free to get in touch and we’ll show you how we can help you with the next project. You can reach out via our contact page or walk into our showroom.
We’re easy to find. Economy Glass located at 415 Old Geelong Road, on the left-hand side in the service lane, heading east towards Melbourne or punch Economy Glass into Google or Apple Maps, and it’ll bring you straight to our showroom. We’re a big yellow building; you can’t miss us.


Glass & Glazing Services for Maintenance Companies

Glass Services for Maintenance Companies

Economy glass is a glass company, As a maintenance company or builder with many properties in the local area, it’s hard to keep up with all the trades and sub-trades that complete works on your behalf. Sometimes, your subcontractors don’t work at the agreed speed or fail to deliver the kind of work you want. These two of the main reasons builders and maintenance companies trust Economy Glass with their glass and glazing-related jobs. We deliver fast and top-notch services at affordable rates and our staff always happy to help.

Relationships Matter to Us

We believe in the power of relationships to keep our doors open. Beyond building a business, we desire to build friendships with our business partners. We would love for you to come to see us or reach out to kickstart our journey together. You can introduce yourself and your business to us which will, in turn, help us create a personalized service just for you.

Delivery Time

For a large number of our builders, the most important thing is the lead time. They need these jobs completed quickly and efficiently, and that is what we do. From our instant quotes to quick and efficient installations, we’re committed to ensuring that the job is done as well and fast as possible. However, we have lead times from our suppliers that we need to adhere to. For any toughened glass or double-glazed units, the normal lead time is 7 to 10 days. If it’s just an annealed float glass or a standard window, more often than not, we can complete these jobs on the first visit, especially if we’ve got the glass in stock.

Making an Inquiry

When you walk into our shop or reach out to us, we provide you with a detailed information sheet of exactly what we require when you’re organizing or ordering a glass replacement service. For instance, approximate dimensions, photos, and a clear-cut description of the works. And where it’s being undertaken in your house can save you loads of time and ensure that you get a quick quote accurately and efficiently. Giving us accurate details makes it easy for our staff and us. It means you can get an instant quote and our boys don’t spend a lot of time looking for the right window to fix or take multiple trips to get needed materials.

Our business model set up with you in mind. We can provide you with automatic updates when on the job, invoices, and quotes from the site, as well as detailed photos and reports explaining what work has complete and what condition we found the site in when we arrived.

For builders or maintenance companies, we serve all of the western suburbs. You can find our locations on the contact us page. We look forward to working with you.


Fast Glass Replacement for Real Estate Companies

Need Glass repair or glass replacement service? Are you a real estate agent looking to fix up a house before your next showing? Do you have trouble keeping up with your sub-trades, or a landlord with tenants moving in soon? Then, Economy Glass can help you out.

  • Quick and Safe Glass Repair
  • Emergency Glass Replacement
  • Highest Quality
  • Affordable Rates

Working With Us Is Easy

The more detailed, the better. Giving us accurate and complete information ensures that if your inquiry is submitted by email, we can give you a quote almost instantly. Photos and window sizes are always appreciated.

Most times, not having the right information delays the quote. So, if you provide us with the right information, we can provide a quote almost instantly. Same-day quotes are a must if we’ve got the right details.

Sometimes a window or glass door breaks unexpectedly, and you’re not ready to fix to a new one, that’s where we come in. Economy Glass provides all emergency and make-safe works, so we can come in to board it up and make the area safe for you or your tenants.

If you need a report for your insurance company, or to reassure your landlord, we’re more than happy to provide you with a detailed report and photos. We have 14 – 30-day payment terms for all of our real estate agents, and more importantly, we do it all with a smile. We love helping you!

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