Security Screens in Wyndham

Security Screens in Wyndham

Think to be able to leave your window open without any concern about- someone breaking your window at night. Maybe, you don’t leave your windows open at night because you’re afraid of strangers. Still, it may be not the break-in that you’re worried about: You may be more concerned about golf balls from the neighborhood range, irresponsible children playing near your window that may fall, or hungry cats that are searching for food. Because of these reasons may your window would be damaged. Whatever it may be, security screens in Wyndham are designed to not only keep insect pests out but also take the abuse that normal screens can’t — allowing you to have greater peace of mind.

Security screens in Wyndham, also called safety screens, pet safety screens, and child safety screens can provide additional security for your home, business, or building. These screens are manufactured with an aluminum, steel frame and stainless-steel wire mesh designed that can handle high impact stress of up to 100 pounds of static force.

  1. Peace of mind knowing you and your loved ones are safe.
  2. You can keep the windows open when you sleep or when you are away. Nice ventilation!
  3. Doesn’t affect the view at all. You can easily see out.
  4. Reduces solar heat by 65% for reduced A/C costs in the summers.
  5. Privacy – It’s harder for strangers to see inside.
  6. Higher home value. The security screens in Wyndham are a much-appreciated home improvement.  This means you sell your home for a higher amount or even rent it for more money.
  7. Excellent protection from severe weather. The screens are very strong they are actually classified as hurricane category 4.
Security Screen Windows

The Economy Glass is available in a variety of security screen window options including fixed window screens, double-hung window screens, sliding window screens, and even in the form of louvers. Fixed window screens can’t be moved and that means fixed window screens stay in one place. These screens placed into the window frame itself for enhanced security.

Another popular option is the Sliding Windows of Economy Glass. At Economy Glass, store window screens are available as single or multi-panel sliding windows, that can be customized to fit many varieties of window sizes & shapes. You can bring the outside, With a screen guard window.

ForceField Security Screens in Wyndham

It’s Invisible and extremely difficult to Get Past.

ForceField security window screens welded together rather than attached with screws. ForceField is the best-looking security screen on the market.

Prowler Proof ForceField security screens in Wyndham are available as hinge doors, sliding doors, and window screens, custom-made for your home. You have many colors option to choose from, as well as a range of manufactured options.

Protect Security Screens in Wyndham

Protect aluminum security screen door and window screens made from a single sheet of perforated aluminum making them tough and a great option for seaside homes.

The perforations are enough large to allow maximum airflow and enough small to keep insects out. To fix the black mesh the frame is available in more than 300 colors.  And the mesh finished with a wear-resistant textured Teflon powder coat. So, it’s as durable as they come and easy to clean.

Full Prowler Proof® Range

We offer more security doors and window screen options from Prowler Proof® including Heritage Screens, and Diamond Screens. Also, Insect Screens well an offering their range of accessories for installation.

Also, If you would like to know more about the full Prowler Proof® range. Get in touch and we can walk you through the best options for you.